Aquaponic System For Beginners (guide) 2014 . Home Aquaponic System On A Low Budget

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Aquaponic System For Beginners (guide) 2014 . Home Aquaponic System on a Low Budget
Aquaponic System For Beginners (guide) 2014 . Home Aquaponic System on a Low Budget
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lookatthebriteside: What lives in the dark a bucket with such intensive turbulent conditions? Sad life

Ladyshystar: I think that even I can manage this. Thank You :-)

larry lindsey: I love your Idea, never thought of it.However Im wondering what fish would you grow and after they are big enough would you put grown fish in another tank and use as needed , while while putting new fish in tank to grow? Im new to this, so If Im a bit naive sorry. Seeking answers. ty for video.

abdullah alshehri: this is very useful ,I need to ask about feeding fish,do I have to feed the fish or they get their food from the planets?

William Pfeiler: Great job, Saeid! I really enjoy your videos, they are both educational and inspiring! Keep up the great work! God bless you.

Savage eating: Thanks for the video I breed rainbow trout and this would work great for the trout fingerlings.

Ken Toogood: Saeid, re the syphon is there an optimum cycle time? My existing pond pump is quite powerful and with the present flow rate the box would probably be filling and emptying every few minutes or so.

Kain Young: *Foraging in the city* Being an urban prepper you can of course forage on the streets in case you're hungry. Just search something like "urban prepper forage" on youtube and you'll get plenty of information on what to eat, not to eat and you'll learn to always keep *the pee-line* in mind when foraging the city. Foraging is in my opinion not at an option when shtf, be it wrol or no wrol. The only reason why it works *right now* is because you're probably the only nut (I say that jokingly) in the city that does so. But by the time everyone starts eating the greens, there won't be any left within a single day. A better plan is needed. One plan that will very like work is home aquaponics. Ie, growing your own food inside the house using a closed system that recycles water between your grow bed and an aquarium. I haven't tried this yet, but I´m very tempted to invest some time in it to see if I can get this working inside an apartment. Any of you have experience on this? #prepper #aquaponics #help #preppertalk 

eriqu3: Hello Saeid, Thanks very much for sharing the video. I went to CPS hoping to check out the system but I couldn't find the system there. The staff not too sure about it either. Where did you place the system at CPS? By the way, I am having hard time locating the shop that sells hydroton in Penang. Do have any contacts for that in Penang? Thanks again!

Ken Toogood: Saeid, enjoyed your video but why the need for a syphon system and the fill empty cycle. Would it not work with a continuous trickle feed?

I AM: Great work and wonderful explanation- thank you for teaching how to fish :)

Jason Wood: Very well done and thank you for your tutorial step by step on your system. I look forward to following your growth of both plants and expansion of your Aquaponics system. My only piece of advice is to stagger flood and drains to keep the fish reservoir a little more habitat for the fish a little happier and add an air source for the fish like a bubbler. This is one of the best DIY AP systems I have seen in years! Keep up the good work. 

SidOhzen: Nice video bro. Simple but covered all parts and function. Well done. I noticed that your water level is a bit high - the top pebble shouldn't get wet or horrible stuff grows and smells bad. Otherwise best of luck. What country has 'ringetts'?

Dennis Hardwick: For around $130 and 3 hours of your time, you can build a portable aquaponic system in your home or apartment that will produce organic plants and fish. This is probably the easiest system for producing organic food you can make. There’s very little maintenance as the system is a miniature, self-contained ecosystem.

Adrian X: i think fish need light bro

Jerry Wei Jie: Great sharing. Thanks Saeid. I am from Penang, Malaysia. Actually i was planning to build one aquaponic system too.

Jeremy Flener: I know this is an old video but your water level is too high. The water should never reach to the top of the substrate. You want it an inch below. Your plants will rot.

kbbacon: That is great! Now I have to build one!

Russell Grier: this is great man where can i buy the stuff

Lisa E. Miller: I've down on paper the in depth DIY aquaponics plan that all beginner can easily follow.

Chaya Susanne Golan: really well done, thank you for sharing 

Joel Valdez: Best video ive seen all day

Steve Knight: Thankyou Saeid, great video. How did the kids like it?

Siti Khadijah Abd: Hello Saeid, thank you for sharing the idea. I am planning to make one at my backyard in Putrajaya. The problem is where to get the gravel. Its made of clay right? Is it possible to change it to compost or coconut fiber?

Darius Ruckers: this would be a cool system for a back yard pond and for fish

wendel C: does the siphon drain all the water out or is it only up to the stand pipe? sorry. i dont know a lot about plumbing.

QuantumBunk: By the way your illustration is fantastic!!! Now I just need to get a good intro on how to turn my 15 x 20' plot, into a vertically oriented Aquaponics ecosystem where the fish plants and water symbiotically cooperate so that I can harvest food during all four seasons. Thx!!!!

林微微: good

Joshua W: The best basic system I've seen man, great job!

Mohammedali Ali: Easy and fantastic class theaorical and practical...Thanks alot....i lool lots from the but you amazing....

Deanne Jones-Blakemore: This was the best visual I have seen for the bell siphon.

DJ McBall: I want to try this so bad! Do you have a materials list?

Janet Wright: Excellent job! This is one of the clearest videos I have seen for a beginner. I love how you showed all of the products and explained the siphon system. It would be so easy to increase your grow space by stair stepping your grow beds so that the water flows from one to another. 

Dark Edge: Man, that was a great job explaining all that, it is simple, you just got a new subscriber for this, I like you did it for kids too, I would like to see this system all over the world, it could really help a lot of people, add solar power and a computer with software for language translation, some way to hook into the internet and we have what I call an Internet Oasis, wouldn't that help pull the planet together into a big family! I may try to start that very thing, contact me if you wnt to help design a system with me. Thanks for your vid!

Jack Vigil: You have the best tutorial video that I have seen so far! I can't wait to get my system up an running!

dannyinaus: Awesome video and way easy to set up your own aquaponics

Akins Cator: You really can build your backyard that won't need weeding, tilling or cultivating, the spreading of fertilizer or garden compost, without any watering or irrigating; all when your vegetables generate up to 10 x the amount of vegetables than plants from the dirt garden. 

DURGANBUILT: Nice job, and for a great cause.

Thomas J. Scharmann: Couldn't bee any easier. Grow your own food.

Guillermo Pro: Giggling. 545 bbji9!!!&4

David Morales: Great video!

Sandro Rizzo: Semplice ed efficace

ReikiBuddha: Hopefully all the plastics are PCB free

Michel Vaillancourt: Just saw your video for the first time. First of all, bravo! This is a great little set up and your willingness to put it together for charity reasons is wonderful. A couple of suggestions, based on my experience: 1) if you can avoid using the metal hose fittings, do so ... the galvanizing/ anti-weathering coating can poison your fish, which is no fun. 2) if you can, add about another 20mm of hydroton (grow media) to your system so that the water level is below the surface. This avoids problems with algae/ green slime. Also, it will stabilize the mass by preventing the media floating. 3) if you know the amount of water you have in the fish tank, then that is the number of litres minimum size for your grow beds. Depending on your fish, you can go twice that many liters. All in all, I love the design. Simple, elegant and very well explained. I look forward to seeing an update of the system in place and running at the school(?)!

Donielle Stevens: Hi there! We had some questions about our Aquaponics Chop2 System, any way you could take some time and give us advice? Thanks! Aquaponics Chop2 System @ the Food Hub Dome

WalkTheDreamscape: Not to be picky saeed, but you are interested in hydroponics. Aquaponics is a discipline of hydroponics, a hybrid of two growing methods. Don't let the simplistic nature of aquaponics, and the fish, trick you into thinking this isn't hydroponics. Hydro to the core baby. Nice vid by the way, super informative!

POVadventure: How low does the water get in your fish tank? I plan on building a similar system but I am concerned that my fish might get too low on water if both of my grow beds fill up at the same time.

Gary Green: I'm in KL. Any idea where I can find grow media and a pump down here? Thanks. I think what you've done is fantastic.
Aquaponic System For Beginners (guide) 2014 . Home Aquaponic System on a Low Budget 4.9 out of 5

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Aquaponic System For Beginners (guide) 2014 . Home Aquaponic System on a Low Budget