2006 Nissan Altima Idle Problem

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david sosa: ill tell you what you did wrong let me guess you decided to clean your trottle body ?? well heres where you messed up ok so when you cleaned it you cleaned out all thw carbon deposits in it wich is all that black dried up oil/greese looking stuff well you were suppose to leave a little line around the whole throttle boddy plate with the carbon deposit because when you clean it and get all of the carbon off you will leave a gap between the plate and the body wich in this case it allows air to flow in wich makes your rpms rev up n down i can tell u how to fix it ok so i used gasket sealer what u do is grab some gasket sealer put it arpund the plate so it can seal da gap wait 10 mins for it to dry then drive it u might have to do this a couple of times so that the gasket sealer can stick real good but after that it should be fixed happened to me n my brothers a nissan tech w out him i wouldnt find the problem

david sosa: thats an easy fix!!!!

Shelby Fowler: hate my altima.

Kyle Matsuoka: change both left and right side purchase on e bay

Kyle Matsuoka: OEM Variable Valve Timing VVT Control Solenoid For 02-10 Nissan Infiniti 3.5L RH

Kyle Matsuoka: both left and right side changed now car runs great" no idle problem

Kyle Matsuoka: OEM Variable Valve Timing VVT Control Solenoid For 02-10 Nissan Infiniti 3.5L RH

Robert Cunningham: mine. doing. something

Jham Lucciarini: have you tried replacing the intake manifold gasket. MIne started doing the exact same thing with no warning lights on. My mechanic replaced the intake manifold gasket and working just fine now. You can buy the parts yourself at O'Reilly auto parts, will only cost you $16.

david rigby: I too also have this same freaking problem on my 04 Nissan altima 2.5 S and I need some answers too myself ......... Somebody please tell me what the hell is wrong with my damn car ???

Ricardo tapia: K

badbitchtierra: You need to follow me on Ig Passion4profit or kick badbitchtierra 😘😘

Kar Ser: I watched a youtube video on how to clean TB on my 07 Altima Hybrid. No one seems to mention on any forum Ive read so far, that the manual relearn will NOT work on 07 and newer models. Long story short, I took it in to Nissan for relearn, and $160 lighter, I was told I need a new TB. Ive orderd a Hitachi oem brand online (like anyone's going to pay nissans $790 TB). So after I replace it (NO, I wont dare clean/touch the buterfly again) I will have to dish out for another relearn to bring my idle under control..its idling very high after I cleaned/touched the butterfly. Any words of advice would be comforting at this time..i'm just really upset and finding it difficult to get over this....wish someone had posted a warning sign somewhere.

quantomic1106: HERE'S A FIX!
To anyone who have this problem.

First, this is a very common issue with Nissan cars specially after servicing the throttle body or mass airflow sensor. This can also occur when the battery is drained or removed from the circuit. Therefore, DO NOT remove any battery terminals to fix this problem like many have said. Doing so will NOT fix the problem but just put you back to where you've started. Nissan released a bulletin for this and this is what you're suppose to do.

     ***Note: The timing within this procedure is critical, so get a stopwatch handy! Follow these steps to the letter! Trust me! It's easy, but can take a couple of tries.

Step 1. Drive your car around for at least 15min to let the car heat up to its operating temp and transmission to heat up as well.

Step 2. Park the car and make SURE that your gear is at "PARK" or "NEUTRAL'.

Step 3. Make SURE the steering wheel is centered.

Step 4. Make sure to turn off every  electronic accessories ie, air conditioner, stereo, lights etc. If you have something like a phone charger in the cigarette lighter receptacle, remove it.  

Step 5. Make sure all your car doors are closed and windows are up.

Step 6. Turn the engine off.

         ***Note: If you have anything that can obstruct the path of your gas pedal from being depressed all the way down to the floor, (such as an aftermarket carpet) move it out of the way. 

Step 7. Turn the key to the "ON" position. Wait 3 second then back to "OFF" position for 10 seconds. (Repeat this step three times).

Step 8. Turn the key to the "ON" position again and wait 3 seconds, then FULLY depress and then FULLY release gas pedal 5 times WITHIN 5 seconds.

Step 9. Wait 7 seconds then FULLY depress and HOLD gas pedal on the floor until the "check engine" or "service engine" light start to blink for about 10 seconds.
   **Note: The blinking should start within 20 seconds after holding the pedal. If not, stop the process and repeat the whole procedure starting from step 7.

Step 10. When the "check engine" or "service engine" light stop blinking and become steadily illuminated, fully release gas pedal and start the engine WITHIN 3 seconds.

     ***Note: if this procedure is done successfully, the RPM should go to spec (usually around 750 RPM give or take). If not, repeat the procedure starting from step 7.

Don't expect to get this down your first try! It took me at least 3 times till finally fixing the same issue I had :)
A friend of mine took 5 times with his.

Hopefully this will help anyone who is experiencing the same problem with their Nissan.

Good luck!

Asif Mohamed: Just remove the battery for 24 hours and it will be fine

Curtis Channel: i think idle air control too

flashdkr: Had this same problem with my car. Before you take your car to the dealership make sure that if your doing the idle relearn you get the timing right. Timing is key for it to work. I had to do mine for several days till it finally worked. Also make sure your car is at operating temperature. Good luck 

‫الشمري‬‎: Hi... it happened to my altima car yesterday..but today everything is alright... the car needs only computer programming.. the car electrician did it in less than 5 minutes.. it is the only solution.. greetings.

cisa93: If you haven't already been to the dealer, that's the only way to get this issue resolved. I hope you didn't just replace parts because a Nissan MAF is not cheap. As a 14 year Nissan/Toyota/Honda tech, it's the propriety software and many times a reflash of the ECU may repair this problem. Love Altimas but their MAFs and throttle body systems are too sensitive/ delicate if you choose to clean them. Take extra care not to touch the inside of the MAF and only use the correct cleaner. NEVER move the throttle plate/butterfly without key in "on" position. There is a "drive by wire" motor and it directly correspondences with the ISC unit/sensor. This applies to any of the types of throttle bodies. Best of luck

Jesse Montoya: It should be the idle air control.
2006 Nissan Altima idle problem 5 out of 5

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2006 Nissan Altima idle problem