Test Firing The .45 BPM In A Cartridge Converted 1847 Walker Revolver

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TheGunrunn3r: I'm thinking of a Kirst conversion for my Walker. Any idea how much pressure is generated by that max load?

Mike h: Hell yeah someone finally did something with this gun

Devin Stromgren: Is the recoil noticeably heavier than with the 60gr of black powder pre-conversion?

David Maxey: The Ecstacy Of Gold. Love it. Great video

Thibaud w: I would like to watch a ballistic gelatin test in slow-motion with the .45 BPM.

strange banana: hey can i get the information on reloading this cartridge. best load and so forth. i want to do this myself it seems fantastic. i already have a converted walker i just need a gunsmith to modify the cylinder. can you tell me how the cylinder mod was done? reload info and how the cylinder mod is done is all i need. thank you for you time

Chas No: If it had remained in production, it would have gained a fluted cylinder, and a loading lever that was fixed towards the muzzle, like the 1851. An upgraded 1847 has unlimited potential to be admired, and purchased. Can I haz ugradz? As for what an 1847 BPM, with no need for a loading lever would look like, I do not have the imagination to see that. Can someone help? That's no small request. The Walker is an iconic firearm, so any change to it to eliminate the loading lever would have to be profoundly successful. I would simply suggest retaining an updated loading lever and with it the percussion capability, though I acknowledge that's a cop out. Though, it would work perhaps even more so, in marketing terms.
Now, if you really want to talk upgrades, what if they put that beautifully sculpted barrel of the 1860 on it? Yeah, not your Daddy's Walker! Flute that cylinder! Show me a BPM like that! And you know that Pietta, Uberti, or Pedersoli could do one up for a SHOT show easily enough, and steal the show with it.

walter chiappini: Its a Walker,not a Walker Dragoon. The Dragoon has a smaller cylinder that holds 50 grs. It has a different loading lever latch. I wonder if the wedge can take full loads longterm.????

Terry Valèntïné Dean: That thing is Marvelously Gorgeous!!
Ya know... Folks scoff at the notion of CCW'ing a black Powder/ percussion revolver, but; we need to remember...for many years - they were ALL that was available!
Not only that, they were generally Quite Deadly - and still are!!
Sure, they are slow to load; so what ... 5 or 6 shots of hot .44 should be enough to take care of most any problem a firearm could be called on to solve...
For years, all I had was an old 1851 Navy in 44 caliber... So... that's exactly what I carried...
I found out quick that I LOVED the heft and substantial feel of the gun...So much so that now that I have aged and I am able to afford other firearms, more specifically - modern arms... I find I am not completely happy unless my carry gun wears a longer barrel and possessed a bit of weight ...
I find these types of arms to be incredibly comforting when I am out and about....
even more so, when I am making my nightly rounds checking cattle, as around here there is always the ever present danger of wild dogs, coyotes and the occasional mountain lion (which I have in fact encountered once already) !!!
I'm getting a bit long-winded here so, in closing I'll simply say this - these percussion arms - while supposedly outdated - are every bit as deadly and viable a choice for defense today as they ever were...

frogbear02: For all those complaining that the loading lever is still in the gun, for one, you can still put in a regular cylinder and fire cap and ball with as little effort as changing the cylinder, and the other reason is it just looks dang cool with it on, it really doesn't add like 2 lbs or anything so why does it matter? As for it falling down, thats not too hard to fix, just add a piece of leather strap around it or a rubber o ring if you don't care for an older look, and that does the trick just fine.

Frank Yeyna: Where did you order the reamer to elongate the cylinders and what size did you order ? Thanks Great show and work done .

jt: wow this is cool this is what I need  I like them 250 gr looks like they kicked hard

Michael Cote: I LIKE IT!

George Peters: did you consider 45-60 WCF?

robert herrmann: can you do some ballistic gelatin shots ?

tall yankee Gal: I guess you used the machine brace for the demo, the recoil from the 60 grain charges are not that bad, back in the early 80's I shot my walker with a full chambers of powder, compressed it added a few more grains and a ball on top, ball dragging the forcing cone! lol...kicked pretty good....I do admit to surgery on my right hand in 2007, lol I like the adapter conversion cylinder...may get one soon.

Tim Reilley: yeah, I dig. it just looks weird in the vid. I shoot BP carts, too. good vid.

Tim Reilley: at 3:12 in the video, it looks like a chainfire. Pause it there and look. Weird.

capitalGify: Can't give enough thumbs up! I've thought about doing the same thing but with different brass. The standard .45 long colt conversion just seems like a waste of power in those +sized revolvers, and the walls on Remington & colt army's conversion cylinders always looked kinda thin to me.
How dose the wedge hold up to full house loads? I Had a pietta .44 navy style and it had nothing but max loads put throug it. The wedge went from tight to pretty loose in 150 rounds if I remember correctly. I'm sure it was normal and I probably could have put another 50-100 rounds through it, but I don't want to replace wedges every 200 + shots fired, haha.
I'm so excited that someone else has tried this! I may have to buy a walker or a "dragoon" first thing tomorrow!

MrReded69: What I don't understand is, why keep the loading lever on at all? All it is, with the weapon converted to a breech loader, is extra weight. Not to mention, as the video shows, when the recoil drops the lever down, the rammer is thrust into the cylinder and prevents it from revolving.
Test Firing the .45 BPM in a Cartridge Converted 1847 Walker Revolver 5 out of 5

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Test Firing the .45 BPM in a Cartridge Converted 1847 Walker Revolver