Minecraft Cracked Tekkit Lite / Voltz - 1.4.7

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How to Get Tekkit Cracked on Minecraft (2013)
How to Get Tekkit Cracked on Minecraft (2013)
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Minecraft Technic Launcher Cracked WORKING JULY 22/13 WORKING

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Selian HD: cool! abbo :D

Alperen Özbey: Saol kardes işime cok yaradı

Frost: who wants to play voltz with me msg me with skype :need mic doesnt matter if your cracked or not

MegaSpoon7: will it work with 1.5 ?

Frost: If you want you need mic and msg your skype

Bea SC: Thank you so much :3 I finally got it to work!

Amine Echo: anyone know a voltz cracked server?

ProfPicajzlek: Check ur version of minecraft i had it cuz mine was on 1.5

yoon3340able: Where did you find the Voltz

545hawk: some people are going through the troluble to do it without any NON PAYING!

DaQuveEffects: @aronka098 All mods in Voltz mod pack didn't updated to 1.5.1. Accordingly, I CAN'T update to 1.5.1.



Tim Bowling: Exactly...Ian fox, freak you.

OsamaBenLlama: why doesnt the mod itself work

hs19720312: Tşk kardeş

Smosher34: does this let you go on my worlds?

HyperVenomStudios: does it work and btw are u sure its cracked

yağız koç: yeni dünya olusturmuyo niye

ZazzyFrogs: Cheers mate!

nick thegamereu: btw WTF!

Smosher34: does this let go onto my worlds?

Jake12lord: Yay thnx btw does voltz have optifine automatically?

DaQuveEffects: Evet de niye sordun? :D

george varlamitis: when are you going to update it?

theminingbros96: you are awesome

DaQuveEffects: Sorry, no.

Georgian Matei: thanks dude...looking for this for the last 30 hours straight

Sean Maule: It loads up but then it just goes into a black screen :(

james munroe: i got it but when i start minecraft i see the tp after 4 seconds it goes black plz help

ben jenner: thanks man i've been looking for a voltz that works for ages really gj

Adnan bacic: Thanks i was looking for this 1 month :)

Ignas Roličius: I download the mod pack, open my minecraft its loading but soon its black screen. HELP!

rs0wner301: Can I play on servers with my friends who have the real tekkit?

nick thegamereu: lol buy a mc acc and you won't meed all this bullcrap :)

Oyun Adası: eyw kardeşim tekkit lite için

minecrafterxd234: is it updated yet?

Tim De Keyser: hope it gets updated soon

mehmet emin oğullar: susun layn türkler konuşsun :D

ChaoxShadow: If they use the same tekkit as you and the server isn online then yes you can

DaQuveEffects: No, it is 1.4.7. I will update links soon...

forningama kamara: thanks

TAYFUN TÜTÜNCÜ: türk müsün kardsim

Cristian Vasilache: I want :D

frank sorsak: Omg Thanks dude

forningama kamara: which mods can i delete

ZestyTheLion: Actually Voltz's is minecraft, just mods for it dumbass

RAFPony: Easy for you to say rich guy.

Varian: cool

DaQuveEffects: I apologize but some mods didn't update to 1.5. Accordingly, i cant update the mod pack... When its updated i will update...
Minecraft Cracked Tekkit Lite / Voltz - 1.4.7 4.8 out of 5

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Minecraft Cracked Tekkit Lite / Voltz - 1.4.7