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StreetfighterFiendsX: When I'm inhaling on my tornado I'm sucking up the liquid aswell I don't think that should be happening is there a fault

Keith Palin: It's almost impossible to get the wicks on the K3 past the centre post. Both me and a TW retailer couldn't do it. Best way seems to be to leave the wicks trailing while you screw the coil on, then push the wicks in with something very thin and very narrow, cos there ain't much room! It's a crap design and I've all but abandoned mine.

totallywickedeliquid: Hi Steven, you can use both on your twist battery. They both work very well.

Anthony Cartagena: how is he using the torpedo with a stv nova? i got mine in today and does not get any suction!!! is his torpedo different than mine?

Vincent Brindle: Ended getting the big tank today, yet to test it but it looks much easier than the dct I got a few weeks back. Easier to fill too

David C. Baker: I keep getting burnt, dry hits on mine. I am using a Vamo at 8w and it has done it on multiple attys (2.8 and 3.2). Please advise!

totallywickedeliquid: Hi Darre, you can use the 3.5ml plinth which can be found on the Dual Coil Tank page.

Nathan Edwards: this is a vivi nova but over priced

Barry Grant: nice one Alain

totallywickedeliquid: You can leave for a few minutes to alllow the liquid to soak into the wick but you shouldnt need to leave for an hour. Thanks

totallywickedeliquid: Hi. Both are fully compatible, one just holds more fluid than the other. Both perform the same and are used in the same way. The Mini Nova is about the same width as your battery so may look best when assembled. Kind regards

TDC_666: @ pace, is you tornado a vvv? Coz it looks like he is use a vvv that can use higher voltage!

Chelskidave3081: Bought the mini nova kit 2 days ago, really impressed with it by far the best kit I've bought for my varivolt to date

Darren Grant: Which plinth do you use to cover the threads when using the mini with the tornado battery

Steven Raynor: The mini or the big which one is better to go on my tornado twist please tell me

jmathdoubler1: Once I fill the nova tank, shouldn't u leave it 4 an hour or so??

ACLD100: Could you please do a video on the new k1 and k3 dc replacement coil systems you have released. I have the k3 and for the life of me cant figure out how to change the coil, maybe I am not using enough force but I don't want to break it.

totallywickedeliquid: Good Afternoon - with the K3 you unscrew the top, with the K1 you unscrew the bottom. I will suggest we do a video for both. Thanks

Keith Palin: A video for replacing the coil on the K3 is essential! I couldn't do it so took it to a TW retailer and he couldn't do it! Getting the wicks past the centre post without tangling in the threads is the issue. Get it sorted TW, I've got £10 worth of useless kit here!

matt876mma: I don't mind the nova tanks, but there are much better tanks out there, and these are way over priced.
RCS Mini & Nova 4.5 out of 5

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