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Alinco DX SR8T Radio Review
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Alinco DX-R8 SDR Feature!
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James Conduit: Excellent job. works first time. many thanks for the post.

Doc Holiday: Someone please answer the question how does this radio sound on AM?

Adam woldenga: I have a question on this HF Rigg DX-SR8 I did the modification put when i go to test the radio it works great usb and lsb but AM it slams the meter 30+ and when i talk on the microphone it barely move the meter can someone help me out 

KryssMoc: Thanks for this nice video ! I've a question: is this DX-SR8 works fine in RX, without the microphone pluged in ? (The DX-70 needs a pluged mic to sound BF) Thx... !

weazle66: @Varianna12 Your quite right but you see i only modify the radios and then give them back to there owners and it's the owners who have to take responsibility for what they use them for as i keep telling them.

weazle66: @emercito This radio will TX/RX wideband after modification, 1.8Mhz and up.

Emerson Capuano: Niiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiice transciver. excelent mod. but a have a question about range of this radio. Is it totally wideband transceiver?.

rt97fort: @weazle66 hello sir, im looking for a bit of information, i have an alinco dx-sr8, when i am on ssb it makes a squealing sound when i key up, this only happens now and again and never happens on any other mode, any ideas, any help would be really appreciated, many thanks.

weazle66: @KryssMoc I noticed no difference myself and it should not make any difference to RX.

simonthewizard: hehehe And Ralf got the mod from me. I obtained it via the factory. Well Done Ralf ...

rwmajic: Is this mod reversable - i.e., if you unsolder the tabs and do a CPU reset, will the original factory settings be restored - or is this a one-way mod? Thanks!

rico47635: OK. I am confused on something. Did you only solder the pads on A together and then the pads on B together, or did you solder A to B? It looked in the video like A was soldered to B but I could be wrong about that. Thanks

Kevin Vaughn: Thanks for the video as I am buying one of these and need to do this mod since I do actually use 11m. So just to get this straight, you just solder the A pads together, and the B pads together and NOT solder A to B correct? thanks again!

AudiophileTubes: I don't mind or care if these 'freebanders' DX on non-Ham frequencies, but when I hear them above 28.000 MHz, in the 10 meter Amateur Radio CW band, that isn't right. Guys, PLEASE stay below 28.000 MHz and we can all get along.

weazle66: @rico47635 Yes you are wrong, A is not soldered to B.

68ct1970: Mine is going back to the shop because I eliminated the rf suggestion and I grounded the radio,,tried a power supply that was not switch mode as a guy suggested I do and still on 27mhz i occasionally hear a squeak from the radio on keying up and a bubbling,,wooble type sound (the way people described it to me) being heard in my audio within a second of transmitting..! Note : It does not happen on low power..?

13EL121: Hi Mark! Excellent and informativ video as always! :-) 73s!

rt97fort: @weazle66 no i am using desk mike but it is still happening when i use stock mike as well, it comes and goes, its not happening all the time and as i said it only happens on ssb, many thanks.

duanes Mind: OMG.....There are so many radio policemen out there, its just sad! Ive been a radio ham for years and I can honestly say that the most fun I've had is on 27Mhz. Most of the radio hams around today are more concerned about doing things by the book instead of just talking, joking and having fun on the airwaves!

Dick Head: This really looks like a nice rig and for the price it seems it might be popular with the CB crowd as well. I'm just wondering though how this radio sounds on AM, as a lot of these smaller HF rigs don't sound very well on AM. I've been looking for some info on this but nobody has really outright stated if this is a good 11-meter radio or not. Instead people tend to hint around the subject, whereas I'm looking for a clear yes or no when it comes to CB use. Sure looks like an nice, easy rig :)

crezz2: nice one!

YY2JECHOLINK: nice radio!, cool!. allow CAT?

Floyd Cureton: Will this mod work on US SR8?

weazle66: @raypsi1 Fake you reckon! do you know how many people have all ready done this mod - try telling them it's fake!!!!

alphasxsignal: Why talk on that Band Hmmmmmmmm no reason.

Kevin Vaughn: Brilliant Mate! Cheers and very much appreciate the video! Kev

weazle66: @rt97fort Sounds like a RF feedback problem, Check your equipment is correctly earthed as this problem is usually caused by bad earthing, i take it your using the stock mic.

rt97fort: @raypsi1 i have done this mod and it works 100%

weazle66: Yes that's why my text says "This modification is for information only" I thought most people knew this anyway!

weazle66: No it should go back to it's original settings.

weazle66: Yes that's correct, they are just solder jumpers. You never cross solder, just solder A-A and B-B. Remember you have to do a CPU reset after doing the mod.

haassman: a lot of people are talking about popping or a nasty noise on ssb..... what is that. I dont want to get this radio if this is an issue. Is there any good filtering in this radio. I have a rci 2950 and white noise is annoying.........

Varianna12: @zs6djm No policeman here, just an amateur who gets angry when unlicensed persons get on our bands. By the Book!!!??? I just operate legally, if that's what you mean. I have heard many illegals drive by on the interstate yakking on 28.065--the cw portion of our band. We have every right to be indignant.

68ct1970: @rt97fort Can i just ask is your radio like mine opened for 11m..! Apparently i am being told the noise is not happening on any other band but 11m..! Mark..

Stitch Whitewolf: If someone gets this for just CB, what a waste. It is for amateur use, and there is no reason a CBer would need this, or be able to use it legally.But to answer your question, all ham equipment is better than CB equipment. I know. I am a ham op.

Stitch Whitewolf: Some do not tend to take the mod well. But this radio is made for amateur use, not CB, so there is no problem with it on the bands that it is meant to work on. I have this transceiver, and it works very very well on the amateur bands.

handsupbud: Here's a thought as to why it doesn't work out of band....BECAUSE IT"S ILLEGAL. AND NOT A CB RADIO.....Thank You.

Jim Rowlings: what kind of out put dose it have nice looking radio

68ct1970: @rt97fort i have discovered i am getting a squealing noise when i key up sometimes too and i am being told there is like the sound of bubbling before i speak..! Using the Alinco desk mic and with the Kenwood mc43s and stock mic it does it now and again as well..! Any ideas why this is happening..!

Jeffrey petch-harrison: ok now that radio is a sick eagle or is it ill eagle .. jeff ..

tonytonytee: @Varianna12 who cares if a radio is modded. and trust me i have watched hams, they are no more billliant than cber's most hams were introduced to the radio via c.b. .. get over it .. these radios were meant to be modified..

jrfoleyjr: The noise on transmit sounds like rf getting back into the radio... may need one of those ferrite clip-ons on the microphone cord near the radio. A tip off to this is when it happens on higher power but not at low power. Try it, it's a cheap fix. Just grounding the radio will not solve all rf problems.

garethbkw: Hi yes sorry my mistake nicely done MOD,althougth you do need a slap on the wrist for txing on 10metres LOl. Take care and have a good weekend.

weazle66: @Varianna12 I would not say they are all trouble but many of them do not think about the consequences of there actions. Most of the CB people i come across seem to be obsessed with power but i know that a good antenna system beats power most times and anyway when the conditions are good (skip) you do not need lots of power. Most of the people i do these types of mod's for are licensed HAM's, i think there just too worried about damaging there radios so they would rather pay me to do it.

Varianna12: CBers are trouble, due to the fact that they are technically lacking. During the CB boom this guy with an FT-101 and a FL-100 amp hooked up a beam and transmitted in no-man's land. However, our TVs were exactly on his 2nd harmonic, which blasted us good--even capturing the audio. FCC got him, I think. Why don't you ask to see an amateur license as a condition for any radio mods? Respectfully Yours, Old Ham

N8ZU: That is so fake, I mean I don't see a spectrum analyzer set up to prove that it is putting out any power on 27.555Mhz. Anybody can photo shop that display to seem that it puts out on 27.555Mhz

Varianna12: It will also not produce satisfactory results whistling on 28.010. A CW band. UK version of CB operators here in the States. Don't know about UK, but it's still illegal to transmit between CB and 10 meter bands. And 5 watts max.

garethbkw: Just wondered if you was also explaining that the MOD youve done is illegal in the UK

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