How To Wire A Ranco ETC-111000-000 Digital Temperature Controller

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How to wire a Ranco ETC 111000 Digital Temperature Controller
How to wire a Ranco ETC 111000 Digital Temperature Controller
How to wire a Ranco ETC-111000-000 Digital Temperature Controller
How to wire a Ranco ETC-111000-000 Digital Temperature Controller
How To Wire A Ranco ETC
How To Wire A Ranco ETC
How to wire the STC 1000 temperature controller
How to wire the STC 1000 temperature controller
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emoneyblue: Yes it will turn on or off heater or a cooler PERIOD!

Hastein: Hey, thanks for doing this video. I set up my Ranco temp controller for my fermentation chamber using your video as a guide. Works like a charm. Thanks!

emoneyblue: Hey there, Most probes will be the sealed type and you can add any type you need I've seen these used in brewing beer (food safe) for years if its good enough for humans its good enough for the buds... LOL also check out Ebay these a large variety there.

John Smith: Hi, can I use it on my fish tank to lock it to 77f, 1 degree differential. I have a heater and a chiller I want to control with one thermostat. Thankfully me

emoneyblue: @Kimano Hello and thanks for stopping bye, 1st off the power strip was a left over part I had laying around I believe in using up old stuff and making them work again and as far as the romex connector your right but I thought I explained that I was going to add a rubber connector to seal it shut. Thanks for the comments.

emoneyblue: @qweef69 Glad you enjoyed it, thanks for commenting.

drinkechear: Great video!! I have this same ranco. 2 questions. 1 How many watts can this model control? (or hold=.. don´t know the terminology...) and 2. do I need any adapter to plug it to a 220 V household electrical current?? Thanks you very much.

sakecate: Great video, thanks! That was very easy with your instruction.

auto4life1: Thanks for the email tip on the corny kegs a few weeks ago! Btw byob raised their prices to $50 for the ball locks the week I finally got one.

Bob Johnson: cool

XxJDSx1980xX: Like the Video. Thanks for the info

emoneyblue: Yeah!! that's what I'm talking about... great Job glad I was able to help. Thanks for your comments.

emoneyblue: the way I have it set its heat or cooler, thanks for commenting.

emoneyblue: Maybe a bad power strip just use an extension cord...

Joseph Meehan: John, usually the neutral is ribbed where the hot is smooth.

Aschecteable: Great video and I really like your order of connections ..... Believe me it can get hairy if you do it out of that order. One suggestion though as I build these professional for both the refrigeration and home brewing world. I also am certified nec and by mainstream eng. you are missing one huge safety factor. Step one is missing........ Get a NM cable connector this will prevent the cords coming out if tugged on. Only .44 cents can save your life if you loose a connection and touch it.

Jordan Manning: Thanks for creating this tutorial! However, I do have a question: I wired the controller step-by-step exactly how you did in the video. After putting it all together, I plugged the fridge into the controller's power strip and the controller directly into the wall. Both were working fine. About an hour later, the power strip is off and won't turn on. Granted, this power strip was bought used at a thrift store so it may be a dud. Is there anything I could have wired incorrectly to cause this?

emoneyblue: Thanks for the update I just sent them a nasty email. Maybe I will get some special pricing for us!!

nativetexian: Great video...Thanks!

emoneyblue: @borizlat Really did not know that ... well thanks!!! I will be making more I found 100's of uses around here from smoking, cooling, heating, brewing etc... I just love these controllers. Thanks for commenting.

Kimano: Excellent video, the attention to detail is quite appreciated. I would make a couple comments though. First of all, it's good practice when running any cables into an electrical box to use a romex connector at the opening. Also, using a simple grounded extension cord could be less expensive than dedicating an entire power strip. The circuit protection really shouldn't be needed, the controller is rated at an operating load of 16A, far more than any fridge or smoker will use.

carmensmonte: I use mine to control my pool heater. however about a week ago I have an EP error msg....Im going to check the connections in the box aswell as the temperature gauge cord. Any other ideas ? PS great video!

emoneyblue: Glad it helped.. thanks for commenting..

emoneyblue: Your welcome and thanks for commenting.

emoneyblue: @jlaureanti - You are very welcome - thanks for the comment.

norm english: I understand it controls the AC power going to a heater or air conditioner, however how does this application bypass the internal thermostat of the air conditioner to keep it running?

emoneyblue: Great news,

emoneyblue: Your welcome ... thanks for commenting..

emoneyblue: Glad you enjoyed the video this was my intention to make it helpful to folks .... thanks for commenting..

emoneyblue: @pookieninja Hey glad I could help.... Thanks for the comments :)

emoneyblue: Sorry to hear that mate, they had assured me the price would remain the same for awhile, I guess I should have brought more when I had the chance.

emoneyblue: @drinkechear Hello there and thanks for stopping by, to answer your question you will need to go to there website and get the wiring diagram Yes this model can do both 110/220 volts not sure off hand how many volts, but I do know of folks using this controller to run water heaters that are over 1500 watts and it depends on how you wire it up and if you have the same one I have you will wire it the way you require it for your particular application. Hope this helps... Google it

John Tunca: the extension cord i bought doesn't specify which is hot and which is neutral -- how can i tell which is which?

emoneyblue: Glad you enjoyed it.. .thanks for commenting...

emoneyblue: @jmoody27 I will have to check the out thanks for sharing.

pookieninja: Thank you! This video was exactly what I was looking for! This is the first video I've seen detailing how to actually wire up the temp controller. I'd read enough to know that I needed to rig it up with a cut extension chord but I couldn't find info anywhere as to which color wires needed to be put into which port. Great instruction.

doktordrew: Awesome video, thanks!

emoneyblue: Glad I could help.. thanks for commenting..

Mike Mckay: Nice wright up

John Smith: Can I use both heater and a cooler on this device at the same time? To lock it to 77f degrees I need for my aquarium ?

jmoody27: Try Patriot-Supply they have the best price out there.

emoneyblue: Your welcome always glad to help, thanks for taking the time to comment.

emoneyblue: Yes there is but by another company just look around Ebay for the voltage your using. There getting cheaper and cheaper each day.. Good luck!! thanks for stopping by...

emoneyblue: @hsbc2468 Thanks

emoneyblue: @doktordrew Your welcome glad I could help. Thanks for commenting...

emoneyblue: Your welcome

emoneyblue: @doktordrew Glad to know it helped you out, thanks for leaving your comments.

RDBDallas: Started on a SS Smoker, thanks for the info of the Ranco ETC-111000-000 Digital Temperature Controller I will use it on several of my projects.

qweef69: interesting video. :)

WillL: Great video! This helped me so much and made the wiring easy as can be. Thanks for the solid information and great video.
How to wire a Ranco ETC-111000-000 Digital Temperature Controller 4.7 out of 5

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How to wire a Ranco ETC-111000-000 Digital Temperature Controller