Renato And Invicta Swiss Watch Watches Comparison Video

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Renato and Invicta Swiss Watch Watches comparison video
Renato and Invicta Swiss Watch Watches comparison video
Renato and Invicta watch video.
Renato and Invicta watch video.
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Renato Beast Chronograph Watch (HD Video Review)
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Bahoomba: Where are the Swiss factories for Renato and Invicta?

wouzi: i'm just like son, i'm into watches as well like most men are into jordans

John Smith: Hi there, I'm just wondering if Invicta watches are 100% Swiss Made, not the movement but the whole watch.

toby semler: I find Hello Kitty also makes a better quality watch than Invicta.

yloiron: Renatos might have a Swiss quartz but all there watches are made in china . That's a lot of money for a hand made watch made in china .

Monty: haha these things make joe rodeo watches look tiny holy crap

mrpicky510: Invicta and renato are ghetto fake watches pretty much made for shopnbc.

albizil: Awsome watch'es, I'm starting my collection now. I have invicta's, android's, swiss legend's, and so on. I'm definitly going for that renato.

George Grasser: I feel that Renato makes a higher quality watch than Invicta.

brosbeenrandom: what do you guys think abotut he invicta subaqua 6563, thats the one im thinking about getting. can you guys reccomend me a watch?

Mountain Monsters: Damn dude you have a nice collection of watches there! Which ones your fav? have you gotten your hands on the Invicta Arsenal?

BigBlue0002: @artofgarduno Classy reply. Don't feed the trolls... Nice watches by the way...

BigBlue0002: @artofgarduno Which do you think is the better watch? All things being equal (both having either a SS bracelet or a poly strap)? I've always considered Renato buy never purchaced one... Specifically, the Subaqua III pictured and that Renato diver you were showing in that video comparison...

Viliam Sivek: Victor, if you would like to sell your Renato gen II T-rex on rubber, let me know on

artofgarduno: @toprookie Renato t-rex generation 2 you wont be able to find this exact version becuase its sold out. Try there website at buyrenato

Robb Dark: What is the exact name of that renato. I can't find it on

artofgarduno: @teamdeboy1971 Thats easy, Invicta are more casual sporty watches, Renatos are pure classy and dressy, they go with nice formal attire or casual attire. I love my renatos more then my Invicta and they are built better.

artofgarduno: very comfy.

artofgarduno: @bmt134 Thank you my friend I love them very much and god bless. ;)

bmt134: looks like 2 heaping piles of junk
Renato and Invicta Swiss Watch Watches comparison video 5 out of 5

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Renato and Invicta Swiss Watch Watches comparison video