McDonald's Fry Guy Commercial (1984)

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Hemley1: I like the Gobblins with their mouths.

Timop1919: Ronald McDonald is so so creepy. I would not let my child within 500 feet of him. 

CaptainThorLoki of the seventh dimension of blendid: i think mcdonalds is murder on da ending

JamesElvisHernandez: The feeling of nostalgia... 

456puppylover: O_O...I'm going to walk away slowly o-o....

Louis Litt: "your a McDonald...not a whore"

sonick808: i totally loved the fry guys, and grimace. 1973-1985 was THE BEST for EVERYTHING

Warren Dyer: i always thought that clown was a child molester freak

ZebrasFirst: Shoot, by the time Ronald made that fake Fry Guy mom, the fries that they stole would be too cold.

april rose santiago: man that clown is so scary,"mommy please help me!!"

andrew plotnick: @benjafisha1 I know how McDonald's ads can be addicting!

RaDIAtioNPlayGrOuND: When Fry Guys take your fries, cuntpunt them.

BakuMamX: Wild Tangelas fled!

Garras Porgratix: @dylanBBE Hee hee hee. Memories. I actually stomped on one of his shoes and left a dent in it!!! He was mad. :D

Kriisy Sanchez: creepy as fuk

The1AndOnlySAGAKing: When Ronald says "The Fry Guys!" Look at his expression... Creepy AS freak

XxMrpizzamanxX: 0:08 it looks like they're all buttfreaking.

0816brandon: You know their modo, keep your eyes on you're fries!

earthquake915: that scares me

talic10: Weird and creepy commercial.

xfactor541: holy freaking creepy

DrewPicklesAintDed69: pencil Clown sure likes freakin' them little kids, doesn't he?

summernights21: I am scared

Dylan Hernandez: @UpcomingJedi hahaha never had a change to do that :P... nice!

elricmb: @magmablood2 We don't. We call them anti-depressants.

Boss_E30: WTF ^_^

Sing Lung: haha it´s funny to see how the comercials are was in the old days

James King: O_O um... ( no comment ) @_@

Vemreals: "It's a good time for McDonnald's french fries ;D" Yep, that's something that'll be stuck in my head for the rest of the week.

InsideTheMirror: I'd kick the crap out of those little assholes, trying to steal my fries.

Dylan Hernandez: I always wanted to punch the clown for real

MonTwizard: ummmm wow

MrsLICB cobo: Lol same dude damn ima a girl dum dums!!!

Leon Jednacak: because your british

TurtlemouthC4: I like the new Ronald because he doesn't rape the day

roosevelthighschool: Man I kind of remember the "Fry Guys". Who played Ronald McDonald?

TheEventHorizon429: Lol nope, I'm Irish.

wizard101guru27: Scary Damn Comerrcial

Borough81: man the 80s were freaked

lamalvi2: Anyone take my fries like that, I'd have no remorse in punching them in the teeth.

grimnight: sounds like will ferrell doing his stuff

ZOo00OOm: Even if those fuzzballs got those fries, how would they eat them?

Kurt Wehner: mcdonalds fries suck

HBM72BRIGHT: 0:01 promoting grafiti!!

tjt072: They need to bring back Grimmce (? on spelling), the fry guys and hamburgler

Arthur Wright: anyone else get here by searching "cool whip"

jinggo78: yo mom so ugly she look like a mop with eyes

Ben Fisher: I feel stupid watching this yet I can't turn away.

tourettesguy98: I will never eat at McDonald's again!!
McDonald's Fry Guy Commercial (1984) 4.5 out of 5

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McDonald's Fry Guy Commercial (1984)