One Plane Vs Two Plane Golf Swing

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One Plane Vs Two Plane Golf Swing   Which is Better?
One Plane Vs Two Plane Golf Swing Which is Better?
One Plane vs Two Plane Golf Swing
One Plane vs Two Plane Golf Swing
One Plane Two Plane Golf Swings AskGolfGuru
One Plane Two Plane Golf Swings AskGolfGuru
One and two plane golf swings - what's the difference?
One and two plane golf swings - what's the difference?
Golf Tips : One-Plane vs. Two-Plane Golf Swing
Golf Tips : One-Plane vs. Two-Plane Golf Swing

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alhoggy77: Hi guys great explanation, I too suffer with high hands and steep downswing often flippy at impact . 4 h/c so can control it however poor striker , would I be correct in saying too match the shoulder & arm swing - the left arm must rotate the feeling of laying the club off ? You never explained technically how to achieve this ? However I agree for all amateurs the closer you stay to the plane line the easier the downswing should be . Appreciate feedback !!

David McEwan: it's so refreshing to see gay golfers coming out like this

Joe Lambert: Hi guys, Are you qualified PGA Professionals??  

Jack C. Proctor: Really Good. 

Sam M: great video. Dustin Johnson's hands are very high too, higher than matt kuchar's. but they both strike the balls on the same angle, so the swing top doesn't seem to have much to do with the striking angle, this book explains it all really well: Decoding the Golf Swing Plane.

rdougw: Mickelson, Nicklaus, etc.....all have a high ball flight. Nicklaus could stick a one iron on the green from his high ball flight, and they have the high hands/ two plane swing style....but you want to change his swing plane to a lower position/one plane style to give a higher ball flight? 

rdougw: Why would you try and change his swing? He has a natural upright swing that could use a few minor tweaks. But instead you want to change him to a flat, more of a one plane swing. Absolutely the number one problem with golf teachers that only know one method. You don't understand his natural swing (it's similar to Nicklaus, Watson, most of the LPGA) so you want him to swing only the way you understand. You are giving him terrible advice. 

exolab: Serious question: why do you recommend a one-plane swing to someone who is clearly a good golfer with a two-plane swing?


Wally17: 1verybadass seems to be very confused about AoA and other things.

Meandmygolf: A more downward (steeper) angle of attack does not make the golf ball go higher. You need to research "spin loft". You will understand how height will change then. A steeper angle causes a lower launch angle, it doesn't increase spin like most people think it does.

Anitra Liberati: Even if you're in a rush to start golfing on a course, it makes sense to go to a driving range and hit some balls there before you tee off for the first time. You can start off well if you take practice shots.

axsymer: Great video.

1verybadass: what a LOAD OF RUBBISH!! if the angle of attack is steep (2-plane), the ball will fly higher!! by asking him to shallow his plane, the ball will go even LOWER!! what he needs is a low kick point shaft!!

sailors2011: Thank you for answering, yes it did help! I always thought that they wouldn't want to open their stance, in fear of double crossing themselves...

Meandmygolf: Some of them will stand open as the majority of tour pros don't want to hit the ball left. If they are standing open to the target it makes it easier for them to limit hook spin and help them control the flight a little better> You will see this with Tiger he feels he can control the ball better when he plays fade. Hope that helps.

sailors2011: Hope you guys can answer this question, I love your videos and am so happy I found them. Here's the question: Why do so many professional players play with their stance open? Ive always been curious and have never found a good answer. I'm asking because even with an open stance players from there can hit a draw, fade, anything they want.

Keith B: My apologies I did a poor job of articulating my question, would changing his setup position to be less bent over at address achieve this shallowing of the backswing without changing the "feel" of the backswing? I have this issue and it tends to creep up when I get too bent over at address and try to correct it in the downswing by increasing my spine angle during the downswing. I am selfishly trying to improve my own fault with this video..appreciate the work you guys do

Meandmygolf: When changing someones golf swing it is always based around improving their ball flight. He does have an athletic swing but in order to do something different with the ball, you need to do something different in the swing. "if there is no change, there is no change". David wants to hit the ball higher so in order to do that we need to take out some of the steepness. the backswing arm plane is a very simple way and will still allow him to be athletic. Hope this helps.

Keith B: You want him to completely change his swing? He naturally swings on more of a steeper plane (2-plane whatever...that means)...but rather than getting his spine angle to more like 20 degrees (versus 30+) which would shallow out his his angle correctly you want to change the natural shape of his swing? That just seems counter-intuitive to me...I am by no means an expert on the subject, just trying to understand changing someone's natural athletic approach to swinging the golf club
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One Plane vs Two Plane Golf Swing