A Beginner's Guide To Building A Home Aquaponic System On A Low Budget

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A beginner's Guide to building a Home Aquaponic System on a Low Budget
A beginner's Guide to building a Home Aquaponic System on a Low Budget
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QuantumBunk: By the way your illustration is fantastic!!! Now I just need to get a good intro on how to turn my 15 x 20' plot, into a vertically oriented Aquaponics ecosystem where the fish plants and water symbiotically cooperate so that I can harvest food during all four seasons. Thx!!!!

wateronly: Very Nice

POVadventure: How low does the water get in your fish tank? I plan on building a similar system but I am concerned that my fish might get too low on water if both of my grow beds fill up at the same time.

QuantumBunk: What if I want to grow food and fish during winter spring summer and fall? Vertical orientation aqua politics. I only have a 15 x 25' plot. I heard about systems that not only symbiotically nourishing feed the fish, where the fish also provide fertilizer for plants, but it also purifies water!!!! I need to make a makeshift greenhouse? Right? Any info on how to get started is greatly appreciated!!! Thx!!!

Akins Cator: You really can build your backyard that won't need weeding, tilling or cultivating, the spreading of fertilizer or garden compost, without any watering or irrigating; all when your vegetables generate up to 10 x the amount of vegetables than plants from the dirt garden. 

Vern Hall: Excellent video! Have built many hydro & earthbox variant systems over the years back when I had room and was physically able to. Systems like this are great for people with little space that want to have a very productive garden.

Viro Gabales: Hi Saeid, one thing I notice is that you have pump out the water from your fish tank... in which it may cause water deprivation to the fish, due to the size of your fish tank. I suggest that you install another tank, something like a holding and settling tank , then an over flow line from your fish tank to the holding tank. Install your pump on the holding tank and from there you can pump out water and supply it to the plants above and drain siphon can be still follow your old setup and be directly lined to the fish tank... while the overflow line from the fish tank will protect the fish tank from over water.

David Kwok: Hi, it is a great introduction. It is hard to get the fitting that going through the tank at the bottom of the growing bed and the 90 degree thread elbrow. Could you provide a bill of materials so that i can check them out in the hardware store. Many thanks.

Xam Takorian: Very cool. I so want to do this now.

Mark Whitworth: Yes they look good. They work on a small scale. You would starve waiting for fish or veggies to grow to full term. When a catastrophic event happens power goes out. Solar power need to set up for power source. Need to make it bigger .Plants need 70 to 90 days Survival mean being smart. First get at least one year of survival food. Plus Beans Rice Water. If you live in a city. Make plans on getting out. Anarchy is horrible. Have a place to meet your family at. Plus weapon's for security. Hard work.So get started .

Dange Musmus: Build our own aquaponics

Mohammedali Ali: Easy and fantastic class theaorical and practical...Thanks alot....i lool lots from the e.net but you amazing....

James Main: Great video. Nice and mellow just getting your point across. It work just fine. Bell siphons are great. Kids can learn from it. Now it only us adults can learn too.

Sugriv Mckevin: You probably can build the indoor garden which doesn't require weeding, tilling or cultivating, the spreading of fertilizer or compost, without watering or irrigating; all when your plants yield up to 10 times the amount of vegetables than plants from a dirt garden.

Lasker Saw: Hi hi Saeid, just a quick question .. do you happen to know anywhere in Penang we can find Hydroponic Fertilizers? There are plenty of normal soil based fertilizer but damn it is hard to find hydroponic stuff in Penang .. I think in Malaysia too.

Mohamed Nedal: Hi , I made the same Bell siphon design , but I found that when the water level exceeds the height of the inner grey tube , the water begin to fall into the tube as it is supposed to work .. But it is stopped siphoning when the water level became the same as the height of the inner grey tube and the grow bed remain full of water to its half volume . What should I do in this case ? 

LegendStormcrow: Your instructions were great and you served dual purposes with helping the orphans and teaching us. I'm sad they didn't attend to it but I applaud your savvy. At least this wasn't wasted. The wife and I are working on getting our first home and I wanted to apply this to her gardening.

pranjal86able: how was the results. I want to do exactly what you did so if you think you would have changed something to make it better please tell me. greatly appreciate you doing this for a good cause

skytheinfinite: Very interesting! Thank you very much for showing it in real time-ish. Very good, thank you.

Kenny Hawk: First off, i want to say i think its great you take the time to do something for others! Thank you for that ;-) Second, great explanations, and i will try to do this for myself ;-)

Notchormama: Very Informative . This should fit into a small greenhouse .

ang khol: Thank you for your video. Can i build 1 just what you have done? and also cud i use gravel instead of media? cause we don't have any. your video is very helpful.. thanks. here from Philippines.

satori san: I'm very interested in an explanation of your aquaponics video. Can tell me, where I can buy that used hydroton as a medium for plants. In the near term, I would like to try it in my country, Indonesia. Thank you.

Nate Hoyt: Brilliant!!

Ashley Stanley: love how you explain everything! great tutorial, will be doing this myself!

growownfood: A flood and drain system have two chief parts - a fish tank and a grow bed. The grow bed is filled with expanded clay balls and is situated above the fish tank. Water from the tank is pumped into the grow beds then allowed to return to the fish tank. These flood and drain stages are controlled by using an automatic siphon. This switching between flooding and draining is repeated continually.

TheThugNation.com: What are the sizes of the pvc used for the bell siphon?

Edgar Gasper: Hey mate. From Penang Island as well. Was wondering where you managed to find the grow media in the end. BTW glad i found your vid :) great stuff. Cheers!

Albert dela cruz: can the seeds be sown directly into the growing beds?

Jesse Stechman: whats the difference between bubbleponics and aquaponics

Adrian Tang Yuk: very interesting bro, gonna attempt this now!

john smith: Like it nice and simple. How do you manage solid waste build up?

matrix ahmed: nice work

Kathy King: That is incredible - great job. I want to build something like this. I live in Canada and I want to be able to bring it in the house in the winter so I can continue to grow plants. I would imagine I would then need grow lights too? 

Power Tools Lanka: very Useful!!!!!

firoz osman: the best and simplest aqaponics vid ive seen EVER. Thank you for sharing.

Samwel Njenga: That's a fantastic guide, very well explained 

Chris Edwards: I've watched this video dozen of times. Great tutorial.

Tan Johnny: I will like to buy one set of the system Please email to this email Kleintech@yahoo.com Johnny

Alina Moon: that was so cool i need to make one...for that price i think i can have a couple lol

Variable: It must have been an effort holding that camera and be informative at the same time. Also I was wondering where your were building your system until you said Penang. Perhaps another video with the whole thing operational after a few months? thanks for your upload.

Derrick Bishop: Thank you for your informative and well explained video. I now understand the mechanics of the water flow and will attempt to do one for myself Derrick

Nicole Laird: Thank you so much for this video! I have gone through dozens of videos and some were nice but too pricey or took special machinery that made it seem pretty impossible. I saw your video and was completely inspired to get started on my aquaponics immediately. I am a beginner to this process so your informative and step by step video was very valuable not to mention you made this system for such a good cause. Bless you and keep up the awesome work!

r20d12: I am just getting information to start my own aquaponics system. Thanks for this video. You did a nice job and I feel comfortable trying it my self now. Thanks!

Becky Marion: This is so good! Thank you! do you have the supplies written down to access? I would like to take the list to the store with me... Thanks again, this is so easy to understand. Looking forward to moor videos.

Robert Giese: This is an excellent video that fully explains how to set up a home aquaponics system. I'll start using it myself. The only thing I would advise is to have someone else do the camera work so you are not limited to just one hand. Keep up the good works.

Ryeland Ternasky: what you should do since you fill both grow beds at the same time is get a holding tank so the water circulates so the water level doesn't get too low.

Joe Schmoe: if the drop from the grow bed was high enough, would you need an airstone, like with a venturi

Jake Thomas: best explanation of how to build a system I've found. Now I feel like I can actually build my own. Thanks!

Alex Rochon-Terry: Would you be able to post a written list of the materials you used? Love this!! Thanks. 
A beginner's Guide to building a Home Aquaponic System on a Low Budget 4.9 out of 5

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A beginner's Guide to building a Home Aquaponic System on a Low Budget