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Alinco DX-SR8T HF Transceiver review
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Alinco DX SR8T Radio Review
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Alinco DX-SR8 First look & on air test.
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Relaxing End: you said it was a new radio what happined to the top right of the front bezal looks like a solder burn .

Martin Modrovsk√Ĺ: How to unlock full cb band transsmit?

James Conduit: Excellent job. works first time. many thanks for the post.

Doc Holiday: Someone please answer the question how does this radio sound on AM?

Stitch Whitewolf: Some do not tend to take the mod well. But this radio is made for amateur use, not CB, so there is no problem with it on the bands that it is meant to work on. I have this transceiver, and it works very very well on the amateur bands.

Stitch Whitewolf: If someone gets this for just CB, what a waste. It is for amateur use, and there is no reason a CBer would need this, or be able to use it legally.But to answer your question, all ham equipment is better than CB equipment. I know. I am a ham op.

alphasxsignal: Why talk on that Band Hmmmmmmmm no reason.

Jeffrey petch-harrison: ok now that radio is a sick eagle or is it ill eagle .. jeff ..

Dick Head: This really looks like a nice rig and for the price it seems it might be popular with the CB crowd as well. I'm just wondering though how this radio sounds on AM, as a lot of these smaller HF rigs don't sound very well on AM. I've been looking for some info on this but nobody has really outright stated if this is a good 11-meter radio or not. Instead people tend to hint around the subject, whereas I'm looking for a clear yes or no when it comes to CB use. Sure looks like an nice, easy rig :)

Floyd Cureton: Will this mod work on US SR8?

heffer: a lot of people are talking about popping or a nasty noise on ssb..... what is that. I dont want to get this radio if this is an issue. Is there any good filtering in this radio. I have a rci 2950 and white noise is annoying.........

YY2JECHOLINK: nice radio!, cool!. allow CAT?

Kevin Vaughn: Brilliant Mate! Cheers and very much appreciate the video! Kev

weazle66: No it should go back to it's original settings.

rwmajic: Is this mod reversable - i.e., if you unsolder the tabs and do a CPU reset, will the original factory settings be restored - or is this a one-way mod? Thanks!

Jim Rowlings: what kind of out put dose it have nice looking radio

weazle66: Yes that's correct, they are just solder jumpers. You never cross solder, just solder A-A and B-B. Remember you have to do a CPU reset after doing the mod.

Kevin Vaughn: Thanks for the video as I am buying one of these and need to do this mod since I do actually use 11m. So just to get this straight, you just solder the A pads together, and the B pads together and NOT solder A to B correct? thanks again!

jrfoleyjr: The noise on transmit sounds like rf getting back into the radio... may need one of those ferrite clip-ons on the microphone cord near the radio. A tip off to this is when it happens on higher power but not at low power. Try it, it's a cheap fix. Just grounding the radio will not solve all rf problems.

68ct1970,,Mark,,Belfast,,N. Ireland..: Mine is going back to the shop because I eliminated the rf suggestion and I grounded the radio,,tried a power supply that was not switch mode as a guy suggested I do and still on 27mhz i occasionally hear a squeak from the radio on keying up and a bubbling,,wooble type sound (the way people described it to me) being heard in my audio within a second of transmitting..! Note : It does not happen on low power..?

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