How To Find EVAP Leaks

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Finding EVAP Leak Using Smoke Machine - Dodge Stratus
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David Costanzo: My Evap srvice valve leak, where can I get a new shrader valve

valda paesler: what would be the problem if sounds like running on five.cylinders

Nancy Willis: I have a 1999 dodge ram van 1500 that must have a vacum leak in the a.c. system. When running down the road at a fast speed the air from the vents get warn, most times when I am going slower air vent air gets cold. on our road run today when going up a pretty steep incline the aor got cold. etc... KELP

Newfie Led Man: Hi
i have a 2003 Pontiac Grand Am 3.4 L V6 and the trouble that i am having is when i am on the highway driving at 120 kms and just when i start to slow down i gets this weird smell of rotting eggs, it isn't my exhaust system i just had it all installed a couple of months ago it is Flow-Master Catalytic Converter and a Flow-Master Muffler, and today i still gets that same smell of rotten eggs coming in threw my Interior Vents a mechanic told me that it could be my Oxygen Sensor but i don't think that is the problem cause there is know lights in the dash or check engine light, Note i don't always get this smell when driving 50 or 80 km
Please help thanks.

Sandra Ruiz: los horóscopos del año20!6 05/11/20!6

m00nchildblues: sooo, how much time labor will a mechanic charge for this service and fix leak if there is one?

irwin leonardo: is this a big deal if its not changed?

JCFgirl: I have a 2000 Honda Accord 4cyl.  I have a p1457, p1259 and p0420 code and the fans aren't coming on at all yet the car doesn't overheat on H, the gauge rests slightly below the halfway mark between H and C.  Any tips, tricks, suggestions. other youtube vids to help me???  I appreciate it!

AllthingsWood: Haha these repairs mean big profits for your repair shop!  Meaning they are basically a ripoff for consumers.  Mechanic will gladly take 100-200 bucks to fix a 10 dollar hose with a tear.

Erik Breaman: such a "scan tool" costs about 2k..

Head Mechanic: good video

BarfingCoyote: I agree, great video.

jgyrwa: Great video guys!

pogi41: Unable to open the video. Messaged "lost server connection" please fix.
How to Find EVAP Leaks 5 out of 5

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How to Find EVAP Leaks