Puss In Boots - Movie Review By Chris Stuckmann

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Puss in Boots - Movie Review by Chris Stuckmann
Puss in Boots - Movie Review by Chris Stuckmann
Puss in Boots movie review
Puss in Boots movie review
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The Domanation: You think this movie is funny, try watching it in Spanish (that's what happens when you Spanish in school, I guess).

Kaefer1973: Whenever I hear the title I imagine a boots filled with yellow, slimy, stinking pus (with a hint of red).

David M. Johnston: Is this when he introduced the "and get stuckmannized!" thing?

Anoek Karelse: I really liked the movie! But it ain't a movie I can watch over and over and over again, like I can with Shrek films (part 1 & 2). Every once in a while I can watch it though :)

Jack Timothy: Stuckmann Square never stuck...

Sinister Septimus: didn't really like the movie...really overrated

mineMissHellsing: Thank god it didn't stick.

volcanolam xX: I really actually think the technical aspect of this spin-off is even better than Shrek and Shrek 2. The action is better shot. If only the story is as good as the other two

Shrek: I actually loved this movie so much i would give a A+

Something Fierce: Shrek: A+
Shrek 2: A-
Shrek 3: C-
Shrek 4: C
Puss in Boots: A

WarGamer 42: Shrek A+
Shrek 2 A-
Shrek the Third B-
Shrek Forever After the Final Chapter B
Puss in Boots A-

Vedant Bakshi: This movie was made by Chris Miller the director of Shrek 3 which in my opinion is the worst Shrek movie and he also is the voice of Kowalski in Madagascar....I was actually surprised this was a good movie.

Natalie: I actually would give this an A+

Captain Jakemerica: This movie was amazing!!!! :)

Fierrryyy: I liked this movie alot! Puss in boots is my favorite shrek character :3

Pilox Planet: is squareville still a thing

Keith: Now, all we need is a Donkey movie. There will be nay sayers of course, but I seriously think that Donkey is about the only character left in the Shrek lore worth exploring. If you think about it, he's one of the least fleshed out characters in terms of backstory. Could he always talk? How did he meet the old lady that eventually sold him? What was his life like before Shrek 1? We've heard hints of it, such as his high school experiences in Shrek 3, but it's only ever been teased. While he has never shined much as a leading man, I truly believe that Eddie Murphy has the potential to bring Donkey back once more and make him funnier than in past films.

Jordan Stewart: One of your Biggest fans which is myself, I'm watching the film again at the moment which I recorded on the wonderful movie channel FXM which is great because they show tons of great films.

Molly2471: I really didn't like Humpty Dumpty. The was something off about how he looked and he was annoying. But Puss in Boots and the movie overall were pretty funny. I wouldn't say it's a good movie, but quite funny at times.
Puss in Boots - Movie Review by Chris Stuckmann 5 out of 5

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Puss in Boots - Movie Review by Chris Stuckmann