DJI Naza 3 Flight Modes (Attitude, Manual, And GPS) W/ Turnigy 9X Transmitter And 3 Position Switch

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DJI Naza 3 Flight Modes (Attitude. Manual. and GPS) w/ Turnigy 9X Transmitter and 3 Position Switch
DJI Naza 3 Flight Modes (Attitude. Manual. and GPS) w/ Turnigy 9X Transmitter and 3 Position Switch
How to Configure DJI Naza Control Modes (Attitude and Manual) with Turnigy 9x Transmitter
How to Configure DJI Naza Control Modes (Attitude and Manual) with Turnigy 9x Transmitter
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Turnigy9x NAZA GPS Forced Fail-Safe Mix
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NAZA Lite and NAZA V1 GPS Mounting. Configuration. Calibration with Walkera 3 Mode Switch
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Turnigy 9X( er9x) settings for NAZA + CPPM
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DJI F450 NAZA & Turnigy 9X Ground Station Overview
How to set up DJI Naza step by step video with transmitter setup
How to set up DJI Naza step by step video with transmitter setup
Turnigy 9XR & FrSKY D8R-II Plus and DJI NAZA settings (TBS Discovery)
Turnigy 9XR & FrSKY D8R-II Plus and DJI NAZA settings (TBS Discovery)
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Turnigy 9X Configuration for Aux Channel Gimbal and Servo Control
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DJI Naza-H GPS Atti.Mode with position lock

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Lukas Vogel: holy crap i would never gotn to that!

Geoff W.: Fantastic video, thanks heaps Dennis, helped me greatly.

Robots4Sale: i'm just going to mail it to you so you can do it for me

david ringler: I upgraded my nazam v1 to v2 and I have a gps I am using a stock 9x and stock receiver how do I set it up for fAILSAFE? AND DO YOU KNOW HOW TO SETUP THE RTH AND COURSELOCK ON STOCK9X

Robots4Sale: i have turnigy 9x and it does not show the pit/curve

San Tiago Fernandes: God bless you bro! Thanks for sharing!

Jakub Egermaier: Why I cannot see PITCH CURVE in my MENU of Turnigy 9x? Does anybody knows?

Dwight Mc Lean: Is it to much to ask is to do one on a Taranis. I checked all the YouTube videos , and cannot find anything on the DJI Naza setup. Yes I can download the program from RCgroups, but it would be nice to see a video on it. Thanks

Dylan Harrison: Will this work with the naza m lite??

Mark Micallef: Hi Dennis, did you have to adjust any mixes to achieve this? My Turnigy 9x does not bind the AUX3 (3 channel switch) to any channel it looks like you have to mix it with a knob.

Chris Latham: Hi Dennis, I don't suppose you have a Taranis transmitter and have set it up the same as this? Chris.

brimest0ne .: Hey Dennis, Have you looked at the new Assistant software, you can choose 3 modes at the end, the trick would be to figure out how to access a 4th function mode using the 3ps +1 other switch. So it would have GPS, ATTI, Failsafe and flick another switch and get Manual mode. Its beyond me, but maybe you can figure it out, without your Videos, my copter would be still sitting on my desk! Thanks

LifeInRecoil: Great video! Thanks!

kj erts: Great guide! With my Naza V2, the manual mode was out of range, so I had to use the subtrim-menu and other values for the curve. 

Dennis Baldwin: Awesome. I always appreciate the feedback. Thanks and I'm glad you got it up and running.

Frank Vanbeek: stumbled on this for a long time till i found YOUR video dennis... thanks a million..

Greg Spence: Hey Dennis, I noticed this video is pretty new, but my 9x doesn't have Pit Curve. I think this is done through the Prog.Mix settings but I'm not sure. My 9x just came in a week or two ago, so it should be current firmware but my menus don't match. Any advice?

Dennis Baldwin: To configure different flight modes you'll need to set it up with your NAZA connected to the computer and your transmitter binded to your NAZA. After you do this once you shouldn't need to do it again. DJI released a new iPhone app that allows you to do some configuration of the NAZA over bluetooth, but I'm not sure if you can setup flight modes with it.

Andrew Sommer: KK2 is NOW performing well but one needs to flash 1.4 or 1.5 firmware to get Auto Stabilize to function properly. I went to LazyZero to get firmware. My next step is to rebuilt quad as an H copter to accommodate the FPV and test Gimbal with lighter Kodak Sport Video Camera. One I have the KK2 talking to the gimbal and learn FVP issues and feel confident I'll move on the the Heavy Lift Hex. It seems like two steps forward one step back.

Dennis Baldwin: No problem. I've actually wanted to try acro mode just to see if I get more responsive handling, but I noticed there were several options missing from the menu, which wouldn't let me do the different flight modes. Anyway, good luck with the configuration.

Dennis Baldwin: Michael, thanks for the feedback and sorry to hear you're having problems. The interesting thing about this setup is that I don't have ch6 assigned to anything in the Turnigy 9X Aux menu. I know that sounds absurd and to be honest I don't know why it works that way :) Let me ask you this...are you using a fresh profile on your 9X or did you modify an existing one? I'll be glad to help you get this resolved as I'm still trying to understand all the different features of the 9X.

Dennis Baldwin: No, nothing on Channel 5 for this setup. I'm not sure what problem you're having but if you'd like some more help go to garagepilots . com and post in the forums. Either myself or someone else can help you there. Thanks and good luck.

Dennis Baldwin: Thank you for the feedback. Can you tell me if you're flying in ACRO or HELI mode? I recently switched to ACRO mode and I believe some of this is different so I plan on doing a video. But I wanted to understand your mode before I try to help you out.

Dennis Baldwin: No problem at all. Just let me know how it goes.

david ringler: what about a forced failsafe can that be st to another switch using the stock9x? please get back to me

Michael Gordon: Progress. First, when I rechecked, I was in 7 not 6. I can get your result with U connected to 6, BUT not with X1 and X2 connected to 7 & 8 'cos then the throttle stick also affects the flight mode indicator. I noticed that you do not have anything plugged into Turnigy ports 7, 8 and 9, so no connections to Naza X1, X2 or X3? Is there a reason why not? Mike.

Justin Orloff: Super vid,thanks Dennis, would you be able to show us newbie's also how to set the fail safe up. I cant work this out. I dont want to fly without fail safe working, ie power out or out of range. I have my Aux ch 5 set on geat but cant seem to get the mix right. Please help. and thanks again for this video, very helpfull.

marcello robaina: ACRO mode

Dennis Baldwin: I hear you Steve. Unfortunately when it comes to servo reversing and setting endpoints this varies from system to system. I would make sure you know the process of setting things up and then dialing in your settings. You should be able to watch your sliders adjust as you change endpoints. Then just settle on something that gets you in the right segment (GPS Atti, Manual, Failsafe, etc). I hope that makes sense.

david ringler: i am having troble setting up my naza using my stock turnigy 9x using turnigy stock 8ch v2 rceivr can you please send me your naza wiring diagram and all your setting for your 9x i am new at this and i am having one hell of a time almost ready to put it all in the trash lol email me at if you can help thanks in advance

Cesar Maldonado: And it won't let me set the same number from low to high it moves and then the other thing like GPS atti. Failsafe will be out or reach

monterx788: really really really appreciate your video/help. was very easy to understand and follow your directions and set this up on my flysky!!!

Dennis Baldwin: Right, and if you look at page 38 in the Naza User Manual this is the breakdown: X1:  For gimbal pitch control or for gain tuning X2: For D-Bus (S-Bus compatible) or for gain tuning or for IOC switch X3:  For voltage monitor (Connect with VU V-SEN port) I was just curious what you were using X1 and X2 for since they can be multi-purpose. Not sure how to overcome the problem you described just yet....other than opting not to use X1 and X2 while you get this set up.

Dennis Baldwin: Make sure you calibrate the GPS properly. I have a video that shows how to do that. As for RTH I recommend setting up a switch on your TX to trigger Failsafe mode. You'll know that you're in Failsafe mode when the slider in the assistant lights up blue on Failsafe. And then when you switch to Failsafe when your quad is on the ground you'll see a different LED. Also, make sure you have 6 or more satellites before you arm your NAZA so it can come back home to a precise location.

Dennis Baldwin: Joe, that's great to hear. Thanks for the feedback.

Dennis Baldwin: Dave, thanks for the feedback and glad to hear your Naza is coming soon. Did you get the V1 or V2?

Dennis Baldwin: Lawrence, which NAZA are you purchasing? There's the NAZA Lite, V1, and V2 versions.

Dennis Baldwin: Justin, I was able to mess with this over the weekend and got it working so hopefully it will work for you. Check out my latest video titled "DJI Naza Forced Failsafe Using Turnigy 9X Gear Switch Channel 5 Mix...". It's currently uploading but should be available in about 20 minutes. Let me know if you have any questions or if anything needs clarification. The Turnigy 9X documentation sucks so a lot of this stuff is trial and error!

Dave Schilling: Waiting for my Naza but just got the 9x and have it all set and ready to go. I set values to match yours so might have to adjust. But thanks for the great video.

Mike Boozer: following your video, and for some reason when I have the channel 6 plugged in to the U port on the Naza. The three position switch and the elevator level on my TX both move the control mode on the naza software. Using the pitch curve does not move the slider. Very frustrating. I've switched RX and reset my TX. If I connect the U port to any other channel on my RX this doesn't happen. Any ideas on why this is happening.

Dennis Baldwin: Great to hear it, Michael. IOC sounds similar to APM's simple flight mode, which is a very useful feature. Good luck with your setup and glad to know that the 3 way switch is working for you.

Dennis Baldwin: You're very welcome. Thank you for following along.

Dennis Baldwin: Zach, I appreciate the feedback and am glad to hear you're in the air. FPV is amazing and I wish I could do more of it! Yeah, I've been looking at the QAV stuff for a while. It's probably one of the best FPV platforms for the money. Let me know how it goes and if you get a chance check out our community at garagepilots . com. Would be great to have you over there. Take care.

Dennis Baldwin: Okay, let me see what I can find out about the 3 position switch in ACRO mode. Surely it can be done. I'll post a vid in the next few days. Thanks.

Dennis Baldwin: What modes are you trying to program?

jf neuder: merci beaucoup ;)

JerseyFlyer: Hey dennis when i have channel 5 hooked up to U.. I try changing the percenteges like you show here but the slider does not move at all. the only way i could get it to move is if i set it to the gear switch but thats only 2, and when i set end points it only goes so far. Scratching head ? lol

Dennis Baldwin: No problem and thanks for the feedback. Yeah the pitch curve flattening is probably one of the #1 problems people run into when setting up this config. It definitely was a problem for me until I figured out what was going on. Glad you got it working.

Dennis Baldwin: Yeah I do. I guess that's what I initially started out doing and have never tried plane mode. We should compare notes sometime! I'll try plane mode in the next day or two and see if I can notice any differences. Hope the 9X is working out for you. What is the range on the UHF version?

raptorlishus: i just cant get that 3 position switch to send a signal to the receiver ch5 ch6 ch7 nothing in using ezuhf . i gave up and bought a futaba 9c its what i should have did from the start. ive set up 6 nazas beefore this and this was already a copter already setup i was just switching dl out or ezuhf and radio change. never an issue with a dx8 or aurora 9. thanks though for replying back.
DJI Naza 3 Flight Modes (Attitude, Manual, and GPS) w/ Turnigy 9X Transmitter and 3 Position Switch 4.8 out of 5

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DJI Naza 3 Flight Modes (Attitude, Manual, and GPS) w/ Turnigy 9X Transmitter and 3 Position Switch