Devon AirGunner June Air Rifle Rabbit Hunt Weihrauch HW100 Scopecam

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Xz FuSioN: Tu est un conard de tuer les lapin

castinajig: nice shooting my friend!

Benjamin Raymond: Is a 1000 fps good for rabbits?ive hunted rabbits with my 1000 fps air rifle before,but is it humane enough?only ever heads hits though,also,great vid and amazing shot placement,I've never seen such a great shot over 50 meters away,Thanks!

KavatarGaming: What Pellet gun would you recommend for hunting rabbits and such?

Hindu Aggarwal: Supreb shots sir.

Dennis The Mennis: Good shooting!

steve thornton: I use a hw100 for the same thing, such a nice rifle. I also eat what I shoot as real free range rabbit meat is about the best meat you can get, a lot less fat than any other meat including chicken. Also very high in protien.

janus roelfs: you are one awful sir

Scott Craig: Could a X2 Vixen custom .177 kill a rabbit??

demo rotkaeppchen: great pest control, can you eat the rabbits?

Astu Purnaning: Good shot "mr devon".. you kill them without suffering, maybe in game you will get reward "chain headshot" hahaha joke

John Smith: What kind of air rifle is that? It's dead quiet

seoulkidd1: Great shot. 

Jacob Morrison: AhhHHHHh whyd you shoot meeee...

Michael Frost: Great video, nice shooting, new subscriber :)

cjrides17: The ricochet of that last shot though!

VampireBread: Damn that farmer did need help there's no way I could trap that many in one day.....I trap cause I don't like to miss and I hate the flinching part makes me think they still alive so .410 double oo works to take care of the rabbit....and usually the whole head... also do you use pellet cause they quiet or cheaper than .22 lr

Dan Hazing: so i recently began hunting rabbits with a crosman phantom air rifle. and i was wondering, do you aim exactly where you want to hit? or do you compensate for the rabbit flinching/bolting at the sound?

Jkarlos Archila: I need to get one of these rifles im a rabbit hunter but instead i use a 22 long rifle which i think is more expensive than an air rifle ammo. I really liked your videos amazings shots
Devon AirGunner June Air Rifle Rabbit Hunt Weihrauch HW100 Scopecam 5 out of 5

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Devon AirGunner June Air Rifle Rabbit Hunt Weihrauch HW100 Scopecam