Sony SRS-HG1 Bluetooth Speaker - REVIEW

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maki yang: GGMM M3 takes every effort in its audio performace, using unibody Kevlar speaker, greatly improved the vibration-proof ability when it comes to strong airflow in cabinet.

ayush raj: pls unbox sony srs xb 30

Ali Gh: I have two of them.. but there is a problem with it.. it delays the audio by 1 second when I watch a video if that is fixed or if they had audio sync or delay feature it would be perfect.

Santiago Garcia Cruz: SRS- XB30 or h.ear go?

17ness1: You should test out the Sony SRS x99

Michaelkayslay: is there a forward and back track button ? Or do I have to change songs using my phone ?

Kelly Brown: @jimsreviewroom What song is the intro? I clicked the background link and that wasn't the same song.

ateneagoddess83: Hi, Thank you for the review :)

I'm doubting between Sony SRS-HG1 and Sony SRS-X88 .. I listen to music such as Linkin Park, Evanescense, Apocalyptica (a lot of violin and cello), etc.. The HG1 is less expensive, but.. I'm not sure if the music will play well or if it would have noise in it (because of the type of music)... I think that on the first song you put, had a little noise?.. or was it part of the song?...
could you please coment what you think about these speakers? (or, if there's anotherone that is good or recommendable, I would also like to know :P)

thank you in advance!! :)

Ashraf Abdillah: hehey ILLENIUM :) nice song choice

ExclusiveLM: Jim how about testing speakers with other types of genres and not just for 20 yr olds like classical, jazz, ballads, rock, etc. So that people with different tastes can see if it fits them.

Jelly Much: I like the speaker for the punch on the go

Mr. Whiskaz: nice review

Christopher DeHerrera: I bought one of these recently. I returned it after 2 days. For one, it's always on in standby mode. This means it's draining the battery while it's in your suitcase or while you sleep if it's not plugged in. Also, it can't charge while it's in use. Stupid. The sound delay in bluetooth mode is completely unacceptable. I paired this with my Dell laptop, Samsung tablet, and Motorola phone. All of them had at least a half second delay, rendering the speaker useless for sound while watching a video. Last, the sound is just not that great. Without the bass boost engaged, it's limp; no bass or bright high end. With the boost on, the bass is there, but then it also boosts the treble and does something strange to the midrange. Electronic music seems to sound better, but anything guitar-based suffers and spoken word really takes a hit. I returned it and got the UE Boom 2. That sounded even worse so I returned that for the Bose Soundlink Mini II. Third time's a charm.

Timothy Von: What is the best sony bluetooth speaker

Mark G.: Bass failed

Roy Eastham: I noticed that extra bass is muddying the higher end tones.

Sonu03785: when you connect it to PC..does it also show up as an input device for the mic? like in windows sound control panel does a mic device show up when connected as a USB dac?

Frank: Which one is better, this or SRS-X5?

James M: Hey man good vid. Just wanted to add something that I don't feel like any reviewer has touched on with a feature of this speaker. Honestly, this could potentially be the biggest selling factor of the speaker(s). Not only can this be used to pair two for stereo sound or to do multi room but you can also set up 2 of them to select Sony soundbars to give you rear wireless surround sound. Ht-Ct790 and Nt-5. Nt-5 being one of the best soundbars on the 2016 market and these H.ear Go 1's are a perfect buy to compliment them.

Side note, you should test out the speaker with clear audio+ rather than using the standard flat EQ or the bassboost or even customize the EQ.

tpm1868: not every song sounds good with extra bass. need to break in for best sound quality
Sony SRS-HG1 Bluetooth Speaker - REVIEW 5 out of 5

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Sony SRS-HG1 Bluetooth Speaker - REVIEW