2006 Nissan Altima Idle Problem

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2006 Nissan Altima idle problem
2006 Nissan Altima idle problem
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Familia Traviesa: I don't know why. People talk about mass Air flow sensor. You guys need to change the map sensor

Familia Traviesa: I hate when people start giving all the wrong information. Just change the mass flow sensor and clean your throttle body.

stxtic Altima: this is why altimas are pieces of craps

Richard Murillo: My dude did u fix it and if so what's wrong with it mine does same thing and the inside if the car smells like fumes

Aiman Jamal: hello everyone..
today i fix this problem :
first, i found a leak (screw of engine cover screwing in a manifold)
second :
programme the ecu by a computer
then the problem fixed and idling good 😊😊😊

TKOG: Wow my crap doin the same bro.

USA Gaming: have the same problem with my 2001

blairjefferyj: just to add a little advice to this. Timing is very critical and must be performed to the T. Very important, make sure everything is off. And for better and quicker results, pull the fuse to your radio, especially aftermarket ones. Make sure you do the throttle relearn and the peddle relearn.

Kelii C: camshaft or crankshaft sensor

Coastline Auto Sales Inc.: You my Friend are AWESOME!!! Worked Perfectly on the First Try!!!! Screw you Nissan for wanting to Charge $180

buddy waldon: I have a fix. I tried all of the idle relearn procedures, and nothing worked until today. Here is the trick do them ALL when the engine is COLD. It works. The engine will start to warm up during the last part of the idle relearn, but not enough to cause the surging.

kamahoo451: Same prob in 05'. Don't know about you but um bout pissed off to the highest of pisstivity right now!

Oscar Luquin: hey,what's up I'm,having same issues after replacing my throttle position sensors so I was wondering if u fix yours and how . thank u

Javal Lawrence: Ur purge valve bro

david sosa: look for my comment below to find the solution

Brian Winesberry: u didn't do the idle relearn right. or the right one. I belive I did 2 different ones.

Justin Digilorano: david sosa that definitely worked. i was tryin a bunch of diff things. thanks for the info

david sosa: ill tell you what you did wrong let me guess you decided to clean your trottle body ?? well heres where you messed up ok so when you cleaned it you cleaned out all thw carbon deposits in it wich is all that black dried up oil/greese looking stuff well you were suppose to leave a little line around the whole throttle boddy plate with the carbon deposit because when you clean it and get all of the carbon off you will leave a gap between the plate and the body wich in this case it allows air to flow in wich makes your rpms rev up n down i can tell u how to fix it ok so i used gasket sealer what u do is grab some gasket sealer put it arpund the plate so it can seal da gap wait 10 mins for it to dry then drive it u might have to do this a couple of times so that the gasket sealer can stick real good but after that it should be fixed happened to me n my brothers a nissan tech w out him i wouldnt find the problem

david sosa: thats an easy fix!!!!

cole garcia: hate my altima.
2006 Nissan Altima idle problem 5 out of 5

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2006 Nissan Altima idle problem