McDonald's Fry Guy Commercial (1984)

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McDonald's Fry Guy Commercial (1984)
McDonald's Fry Guy Commercial (1984)
McDonald's Commercials - 1984 to 1985
McDonald's Commercials - 1984 to 1985
1984 McDonald's commercial:
1984 McDonald's commercial: "Willie and Lester".
1984 McDonald's Commercial
1984 McDonald's Commercial
1989 McDonald's Commercial with McNugget Buddies
1989 McDonald's Commercial with McNugget Buddies

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Holly Brewer: fry guy sucks

Caeleb Candon: Handibot sent me here.

James King: I meant the fry guys**

James King: the get guys scared the hell out of me as a litl kids...pom-poms with blinking eyes...there scurried walk...wth r you ? smh creepy

cymagen: stop eating my fries you freaking bastards

Christopher Chamness: Some of these comments are ridiculous. Eat McDonald's. Enjoy life. Stop with the B.S. These were fun times and great commercials. Some of you need a "Happy Meal"

Hemley1: I like the Gobblins with their mouths.

Timop1919: Ronald McDonald is so so creepy. I would not let my child within 500 feet of him.

CaptainThorLoki of the seventh dimension of blendid: i think mcdonalds is murder on da ending

JamesElvisHernandez: The feeling of nostalgia...

MrsLICB cobo: Lol same dude damn ima a girl dum dums!!!

earthquake915: that scares me

Corey Cleveland: Why did the fry guys go around stealing everybody's fries? freaking jerks.

GrizzlyRecoveryZone1: Trashy food, and trashy comments... when you know you're in the american part of youtube

DEAD ACCOUNT FUCK OFF: 0:08 it looks like they're all buttfreaking.

Geno Fumo: i miss ronald mcdonald and all the other characters at mcdonalds

sonick808: i totally loved the fry guys, and grimace. 1973-1985 was THE BEST for EVERYTHING

roosevelthighschool: Man I kind of remember the "Fry Guys". Who played Ronald McDonald?

april rose santiago: man that clown is so scary,"mommy please help me!!"

TheEventHorizon429: Lol nope, I'm Irish.
McDonald's Fry Guy Commercial (1984) 5 out of 5

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McDonald's Fry Guy Commercial (1984)