EKOL Firat Magnum Top Venting 9mm P.A.K. Blank Gun Silent Auction

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P4 Blank & Jones@Dantes STL 29-09-07
P4 Blank & Jones@Dantes STL 29-09-07

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IMMA BOSS: Can these get sent to Australia??

Sercan Kurt: What colour is this gun?

Jerry Arocho: How do I get The Magazine for the Gun and

Déborah Nunes: ola como faço para entra em contato com vc
para que eu possa adiquirir um dos seus produtos

Carlos Garrison: $120

Paco Rodríguez: Is this gun the "fume" or "smoke" colour, or is the black? thank you

Ajaien Airapuram Vedic Astrology: Give your contact number

Ruby Butt: want to sell me 70 dallar


Andijvie: I'm sorry but can someone tell me if the Zoraki m906 'Fume finish" looks more grayish than the picture online....something like titanium grey?

300 blAKout: do these pistols feed and cycle reliably? last round slide lock etc.?

Rok Tic: i offer you 400 dolars

Ivan Novakovic: AKCIJA ------CENA :90

062 155 30 20

Pistolj EKOL ARAS 9mm 

Novo -90

sanzera: 15 metaka

Izradjen od celika i tezak je 1,1

Crne Boje

Municija 30 eura 100kom


Samo Poziv 062 155 30 20

Ink 29: I bid 300 $

AikarambaNorway: How can i convert IT to front firing? No, don't tell me to buy one that already is front firing, i can't Get these here.

Joe Connors: I am in need of a clip for Ekol Firat Magnum that is the image of the Beretta 92FS.  Anyone know how I can get one?  Thanks, Joe C

lucas silva: its shoot bullet ? ,what is for ?¡...,can i shoot 9mm parabelum 124 grains with it?¡ thanks

Andronicus Dandu: plastic magazine,only bad thing about this replica :s

Mahbub Alom: I wanna buy this

Janah: What is the best way to remove the plug from the barrel ? does it really have to be drilled all the way through cus there is metal block as well or ?.... someone explain to me how to do it , i want the flame to go out the berrel not on the sides close to my face!
EKOL Firat Magnum Top Venting 9mm P.A.K. Blank Gun Silent Auction 5 out of 5

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EKOL Firat Magnum Top Venting 9mm P.A.K. Blank Gun Silent Auction