The Gina Curl: A Great Way To Grow Out Your Relaxer

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ZSAZSA RODEO: The wave noveau #SUCKS.. Hair shedding and u go bald in the middle of ur head. 

Lacubanitamasbonita: well i have a wave noveau and i was wondering can i transition from the w.n. to the gina curl?

DaonLi1BuBBz: Soo the "Gina Curl" is when you use the rod rollers after a wash, conditioning and protein treatment ? I'm confused if there is anything else used

Hair's Talent: @Johns1699 Im sorry I'm not sure.

Hair's Talent: @besties4ever18 You will get a better result without previous chemical

Hair's Talent: @TikiTubeable No One is saying that their hair will fall out. lol If the client doesn't live close by we have a PPT shampoo and conditioner I recommend along with a hair plan for them to take home with and use once a month. It's not as intense as an in salon treatment but it is a very good at home protein treatment.

Hair's Talent: @presunique Just be sure your stylist take very small sections and no over directing. The rod size determines the curl size. Good luck.

Hair's Talent: @MzBrazilian87 It does look dry, I agree. Although keep in mind there is no styling product in her hair. In the beginning of the video Sandra needed a color, came in without washing for a week and not styling before she came in. At the end of the clip I showed you her hair before product, before cutting and before styling. Thanks for you comment and allowing me to explain.

Mseastlondonprincess: what is my hair is permed? will it work?

Hair's Talent: @Annahealthseeker A Mini Thermal is simular to a relaxer. Although it does just that, relax the curl, leaving your tight coils looser and natual with no breakage if done correctly your hair will grow in healthier and thicker.

XxpinkdymondsxX: How long does the curl stay? what is the minimum hair length you'd recommend for hair?

Hair's Talent: @Annahealthseeker You can achieve a loose, frizz free curl with a thermal, although you will have to twist it , roller set it , or pin curl it. The Gina Curl is very natural so you will have some frizz to the texture if your hair is 3 or 4AB texture. I have done a thermal and then a Gina Curl and you do end up with frizz free curls, but it doesn't work on all textures. Your hair has to be free from chemical, excellent condition and no more than 3B texture.

Hair's Talent: @hhjj0120 This is a 2 step procedure. Keep in mind my client has color in her hair, and i did not put any product in her hair if I did apply product the curls would look more defined, shinny and curlier. Check out my other before and after picture videos.

Annahealthseeker: Question- is it possible to get a loose curl or spiral curl that is not frizzy, either from a thermal or Gina curl? I really want frizz free wash-n-go hair, but a thermal is too straight & flat for me (I like my hair to have some volume), and I'm not sure if the Gina curl gets rid of frizz.

rebornstylistgirl: so if every time sandra goes to the salon and gets a gina curl but if sandra goes to the salon and she dont get a protien treament what would happen to her hair?

LCoOoCL: I'm going from perm to natural, and only a few inches of my hair is completely natural. Do you think this style would still work for me? Would my relaxed hair interfere with this hair style? I would love to email you because I have more questions. @hairstalent

Lacubanitamasbonita: wut is tha difference between this and the wave noveau????

Hair's Talent: @hhjj0120 Thanks for the comment i will try to post more pictures

Hair's Talent: @DaonLi1BuBBz No the Gina Curl is a curly perm that loosens tightly coiled hair to a looser curl or a wave.

Hair's Talent: @cococowiya1 Yes, this perm will loosen up your tight coiled hair and give it a lose curl. Alot of my clients tell me that their friends think their hair is natural with THE GINA CURL

Hair's Talent: @TikiTubeable The " Gina Curl" comes out looking much healthier when you are working with non color treated hair as you see in my other videos.It all depends on the health of the hair and how you handle your home hair care.

Hair's Talent: @LCoOoCL You are welcome to email me.It's a hair plan and will not have the full effect of a natural lose curl unless all the relaxer is cut off. However, I can still perm over the relaxed hair, this will lossen up the roots while the hair grows enough where you feel comfortable to cut off the permed hair.

stegosaurus618: @hairstalent will i get the same results if i dont have a relaxer? i have natural 4c hair and i straighten it but my hair gets really short and im looking for an alternative

CurlsNAll: Hey :D This is Takia. I finally joined haha. My apointment for the gina curl with you is the 15th of this month, I am wondering do you keep a laptop in the salon that I could use to show you pictures of the curl pattern I am hoping for from the gina curl? It is a youtube users hair that I love; so I have no pictures of her hair to print out really. I could send you her channel with video of her hair. Let me know okay :D Also I subscribed to you^_^

cuttie800: I have relaxed hair and my hair is breaking out but i haven`t had a perm for about 5 months and was wondering if this process would work on my hair and i live in texas so i wanted to know if you sell this product online that will give me the same results or if you know of any salons in texas that does this process? I would love to email you because I have more questions. @hairstalent

Hair's Talent: @XxpinkdymondsxX If the hair is short ( 2-4 inches)8-10 weeks. The new growth will be more noticeable when the hair is growing in. For longer hair - 3-5 months. Sandra used to come in every 8 wks. After years of getting the GinaCurl, Sandra now gets a Thermal & loves her new look.The best thing about this is she can go back to the curly perm if she wants to be/c it's the same base formula

Hair's Talent: @ghostface185 We are in the process of formulating our product. Send me you info and I can let you know when it's available.

Annahealthseeker: Ok so I finally got the Gina Curl after stalking Gina's channel & bombarding her with questions. I am so happy I did it! My hair is long so it looks more wavy than curly. After I wash & condition it, I put a little mousse or setting lotion & it dries frizz free & wavy. I get so many compliments on it, especially from men : ) Now I don't have to worry about humidity & I don't have any more bad hair days. Why didn't I do this sooner???

Hair's Talent: @hhjj0120 Yes, we can use different size rods for various curl types. For instant If you want length we can use a larger rod at the nape for a wave pattern. Your entire head of hair does not have the same curl pattern so we can adjust what kind of curl and where we want to place them. I agree I need to do more videos on this system . I'll see if I can do one this week. Thanks for the comments hhjj0120

Hair's Talent: @badandy8888 Our doors are open!

Hair's Talent: @lostbunny96 No, I'm sorry, i do not have a salon in Atlanta

Temickab b: so i can get this done on transitioning hair and my relaxed hair will curl? how long does this last?

hhjj0120: Do you use different types of perm rods/sizes and such I mean? Also have you ever done a multi-textured perm (different sized rods)? Those tend to look very natural. This gina curl seems alot more interesting than the full thermal really, because so much can be done with it, multi textured, small or larger curls, curly/waves that hang, curls that pop out into a curly-fro. Def. need more videos on this!

Lexi C: I have a carefree curl in my hair and I would like to try this next time around. What do you think? I want more versatility. Also I live in Chicago are don't know if they do this here.

jenese94: what about that has had two wave nouveou?

Annahealthseeker: Hi Gina, you mentioned in the comments that Sandra now has a mini thermal. What is a mini thermal? Please let us know. Thanks!

88948895611499: she would have looked cute with a regular wet straw set

Hair's Talent: @Mseastlondonprincess It's best done on virgin hair,

Cowiya Arouna: A couple of question, can this make your hair curly like those mixed girls I love that type of hair and that's why i want this treatment also this makes your hair look naturally curlly and when you wash it is it still curly like naturally curlly or do you have to put the rollers back in please answer , thank you and I def favorting this vid. O and I'm in a traditional state I want this done so when i go to school I can act like I have naturally curly hair lol.

Leslie Ellison: I'm completely interested in having this done for my hair but my questions are: 1- How would I be able to get the product and more information so that I can do it from home (being that I live in California) 2. My hair is transitioning, would I need to chop off my relax ends, is that what you did for the lady in the video?

idesireit31: This looks great i've wanted to grow out my relaxer for a while but have been stuck as to how i would manage the grown out phase. I would love to try this but i live in the UK :( I guess this is not available here, can you suggest any other options? I hate weaves and plaits so thats not an option for me.

erika Madden: Do i have to make An Appointment , and can i have the address i will tell my mom the info so i don't have to keep getting relaxers because i think this will do better

Hair's Talent: @Cairokmt Sure I will. :)

seepidee: i have a bleached hair can i get a pern?

Annahealthseeker: Which is the best way to achieve a frizz free medium to loose curl (frizz free wash-n-go curls) - a thermal or Gina curl? Also, do you perform Wave Noveau?

Hair's Talent: Respond to this video…Great for woman that have natural texture and want their curl to be a looser texture and easier to manage.

Johns1699: Can you recommend anyone in the UK who can perform this type of chemical treatment?

hhjj0120: @hairstalent Another thing, it would be nice to see someone who has this done actually washing it (before the touch up, or product) seeing as curly perms tend to look really messed up as soon as you go home and have to care for it yourself.

Hair's Talent: @rebornstylistgirl Sandra would come in every 3 months for her curl and sometimes I would switch off with a moisturizer. I do recommend that she keeps up with her treatments, she didn't like her hair trimmed when she had the Gina Curl and coloring & perming over time can cause damage to the cuticle.Sandra's hair is now shorter with a Mini Thermal, that she now loves.

Grace Tesfye: Is there any way this can be available in Canada (Toronto specifically)
The Gina Curl: A Great Way to Grow Out Your Relaxer 4 out of 5

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