Devon AirGunner June Air Rifle Rabbit Hunt Weihrauch HW100 Scopecam

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Marco Vilela: And being precharged, how many shoots before you feel that the pressure isn't at it's highest?

Marco Vilela: that's some wicked shooting and headshots, very clean and precise. it's been a while since i did some air gun shooting, been looking to get back to it. i own an old diana 22, so i'd need to get another rifle for some pesto control as well. which pellets do you use and do you think a 97K 4.5mm suffices? Yours is 4.5 or 5.5? keep it up!

Anthony Barber: this how us country boys have fun.

Anthony Barber: this is how us country people have fun

Anthony Barber: this is hoe us country people have fun

Supramaty N.: More videos. :D

granmaruns: How many joule have this gun?

Jack Hack: Dude rabbits suffer a-lot so plz dont kill them they need their family 😰

Artist: Nice headshots! :) also rabbit meat is delicious

andrew douglas: nice shooting mate. what kind of ranges were you shooting at?

lancemichael gubat: do you really his the rabbits of the face or were you aiming for their neck?

castinajig: nice shooting my friend!

Benjamin Raymond: Is a 1000 fps good for rabbits?ive hunted rabbits with my 1000 fps air rifle before,but is it humane enough?only ever heads hits though,also,great vid and amazing shot placement,I've never seen such a great shot over 50 meters away,Thanks!

KavatarGaming: What Pellet gun would you recommend for hunting rabbits and such?

Hindu Aggarwal: Supreb shots sir.

Dennis The Mennis: Good shooting!

steve thornton: I use a hw100 for the same thing, such a nice rifle. I also eat what I shoot as real free range rabbit meat is about the best meat you can get, a lot less fat than any other meat including chicken. Also very high in protien.

janus roelfs: you are one awful sir

Scott Craig: Could a X2 Vixen custom .177 kill a rabbit??

demo rotkaeppchen: great pest control, can you eat the rabbits?
Devon AirGunner June Air Rifle Rabbit Hunt Weihrauch HW100 Scopecam 5 out of 5

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Devon AirGunner June Air Rifle Rabbit Hunt Weihrauch HW100 Scopecam