The Best DIY Chicken Feeder - Keep Feed Dry And Safe From Rodents And Birds

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The best DIY chicken feeder - keep feed dry and safe from rodents and birds
The best DIY chicken feeder - keep feed dry and safe from rodents and birds
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A'Tasha Lynn: Good idea! Thanks for sharing

Chris Dowing: That looks interesting and can use more PVC to fill them up from outside the coop/run. Thank you!

Vincente Fox: Just happened to be outside today worrying about the wet chicken feed in the feeders. I'll head over to walmart and get a couple buckets and try this out tomorrow. Thanks for sharing this.

TimeforaChange InGovernment: Somehow, my crazy chickens keep pushing the eyebolt up into the bucket & getting it stuck. Curious to know, if anyone else has had this problem? And, if so, have you found a way to remedy it? Thanks.

George Norman: On ours, I made sure to use what's called "fender washers", which are big washers with a small hole. The 1 - 1/2 inch washer catches a bit of the food that falls, and when the chickens go for that, it releases more food. Chickens are great copycats, so once the first bird gets it, they all want to do it.
This is better than any commercial feeder out there, and sure cuts down on waste. Many thanks.

Farhan Azmat: I made too and wonderful thing and idea. πŸ‘πŸ»πŸ‘πŸ»πŸ‘πŸ»

Farhan Azmat: Great.. what an idea.. gonna make for my chikens...

DIY Cowboy: Just wondering whats stopping the spread of disease if they are eating food off a chicken manure ground ? I mean don't chickens spread disease through there poop ?

Allotment Dave: Great vid

aniram95665: This is INCREDIBLY brilliant and helpful! Out here in the Mojave we find we're often feeding squirrels and mice. The squirrels are the worst because they steal eggs. It's a daily chore setting up the traps, gathering and either killing (squirrels) or releasing (mice).


TimeforaChange InGovernment: Hate to be the bearer of bad news, but that blue Lowe's bucket is not food grade. Lowe's does sell food grade, but they're all white in color. Only reason I know, is it's where I have to buy my food grade buckets for gardening. They're the only local place that carries actual food grade buckets.
Heard tell of deli's, cake makers, food businesses, etc, who usually give food grade buckets away for free. Unfortunately, none of our local businesses have them, to give/sell.

Axisofevil35: You're an absolute genius mate, cheers from Australia πŸ‘

Madronaxyz: I could not find the parts list you said you posted. Please advise. thank you.

LV Gonzalez: I like it 😊

Tom Sikes: It's a simple fix! Popped the ground Squirrels but those other birds. Man what a problem they're in my Apricot trees,mostly in my chicken yard.! I'm after this friend simplifies the morning, open their door, out they come to eat and drink peck and scratch. And I will be very happy to see those avian pest go away.

Ronald H. Pantoja: Very good advice and instructions that are easy to follow - Awesome! The plans are just what we needed to build a good coop [Check Details Here⇒⇒⇒ ] for our chickens they seem to be very pleased. So if you are looking to build one, this is a must guide to get

sreihart: Great idea! I'm going to give this a try. I have possums and they make a huge mess spilling the feeder and then it gets all wet and dissolves. Thanks!
The best DIY chicken feeder - keep feed dry and safe from rodents and birds 5 out of 5

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The best DIY chicken feeder - keep feed dry and safe from rodents and birds