Marble Cake Recipe - Laura Vitale - Laura In The Kitchen Episode 562

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Marble Cake Recipe - Super Moist!
Marble Cake
Marble Cake
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Laura in the Kitchen: So, who has made my marble cake?? Recipe:

rima kima: Hey plz can u write the ingredients with. g & cl i do really want to make this cake. 

Andrea Maronyan: Great recipe, forgot to add vanilla while making it, but still came out full of flavor and aroma!

christian ortega: combination of your Confetti Birthday Cake and your Marble Cake video please!!

Carolina Villanueva: Has anyone made this recipe with a 9x5 loaf pan?? 

Najia Sayed: I have made this 4 times yummy

kittdekat1: I made this cake today using a christmas tree bundt tin - it was so simple ans sooo tasty. Thank you for sharing!

VRNKtahiti357angel: Looks amazing good in the video but..uhmm.. vague explanation of the ingredients , I will love if you describe the exact quantity in grams and not in cups ( the butter in the video looks more than just 3/4 cup ) :D Thanks for share it anyway 

Sammy Wong: Can I leave the vegetable oil out? 

Bake lover: I made this and it was sooooo goood !!! and super mosittt

Cookiestixs Carr: Laura, love your recipe for marble cake. Can you please make a Zebra Cake?

S Senjuti: i love you Laura :) such a beautiful cake 

Janith Chakravarthy: Black Forest cake please!!

Jessie Limbu: I dont have a bundt tin - can i use a cake tin?? 

Aiysha Sulaiman: Right now in the oven! :)

Elaine Sullivan: Definitely trying this out he weekend😃

ella. angle: it's in the oven ^_^

kisaloveable: what episode is 0.08? anyone? thats making me drool.

Tulsi Jaijiv: Great job, Laura! I tried this recipe an it turned out AMAZING!!!

Stephanie Cammisuli: "Nice and pale yeller" hahahah love you laura!! 😂😝

Cesar Gamarro: Yaaaaaaaay me and my sister love marble cake we used to celebrate our bdays and always eating marble cake but the baker quit making marble cake for years i

karmen karakalli: hello Laura, i am just wondering if you can send us the measurements of the caters that you use , because it seems there are different scales of the cups that you use and i use , so most of the recipes that i have tried they are either too sweet or something wrong comes up, it would be appreciated if you send me how many g is in the cup that you use and also how much L is per cup , thanks 

Zaynab Schmidt: Please make brownie ice cream sandwiches laura

lionel filipe: Looks yum Laura!!!

Zara Bhatti: Did u say yellor? 

Simona Moscillo: Can I use a hand held whisk to mix the ingredients together instead of a stand mixer?

Wendy Mok: Hi Laura! I'm just curious, if I use this batter for cupcakes, would you know how many it would make? Thanks! :)

TheLydz19: hello please of that brand is your cake pan ?

hdia bechir: i will right now

butterfly4764: Want some that looks so good

Ayoosh Hdaib: I made this cake yesterday , I've tried many recipes for this cake before and never liked the result , but this one was the recipe I was looking for :) turned out just the way I like it, thank you so much

Suhani Guleria: that looks delicious !yummmmmmmmy

princessmariam640: I just made this cake and it's deliciouss :D Perfection < 3 Thank you Laura :))

dianacfs: Can I use raw unsweetened cacao? 

princessmariam640: I just made this cake, and it's deliciouss :D Perfection <3 Thank you Laura :))

judyS2753: what episode is 0:11?

Taina Lemite: Made this yesterday it was delicious. Family loved it. 

LovHart4ever: I made this and it was soo good definitely recommend to make by me

TheLydz19: hello Laura please I can ask the measurement in grams of your cake recipe marble No. 562 I'm French but I like your video, even if I do not understand your language your video gives me great idea thank you a great big kiss

Lorenzo Perez: Me

Sarah Halevi: This is an amazing recipe!!! Thanks so much! I've made it 3 times already.

Christina Blume: in grams would be good ...

Jordan3Tillys: Wow you commented on a video

abdul samad: So, who has made my marble cake?? Recipe:

Jae Sher: Hi Laura, I baked the marble cakes using your recipe yesterday, it was delicious, however, I do have some questions. Do you have an email address or a site where I could consult with you about it, please? Thank you in advance. Regards, Jae

Faith Walker: So, who has made my marble cake?? Recipe:

TheBunkitty: Many people probably replied to you before but i'd like to weigh in :) If you want to make this and you can't get cocoa powder at the last minute, yep sure you can use it and reduce the sugar. I wouldn't recommend you use it in place of the cocoa powder but just as a back up :D

Nurul Azhwani Abdullah Sani: i like you :)
Marble Cake Recipe - Laura Vitale - Laura in the Kitchen Episode 562 4.9 out of 5

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Marble Cake Recipe - Laura Vitale - Laura in the Kitchen Episode 562