Window Tinting (DIY: How To Tint Auto Back Glass)

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Window Tinting (DIY: How to tint auto back glass)
Window Tinting (DIY: How to tint auto back glass)
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Bouboune: Wrong!

Al Lewis: A1 u for got to mention that u need to heat shrink ur computer cut patent as well

Clockwork_Ø: Which side do you put down after you wet the window to shrink it?

Koch 40: Be careful of the shops who use computers to cut tint, no matter how perfect the computer cuts the tint, the seals shrink over time, I took an older truck to a guy who did it on computer, there was a 1/8" gap in some places. He said he can't fix it because he can only use what computer cut, so I made him rip it off. A bunch of fly by night shops opening up and using computers and haven't did it old school way like this guy, he knows how it's done but beware of new shops, they have no idea what to do if computer doesn't cut it right..

SwitchDoctor: I tried to pre-shrink my mirrored tint for the back and it wouldn't shrink. I did the best I could then I installed it and it still wouldn't shrink. I gave up and pulled it off. I guess I'll go old school and do it in halves and put the seam behind the defrost bars

Chew Chew Train: Great video presentation. They make it look a LOT easier than it really is.

DZEyoyo123: You really shouldn't tint over the high-mount brake light.

mimi taylor: i watched a lot of videos and this guy was the less clean of all. all other guys cleaned the windows about 2-3 times but this guy only went once... im really hoping they actually washed the window multiple times before recording this video. just honest feedback...

blaino1: another good tip! Don't drag the heat gun cord against the car!

Robert Trujillo: Ha, this guy made this look easy. I used to do tinting when I was younger and it's a definite skill to do it well.

Tristen Fletcher: hey where did you get tha thing that hold your tint roll

Kevin Workman: winging it

Antoine Tinker: Nice vid. Wish I could tint like that.

Mike Fu: Good video guys, slow and steady!

Denver Auto Tint: Nice post.
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smolds87: Razer blade on the interior is a baaaaaaad idea! your defroster wont work of you cut through the heating element.

Alex Toski: hes a crook, but nice vid

William Cupp: Am I the only one annoyed by the unfinished Rubik's cube in the background?

hayden pasternak: This guy has no idea. his worker should have done the video. You Never take a razor blade to the back window , you can scratch the defroster.
Window Tinting (DIY: How to tint auto back glass) 5 out of 5

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Window Tinting (DIY: How to tint auto back glass)