How To Wire A Ranco ETC-111000-000 Digital Temperature Controller

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How to wire a Ranco ETC 111000 Digital Temperature Controller
How to wire a Ranco ETC 111000 Digital Temperature Controller
How to wire a Ranco ETC-111000-000 Digital Temperature Controller
How to wire a Ranco ETC-111000-000 Digital Temperature Controller
Ranco single stage controller setup
Ranco single stage controller setup
MoreBeer setting up a Ranco 2 stage Controller
MoreBeer setting up a Ranco 2 stage Controller
Digital Temperature Controller
Digital Temperature Controller

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nmlittlebigman: Would this wiring set up allow me to plug in a retail cooler with a compressor that pulls 12 amps? I am a bit confused about the normally open normally closed amp ratings. i just want to know would it be plug and play. thanks

Sauce: Thanks for the guide

Jap Pino: Will that control multiple units because it’s wired to a power strip. My application would be used for my aquarium heater. Would i be able to use multiple aquarium heaters if i wired to a power strip?

Dave Brown: Just out of curiosity, why are people using a surge protector with multiple female outlets vs one female outlet with the male outlet?

Majid Recipes: thank you for the video instructions. can you plz tell me what wire gauge (AWG) I can use instead of the 5" wire you cut. can you use this set up to convert a chest freezer to a cooler. thanks again

Derrick Kerr: People need to keep in mind that when you twist wires together that are made of two different metals that you will need to keep an eye out for corrosion between the contacts. So, if you can find a wire made of copper you should try to match that with all the wires in the device, it will save you a lot of headache in the long run.

Robert Shackleferd: Damn this is awesome, thanks emoneyblue and Youtube.

Jeff Gruber: Nice job man, my previous one blew out after about 9 years and need to buy a new one. They're selling them now for $44 on Amazon

Ben Tackett: I'm not sure if you Check the comments or not, but I have an issue that I wonder if you could help me with.

I wired a unit up exactly as in this video and things are not working correctly.

My application is an aquarium. I have the probe waterproofed and placed in a sump, controlling a submersible heater. No matter what I set the ranco on, it keeps power to the heater at all times. It never shuts it off. It allowed the water to get up to 85 or so with the set point on 76.

What could the problem be?

Joe D: Great video!

Erik Swenson: Thank you. Very Helpful. I ordered one of these for a sump pump that is in a window well outside and I need a temperature controller to shut the power off when the ambient temperature drops below freezing. And I too forgot that this unit is not pre-wired so I appreciate this video tutorial.

Myfavsandlikes: ty for the video.

Myfavsandlikes: Great...i thought this was pre-made when i ordered it...

John Erickson: Thank you, emoneyblue! I recently obtained this unit for a dollar from the local Goodwill. The unit turned on and the control functions worked but the attached outlet was wired wrong I discovered thanks to your video. The darn thing just would not turn on the outlet. Then I wired it like you did and now....JOY!
Now my medical marijuana grow room can share the heat with the rest of the house this winter and stay cool during the summer months!
 My "buds" and I are grateful. A thousand thanks my friend!

rose rocks Smith: Thanks bro! Great instructional video!

Tony Nguyen: Thanks for the easy instructions!

emoneyblue: Maybe a bad power strip just use an extension cord...

Jordan Manning: Thanks for creating this tutorial! However, I do have a question: I wired the controller step-by-step exactly how you did in the video. After putting it all together, I plugged the fridge into the controller's power strip and the controller directly into the wall. Both were working fine. About an hour later, the power strip is off and won't turn on. Granted, this power strip was bought used at a thrift store so it may be a dud. Is there anything I could have wired incorrectly to cause this?

Joseph Meehan: John, usually the neutral is ribbed where the hot is smooth.

John Tunca: the extension cord i bought doesn't specify which is hot and which is neutral -- how can i tell which is which?
How to wire a Ranco ETC-111000-000 Digital Temperature Controller 5 out of 5

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How to wire a Ranco ETC-111000-000 Digital Temperature Controller