Minecraft - Big Roller Coaster

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Annabel knight: i totally agree

Luz Ramos: this too long you can at least make a little bit sorter cause it's getting boring

Jeroen Schuijffel: domen 3ut

Alaa Ha: it's AMAAAAZING!!! can u makes tutorial bout how to make it?


Tyler Griffin: this guy did so good

Danishara Neysa: woooow soo coool roallercoaster

Karahn Ballard: cool rollercoaster

Ninja312 Gaming Gamer: mee

Lito Torres: I just want to know how long it took

Osvaldo Guerra: I have one just like it

Coolgirldsi: Who's watching in 2016 good song!

Ameerah Muana Ara Mala: Its not boring!

Ameerah Muana Ara Mala: Hey you guys show some respect!!!That guy took an hour or day or month to finish that!!If you would do something very hard and someone wrote that it was bad....WHAT WOULD YOU FEEL!!!!!!!! Even when I'm a kid I already know this!

Ella Wolfie animations: show this dude some respect I bet that dude did a very good job on his roller coaster good job.🐺

Michelle Lewis: you guys know you like it just give this person a chance what do you agree with your friends and relatives and I will agree to its pretty cool don't listen to what people say so think about it and what if you couldn't have minecraft and what if you guys built something that was stupid you all have your own personality this YouTube do if you don't agree why would you watch it lol? here's a few words you all need talent useful helpful thankfully you maybe these otherwise your just jealous

Rihanna Rhodes: bbooorrriiinnngggg

diana rose Licudan: it is so boring for real

mr. mac: 2015

Gaming Gal: Boringgggggg u just wasted my valuable time when i could have been living my life -0-
Minecraft - Big Roller Coaster 5 out of 5

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Minecraft - Big Roller Coaster