Puss In Boots - Movie Review By Chris Stuckmann

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Puss in Boots - AniMat's Reviews
Puss in Boots - Movie Review by Chris Stuckmann
Puss in Boots - Movie Review by Chris Stuckmann
Puss in Boots movie review
Puss in Boots movie review
Puss in Boots Review (funny movie review)
Puss in Boots Review (funny movie review)
'Puss In Boots' Review
'Puss In Boots' Review

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Jordan Stewart: One of your Biggest fans which is myself, I'm watching the film again at the moment which I recorded on the wonderful movie channel FXM which is great because they show tons of great films.

Molly2471: I really didn't like Humpty Dumpty. The was something off about how he looked and he was annoying. But Puss in Boots and the movie overall were pretty funny. I wouldn't say it's a good movie, but quite funny at times.

Hans Zarkov: ((()))
{-_-}  < love the movie but not for kids. too much sexual innuendo.

Jose RicoTacoNachoQuesadillaMandillaJones: how can anyone be sick of shrek? shrek is love shrek is life

Uberslick: I found this film kinda lame and boring, completely forgettable.

Isaac Sargent: Shrek 3 is the worst. I thought this film. Was just average. Very forgettable though, unlike the first two Shrek films.

Mr. Doctor Eradicate: nah bro shrek 3 is the worst

dregzoom: I actually dont like shrek 2 its my least favorite shrek movie

Amela Meme-Master: we watched this at school for an example of a good movie review!

morgrotunda: I love puss in boots

Hectorferjr2: Guillermo del Toro says Puss In Boots 2 is on the way.

LOZmaster85RB: you should bring back stuckmann square! haha

fizzycolalizzie: (continued) bothered by that stuff. Humpty Dumpty annoyed me too, you're definitely not alone in that. Also everyone keeps saying how amazing the 3D was in this movie, DAMMIT I went to see it in 2D! Typical.

fizzycolalizzie: Maybe it's just me nitpicking, but if Puss in Boots is meant to be in the same universe as Shrek, just in the past, there are a LOT of things that are inconsistent. Especially with Shrek 2. I was watching Shrek 2 last night and found 3 things that are like "wow they really did not think of this when they were making Puss in Boots". If it's an alternate universe or whatever, that's fine by me. If not, well... it's still a good movie, great fun as you said, but I just can't bring myself not to be

Rabbitearsblog: Awesome review! This movie was so amazing!

kfki: let's make a Donkey movie! Donkey needs his own movie!

CoinBox170: By the way, did anyone think that they left room open for a sequel? It did not lead up to his first appearance in Shrek 2, so I think that there is more story to tell.

CoinBox170: Hey! I just realized that the giant monster at the end of the movie (spoilers) is in this trailer!

CoinBox170: The director of this movie is actually the same guy who directed Shrek the Third. Yeah I know. Pretty hard to believe.

thedorodevil: Film is pointless... didn´t like it a bit... big dissapointment...
Puss in Boots - Movie Review by Chris Stuckmann 5 out of 5

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Puss in Boots - Movie Review by Chris Stuckmann