Sodastream Presents...How To Profit From Occupation, Oppression And Apartheid

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InayreDraws: if you like the fact that it's a bubbly carbonated drink there are alternatives that give you the same effect on your drinks! (:

AustralianFOPA: Brilliant. We're starting our Sodastream campaign here in Adelaide soon to add to our 144 week campaign against Seacret.

Janba32: Boycott Soda Stream. Boycott Israel.

HardlineAthiest: I saw this video last week, and just returned my new SodaStream for a full retail refund. freak Israel, freak SodaStream.

starsbydaylight: Exactly! Peace ...

starsbydaylight: Think about the many many literally -so torn- to pieces Mothers and children ... how can such a bloody drink be healthy? So, no iffen and butten ... make your own delicious healthy drinks, is easy. Peace ...

M. Alkoraishi: great video. it is about the truth. I will never buy Sodastream products.

Modi2020: More like occupation and oppression stream! been happening for over 60 years and the world is just becoming aware its happening. Thank you social media!

Lynn Gonzalez: Amazing video - EXCELLENT work!

Lynn Gonzalez: Amazing video - EXCELLENT work!

FreePalestineNow2010: I like it! Great work.

isaac solomon: Ghada Karmi, author 'In Search of Fatima' urges UK Citizens/Residents to sign an e-petition to call Britain to acknowledge publicly that British policy and actions in Palestine from 1917 to 1948 led to catastrophe for the Palestinian people.

Liz Arizona: War profiteering sours my appetite.

Joel Carter: But it's so delicious and affordable! Also more torn.

Roumaissa Boubekeur: ne buvez pas le sang des enfants Palestiniens Sodastream c'est cela!!pensez a vos enfants

Mark Estrada: i like this one the best...

karmagal: It so disgusting to watch how those bottom feeder racists treat other human beings. I'm always horrified. This is well done.

mart duenas: Soda Stream will be one of the advertisements airing on the Super Bowl next weekend.

Mahmud Agha: Sionism enjoying its own apartheid.

Dawn Cisek: Awesome :) (I know that's not very original, but it's the truth!!)
Sodastream presents...How to profit from Occupation, Oppression and Apartheid 5 out of 5

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Sodastream presents...How to profit from Occupation, Oppression and Apartheid