Top 5 Bottom 5: NYX Makeup

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Top 5 Bottom 5: NYX Makeup
Top 5 Bottom 5: NYX Makeup
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saher hassan: You are so original..

Sarah Russell: You are so humble and caring! I go on kicks with different youtubers, but you are one that I always come back to.

Heidinski: LOVE YOU

DRmakeupgirl: My Walmart has recently put in a whole section of NYX so I came to your channel looking for reviews to know what to buy! I have tried a few things in the past and like them. NYX was a big deal when I first started watching Youtube years ago.

MorningStar: maybelline next :)

Allison Lane: Can you do a No. 7 tutorial?!!

Lolo Bowsh: Where can I buy the NYX high voltage lipsticks in Mirage and flutter kiss? I'm not seeing it as an option anywhere! :(

Silvia Khanmohamed: I purchased the Nyx Warm Neutrals and several other from that series and do love them actually better than the ones which came later named Earth, Wind, Fire, Air, and Volcano 😝etc. I haven’t played with those as much as my first set find the Warm Neutrals series very smooth and soft. I didn’t like from Nyx however, the first time I purchased a few items in their physical store they gave me a choice right then to choose a lipgloss and prefer WetnWild ones better to apply/Nyx a bit too liquid and runny. When I ordered on line although I got to spend like $70+ on eyeshadows (got all on sale) but they keep promising a gift with further purchases. I told them I already spent $50.00 then more just send the darn gift already with purchase I don’t need more stuff for a while so they finally send me the sponge. 🤦🏻‍♀️ I also have that primer it is rather sticky/gooey but I find it ok. sort of it is a challenge to remove with the sponge it comes with. I thought mine was old since I bought on clearance at Target during Christmas and am new to using primers but it is like that. Oh, well. Lol!
🤔I think I’m loving Milani over Nyx! So far it’s been great!

Luz Figueroa: U t by far my favorite U- Tuber beauty guru.

StrawbunnyMilk: You're so informative and you really know your stuff when it comes to makeup. As someone who doesn't have a lot of experience or money to just buy stuff on a whim, I really appreciate that. It helps me get a feel for things that will actually work for me and that way I'm not wasting money on products that won't.

Meshee Plaisance: would u recommend nyx lipstick or the loreal which one stays on best

Calley Love: Emily, your makeup looks absolutely beautiful in this video!! Would love to see you in these cooler tones!! ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

kassidy zambrano: Please do more of these!!!

Geo C: Thanks, Emily. You are- by far- my favorite Beauty Blogger.

Shilowfa: 2:20 is when she starts to rate the makeup

raika oxo: This is completely random.
but maybe we should place a hand sanitizer with a pump beside all makeup counters and make it an unspoken rule for everyone to sanitize first before testing makeup

Marcy Everest: I've tried many primers and the NYX HD primer makes my "dewy" foundation stay on for hours, and hours.  This is the difference and why this primer is remarkable.  Every other primer works for about four hours then any "dewy" water based foundation just begins to evaporate or transfer as my TZone can get oily after a while.  I have to put my makeup on at 6:30 in the morning and I need it to last until 12:30 before I can touch it up.  I have found nothing else that will work for this until now.  It may not do other things-- but it does this.

Raksha Rusia: Lovely Emily,
You are awesome. I love this series.
Kindly add more brands to the list.
Lots of Love. Keep rocking...


Rebecca Carraway: BANGIN makeup look! You are GLOWING. Nice job :)
Top 5 Bottom 5: NYX Makeup 5 out of 5

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Top 5 Bottom 5: NYX Makeup