How To Hook Up Bose System To Tv

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How to hook up bose system to tv
How to hook up bose system to tv
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Aramis Jamais: Thank you, by following your instructions I was able to hear my tv after many trips to the place I bought my TV from.  Any advise about how to play dvd's from my old Bose system? (it is just like the one you show in this video)Thanks again!

Manu Dito: Hello to you here from Portugal,.
Could you please tell me how to connecht a pair of Powered Speakers (roomate) Zone 2 on my Lifestyle 8?

Thanks a lot also my Best Regards

Bas Kardinaal: Thank you for your instructions. It helped me installing without a Scart.

Will Huerto: Good quick tutorial!!!

Steven R.: I have the BOSE Lifestyle V20 and I just can't figure out how to run my PC through it. It should just like hooking up TV right? I have high end gaming rig I built myself. I keep throwing cables at it hoping something will work. any ideas? great video by the way

Robert Carter: I've been trying to figure that out for months... thanks, finally got it!

Amaury Rodriguez: How do I get to the menu without the control? I use my phone as the remote

David Torres: mine was working great until we change the stand now I don't get that PCM 2.0 or sound from TV
optical cable does have red light everything is connected same any idea?

Catalina Müller: how can get audio for netflix pandora ?

Bunnychik: Hi Tampatec - I'm hoping you can help me. I've been watching your videos, since you do a lot of BOSE troubleshooting. I have a BOSE 3-2-1 system connected to a Sharp Aquos TV. It has 2 HDMI and 1 Optical out. It works great with the Cable Box and BlueRay and anything I watch through the Cable Box comes through the BOSE speakers just fine. However, anything streaming from my Amazon Fire Stick (music, movies, etc.) attached to the 2nd HDMI connection will NOT play through the BOSE speakers!
The Optical Cable is connected from the TV directly to the BOSE 321 unit, still
nothing! Anything streaming off Amazon Fire Stick does not go through the BOSE speakers; I have to listen to that with the TV speakers. I have rewired, and rewired and worked all day on this with no success! Please help :) Thanks!

1lionmurrill: Why would you pay all that money for a Bose just to hook it up via optical cable? Optical cable is really old technology and only converts down to 2.1 sound. So, if you send a signal from your TV to a receiver via optical cable, it is 2.1 and not surround sound.

Anthony Garcia: Thank god for you tubers thank you so much all good and working thanks to you

8suram: thank you! :)

Lester Morales: thanks for your help...

KRISTEN JANUARY: What a crapty shaky video.

Daniela Menendez: where does the Optical cable hook up to from the unit???

Joshua Shortuse: Thanks.....Bose never sounded so good!

Abigail O'Brien: what is that box???

Ingrid Marianne: Thank you, Thank You, THANK YOU! I have been without working DVD video for 2 years and tried everything! One of the problems I had was not being able to see settings on the TV screen when trying to assess, and your trick of plugging the yellow cable in both sides worked. Somehow....somewhere...somebody screwed up the settings. I fixed it and it now works. Thank you.

stuprint182: me and my dad finally got the audio coming out of the tv to the bose box and speakers thanks. but we find the surround speakers arnt as loud as we want them. can i change the settings for them or no? PCM 2.0, is there a better 1 like PCM 3.0 or whatever it would be?
How to hook up bose system to tv 5 out of 5

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How to hook up bose system to tv