Ploom Pax Vaporizer Mouthpiece Lubricant Application Instructions

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How To Clean PAX Vaporizer By Ploom

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MrScott1023: Im having a problem with my ploom mouthpiece not staying down. And as I had the mouthpiece off it began heating up while cleaning it :\ it is a genuine PAX I bought from an authorized storefront. Any suggestions ?

Steve Panebianco: so PG can be used as a lube?

bruno666666: freak you PAX! and freak YOU PLOOM!

raideon17: paid 250 for a vape, only to find out i need to pay more money to make it functional.. . pax sucks.

PAX: Hi Alexander, we are sorry to hear about the trouble with your Pax. Please contact and our team will assist you. Hope you have a nice weekend!

Alexander Ofarrill: hi so i just did this with the lubricant after cleaning my pax with the sticks and alcahol wipes it came with and after performing the steps shown in this video my pax is still displaying the setting color. I like using the product but having to keep my thumb applying slight pressure on the mouth piece is getting annoying. Any other advice?

PAX: Hi Richard. Your warranty did not expire, but rather did not come with Pax's 10-year warranty as it was purchased from an unauthorized reseller. Ploom advises consumers to be cautious when purchasing devices from unauthorized resellers as the quality, reliability and safety of these products is uncertain and in some cases, may expose the user to serious dangers not encountered with genuine Ploom products. Feel free to contact if you have any other questions.

PAX: We also sell the large cleaning kit you described on, and offer free shipping on all orders over $65. Happy plooming!

Robert Padilla: I completely agree! However, I found on vapeworld you can get 20 of those cleaning sticks, 3 mouthpiece lubricants and 20 sterilizer packets included in the cleaning kit for about $12 something total. Hope this helps? I'm barely using my kit now

PAX: As we informed you, the warranty does not apply to your purchase as you purchased it through eBay. Warranty details are available on our website in the Support section at the bottom of the page. The warrany does not apply should you purchase through a 3rd party reseller such as eBay and Craigslist. Warranty only applies to devices purchased at any authorized retailer serviced by an authorized Ploom distributor.

Kimtar SonofMogh: DONT BUY FROM THIS COMPANY!!! i was given a pax by ploom as a gift (brand new) and the stupid thing after two weeks stopped taking a charge. i contact ploom took them 10 days to tell me "sorry if you don't have proof of purchase our (best in the industry?!?!) warranty doesn't confer you. it broke in two weeks and they don't care they manufactured a faulty product product

josh6780: This is what Ploom says they use Food Grade Proplyene Glycole. Which you can get a huge thing on amazon for 15 bucks.

johndg1981: Thanks for the tip justkelly2. I phoned a pharmacy called glebe apothecary and was able to buy 250ml of some propylene glycol usp for $5.50. It's pharmaceutical not food grade. I told the pharmacist what I'm using it for and he said this would be better. It's more pure and still safe. So thanks for nothing ploom. Robbers.

justkelly2: By the way, I just spent $24 to have 15 milliliters of food-grade propylene glycol shipped to me by Ploom (packaged in teeny 1ML packets). Little did I know that for the EXACT SAME PRICE, I can get a gallon of the stuff online...i.e. 3785 milliliters. That's over 252 times more for the same price! So they're marking the price up by 25200%. Adding insult to injury is the fact that you need this to make their product work, because it has a design flaw. They should give it out for free.

justkelly2: Actually, they commented three weeks ago, saying that the lubricant is food-grade propylene glycol. It's available for $23/gallon on Ebay. Wish I'd seen that, I spent more money getting a mere 15 packets of the stuff shipped! Pretty infuriating. If you use the same thing purchased from another source, you can still tell them you used theirs. Propylene glycol is propylene glycol, they're not going to be able to say "but this didn't come out of a packet with 'ploom' stamped on it."

johndg1981: There has to be a good substitute but of course they won't tell you. They will even void the warranty if you try something different. I understand if you use some lubes that can mess it up but there are lubes I read about that are fine. Maybe astro gel or making your own using vegetable glycerin and xanthan gum

johndg1981: This pisses me off. I bought this thing hearing nothing about lubricant being needed until I buy it and have problems. Then they offer to sell it to you. A few little packs for $5 plus shipping. Then if you don't have sealable tube to put it in it evaporates. I used mine sparingly and it was gone quicker than I wanted. Since they decided to profit off their flaw you think they could sell you tubes of this stuff for a decent price. It tells you something about them. Vaporizer nice, ploom not.

PAX: Congrats! A slight rattle is completely normal as it is the motion detector doing exactly what it's supposed to be doing. Happy plooming!

GoDofUrLife: Just got my ploom today! Just wondering if the slight rattle i hear is normal?

PAX: Our mouthpiece lubricant is food-grade propylene glycol, and we only recommend using the mouthpiece lubricant available on Thanks and Happy Plooming!
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Ploom Pax Vaporizer Mouthpiece Lubricant Application Instructions