Auto Mazar DWC LED-Dutch Passion Autoflower Cannabis

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Lemon haze (Sony xperia z3)movie creator auto.
Lemon haze (Sony xperia z3)movie creator auto.

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Remo Williams: Dude im NOT digging the song change!! Please tell us the name of the original song.

David Dave: dude mazar is 100% indica,small flower  .... this is long broom,no mazar

James Billings: did he jus say 12.5 oz!!!!

Mr. Charlie Brown: just to clear it up the light is a znet and I would say most likely a 400 watt due to the size of his tent which looks to be a 2x3x4 which is a good set up. The light runs around $320. 

laponesky1: That's a auto mazar. . take that long to flower. . might as well just grow the regular stuff... nothing impressive

hello yous: all lights do the job t5s can grow yer narbis its up to you what you use depends if you can afford the leccy.YOUTUBE IS MIND CONTROL

Led4Grow led grow lights: 2x50 watt COB now best price €125.- led4grow*nl

eff yew: Are the lights cree chip or bridglux ?

LLAGor1lla: Sure you can, depending on the strain

Curtis Kuhlman: What is the song???

brandon phipps: HELL NOO cfls go great just learn bout em before ne thing

Paddyseeds: Just received my automazar from paddy seeds ireland, nut i am not going to grow under LED for sure. HPS 4ever :)

henrik hanhirovz: did you topped those ladys much?

John Smith: Amazing job!can you post reply with your exact EC/PPM throughout the veg and bloom?i have the auto mazar and would really aprieciate your info.thanks Sativaman78

english1midlands: tune.nice one doc.

mindshotjon: can you pull off a 12 week grow from seed with a regular breed?

campcush: hmm thats sounds good will have to take a look and take some notes. if i could learn to pull that off with one 600 watt , it really would cancel the need to have these leds

mFuk2u: If you want pritty impressive I´d checkout HygroHybrid here on youtube, hes pulling 1.5 pounds (approx 23oz) from 1 single plant indoors under 600W HPS running DWC with around 13 weeks grow time, he regularly pulls good numbers.

campcush: i though the yeild was pretty impressive for one plant and LED lights, people get alot less with regular strains from what i have seen so far with stronger lights as they claim.but thats only what i have seen. but i get what you mean it doesn't really have that short time pay off like other auto strains.
Auto Mazar DWC LED-Dutch Passion Autoflower Cannabis 5 out of 5

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Auto Mazar DWC LED-Dutch Passion Autoflower Cannabis