Sodastream Presents...How To Profit From Occupation, Oppression And Apartheid

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Sodastream presents...How to profit from Occupation, Oppression and Apartheid
Sodastream presents...How to profit from Occupation, Oppression and Apartheid

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Paul Frank: *"Sodastream presents...How to profit from Occupation, Oppression and Apartheid"*

Peter Menchini: Not my video.

iilish: awesome!!!

lovescarlattisonatas: Brilliant. Perfect music too.

Alex Bell: This is a marvellous little video. I've posted it on Facebook

annebeck58: Great! Sharing.

isaac solomon: Ghada Karmi, author 'In Search of Fatima' urges UK Citizens/Residents to sign an e-petition to call Britain to acknowledge publicly that British policy and actions in Palestine from 1917 to 1948 led to catastrophe for the Palestinian people.

Palestine1Country: I'd love it if you could leave this is a video response to the vid on my channel titles Sodastream at COSTCO: Just boycott it! Thanks & we'll get more people to watch.

Joel Carter: But it's so delicious and affordable! Also more torn.

Janba32: Boycott Soda Stream. Boycott Israel.

Dawn Cisek: Awesome :) (I know that's not very original, but it's the truth!!)

FreePalestineNow2010: I like it! Great work.

Camilo Davis: Palestina sera libre, quieran o no quieran...

Mark Estrada: i like this one the best...

Lynn Gonzalez: Amazing video - EXCELLENT work!

Karen Roberts: Dang, I use that because I like to make my own soda. How could they?

Rhiannon Barrowman: Time 2 permantly retire all those sodas never mind abstaining from drinking them.

thunderbytech: Great! No more words needed.

Liz Arizona: Free Free Palestine

karmagal: It so disgusting to watch how those bottom feeder racists treat other human beings. I'm always horrified. This is well done.

starsbydaylight: Exactly! Peace ...

mart duenas: Soda Stream will be one of the advertisements airing on the Super Bowl next weekend.

Lynn Gonzalez: Amazing video - EXCELLENT work!

starsbydaylight: Think about the many many literally -so torn- to pieces Mothers and children ... how can such a bloody drink be healthy? So, no iffen and butten ... make your own delicious healthy drinks, is easy. Peace ...

krispy: Shared!

Liz Arizona: War profiteering sours my appetite.

Roumaissa Boubekeur: ne buvez pas le sang des enfants Palestiniens Sodastream c'est cela!!pensez a vos enfants

Liz Arizona: Let's make it go viral.

Mahmud Agha: Sionism enjoying its own apartheid.

bluesman979: Boycott Sodastream You KNOW it makes sense ;-)


AustralianFOPA: Brilliant. We're starting our Sodastream campaign here in Adelaide soon to add to our 144 week campaign against Seacret.

Janba32: Boycott Soda Stream. Boycott Israel. Tell stores such as Bed, Bath and Beyond, Kohl's and any other store where you see this product of apartheid why you will not buy Soda Stream.

Henry Lowendorf: Pop go the weasels. With apologies to weasels. Pop go the parasites.

InayreDraws: if you like the fact that it's a bubbly carbonated drink there are alternatives that give you the same effect on your drinks! (:

Modi2020: More like occupation and oppression stream! been happening for over 60 years and the world is just becoming aware its happening. Thank you social media!

john kinsey: Not my video.

Morgan Mghee: Not my video.

Jim Feig: Not my video.

Xeno Phrenia: Not my video.

14Friendsofpalestine: Bravo! Very powerful video. May it go viral.

M. Alkoraishi: great video. it is about the truth. I will never buy Sodastream products.

NoPinkwashingUK: Great video, keep up the good work. Free Free Palestine!

palfree17: BOYCOTT SODASTREAM! The immoral drink makers

007nadineL: Man I can't watch this horror sometimes,but I force myself to... why shouldn't I watch it, I don't have to live this horror from Israel.

mahmmoud09872: good job palestine will be free

HardlineAthiest: I saw this video last week, and just returned my new SodaStream for a full retail refund. freak Israel, freak SodaStream.

Darlene Wallach: 
Sodastream presents...How to profit from Occupation, Oppression and Apartheid 4.2 out of 5

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Sodastream presents...How to profit from Occupation, Oppression and Apartheid