Echo Blower Model PB-250 Carburetor Problems & Differences New VS. Old Model

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Echo Blower Model PB-250 Carburetor Problems & Differences New VS. Old Model
Echo Blower Model PB-250 Carburetor Problems & Differences New VS. Old Model
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capitolemiproducer: Hey I know what's wrong with your blower. I contacted ECHO about my PB-251 about the same problem. The exhaust has a spark arrestor and if you mixed your fuel with too much oil, it will clog it. Remove it clean it well, and it should fix it. Let me know. Hey record it and put it on youtube. I wish I had done that when I fixed my blower

obumbrabit: thanks for the informative video showing the difference in the carbs

maelizama: Spark arrest is the problem. I have both of these. Very easy to take apart clean and also clean muffler and your ready to rumble! Mae

Richard Boone: Echo PB 250 is complete garbage

David Kaniecki: Same problem with 2012...ECHO is junk. Took it to dealer twice...same issue. After 1st season it won't run at high RPM.

TBrockSki: FIXED IT!! My neighbor has the later version PB-250with Zama side primer bulb, EPA tamper proof carb. Nothing but bogging above 1/2throttle. I removed spark arrestor & retried; no improvement. I removed entire muffler and found the exhaust port of cylinder was clogged. Ran piston to BDC, scraped out carbon buildup, blew airhose in through spark plug hole to clean, reassembled it and it runs like new again. Try to use a plastic or wooden pick or scraper to clean out carbon to avoid damaging cylinder wall

maelizama: Very good video! I had problems with the 2010 blower. still do. I love the Echo products. Just like anything else you can iron out the kinks or ignore them. I think Echo is on the right track by making their products better. Thanks!

Doug Luciano: I have a PB250 (MFG 2010), these are complete junk -do NOT buy

Richard Boone: My mother bought herself Echo GT 225 weed eater today at The Home Depot and not having any problem with it. We really did not had lot money to buy Stihl brand. I'm not going to buy more Echo PB 250 blower which is waste of money because of spark arrestor clogged it up if it's not the Chinese carburetor problem. My mother's Ryobi weed eater quit working this morning while I was mowing with 1998 Poulan tractor. The Poulan tractor I have is made in America.

Richard Boone: I am not buying no more of PB 250 blower waste of money Home Depot did had lot of complaints about Echo problem I'm not buying no more of Chinese trash

Jim G: I have the same newer PB 250 that I bought almost two years ago and it worked great for 6 months and then it died and has the same symptoms as described here. All I do is play with it for hours to keep it running and the power is half at best and dies all the time. I spend more time pulling the chord then the actual run time. It is not the old carb causing the problem, the newer one is still bad. I looked at their web site and they are still selling this hunk of junk. They have a lot of nerve since they must know of the problem and they still are selling it. I decided to go and buy a different model from a different company. Because of this I will stay away from ECHO products which in the past I loved and owned. It is a shame since it looks brand new and only really worked a dozen times.

Richard Boone: I live in Orlando, Florida. Home Depot did had lot of complaints about that blower and I am not buying no more of these. I like Stihl lot more. I used to have PB-250 blower and it did not last long I did threw it in garbage and file of complaints at Home Depot and told them not buying no more of Chinese crap. I want to tell you something about cheap made stuff is Home Depot and Lowe's and Sears doesn't sell very much made in America. When I did go to Home Depot and I seen everything made in China and you can't buy nothing made in America anymore I had no idea what makes Echo blower died I will stay away from Echo products one more thing I used to have Echo CS-330T chainsaw and it did same thing just like blower and bar & chain oil leak and I did took it back to Home Depot and run to Stihl dealer and bought MS 192 TC chainsaw with 14 inch bar it runs good and it's made in Germany

James Korjenek: I have a ECHO PB-200 blower that is 7 years old and exactly as you described how yours was/is running mine is the same way and it sucks!! Spend that kind of money and it is junk??? I have a small yard to speak of so I am not using it that much and should last!!! Will be the last time I buy an ECHO product again, Thanks for the video.... Jim

rshawiii: I have the new carb model. Bought in September 2011. It does the same thing. I bought it to replace a very similar 2 year old model that seized up. That model didn't seem to have these problems. I thought it seized up because someone put gas in it without oil, but maybe it was a piece of junk also. I'm regretting ever buying this thing

John Doe: I have the older version and I am fed up with it. Runs like a dog, all the problems you talked about. Its not even been used much and starting was temperamental even when it was new. I have an echo trimmer and had to get carb rebuilt. Gardener told me carb goes bad unless it is used often. I will not buy another one.

brad mefford: i have the 2010 model and had issues, took it to a echo dealer and had them adjust the carb. they told me that the EPA has them running way too lean because of pollution

Freeneuron: Thanks a bunch!

Fordiesel69: Your old walbro carb can be adjusted with a special screwdriver to solve your problem. Your new style over time will still need an adjustment as well. I had mine for 1.5 yrs and it needed an adjustment. The new carbs are made by zama, and have a brass tamper proof screw accessed when you remove the primer. You drill out the black plastic, remove the plug with a small screwdriver, and adjust the needle putting the plug back in when finished,

1972FordF150: I bought it off of Ebay, from randysenginerepair

Smallgasengine1: can you do a start up and run of it? and is it ok to run 87 octane gas in two strokes or 89 octane?

Jeff M: I have a PB-250, 2010 and a PB-2100 1995. The 2100 gave me 15 yrs of superb service.2100 gave up the ghost after 15 yrs - I'll just get a new one. Bad idea. I got the PB250. I know first productions are never very good. Always wait a year or two on something new. But I needed something ASAP and it was going to be an Echo. My f@&#%$ with the PB 250 was no different than anyone else's. Turns out Mr EPA changed the emissions levels and Echo had to comply. That's why echo change the carb. design.

pottsy215: I bought the PB-250LN in October 2012, and according to this video it has the new carb. Worked fine last fall season, used it about 10 times. Started it up this past weekend, on 3/9/2013 and it ran fine for about 30 minutes with fresh fuel, then lost power on fuel throttle. I am extremely dissapointed to learn it seems to be a known carb issue that I cannot adjust myself. Note - I did check the muffler, arrestor screen and fuel filter and all look fine.

YardWorksPowerEquip: The Echo PB-250 carb adjustments are required to be tamper proof by the EPA. Only a factory trained technician can posess the carb adjustment tool, due to the fact that it is a defined method to maintain emmissions standards. Your Echo dealer can fix the problem. Also note that the fuel now has ethanol which can cause problems. I suggest that if your fuel is over 30 days old, dump it, and add new fuel. And always use a fuel additive that contains an ethanol treatment.

baller908790: Is it possible to swap a carb from the newer model to the older model?????

1972FordF150: NO it's NOT OK to run 87 octane in a 2 stroke, they run way too hot and dirty with 87 octane.

archifxllc: Just added cold start to my channel!

19944x4jimmy: i have the same carb on my srm230 trimmer. the trimmer is about 4-5 years old and i haven't had any problems with mine. i'm sure you will be happy with the new one you just bought.

stevejill91: I have had a carb problem with the new version. My issue was the flywheel. I think I had a carb issue first were I was spitting raw fuel out the exhaust and some hydro locking. From this I think it caused the pin in the flywheel to brake off and mess up the timming. I just orered the new flywheel

2cyclemix: How has the new blower worked for you? I just purchased a Husqvarna trimmer and a Honda lawnmower and all I'm going to run in it is the pre-mixed, no ethanol 93 or 94 octane. I had two mowers die on me the same day with the same symptoms. It's the E-10 junk that's killing small engines with E-15 in the near future.

George LaForgia: Will the new carb work on the old pb250. I am having precisely the problem you were with your first pb250. I am wondering if the newer carb will mate with older version pb250.

felplay vina: Hi, I do have a McCullough leaf blower it run for about 5 minutes and them cut off, got good spark 120 compression, what I notice it get hot and cut the gas off, should I replace the carburetor? already clean it, inspect the fuel filter and replace the fuel lines..

wcjcnc: It's just that the carb has to be adjusted periodically but most people don't have the right screwdriver.

archifxllc: @templarsoul No problem at all. Thanks for watching my vids. So far, so good on this new model. No B.S. carb problems to speak of so far.

1972FordF150: I've got the old version, I bought the carb adjusting screw driver for a rip off price of $30.00 but that's $10 cheaper than any place else. My carb was set very slightly lean from the factory so I just adjusted it. Never had a problem with my carb other than that though it still ran really good before I adjusted it. Mine most of the time starts on the first pull.

healthyamerican: my echo i bought at goodwill will start up for 3-4 seconds and shut off. will not run any longer no matter what i do. any suggestions?

Jeff M: Bought a new carb for the 2100 and it works better now that if did 15 years ago. I adjusted the carb!. ;) I have 4 Echo products and only the PB250 sucks (if it ain't broke, don't fix it Mr EPA!). Given the older PB250 sucks, and the newer PB250 does not, it sure would be nice if Echo had a trade-in program of a seriously discounted carb exchange kit. Friggin EPA! Got nothing to do but write stupid rules. They are living on a different planet - no "real world" experience here on planet earth

sparkplugg99: the new one i have it u know the one with the zama carb it has that same choke problem

TDHReviews: whered you get the adjusting screwdriver, its the real small one right?

templarsoul: Just wanted to thank you for posting this! Heard/read so much good and bad, but then heard about the new carbs. Problem was not knowing how to tell the difference. Bought one today that (thanks to your vid) is definitely one of the new carb models. Much appreciated!

ztepcs11: A lot of people don't know is that echo equipment you buy for Home Depot is built different then if you buy it from a lawn mowers dealer the echo machines from Home Depot the carburetors internally are made of plastic so what happens is after a year of use the the plastic starts to swell up from heat and it causes the machine to lose power and have idle problems and they made them like that cause it dosent cost as much money to bulid them

2cyclemix: Have you checked your gas cap. If it can't

Tim D: Thanks for your review, mine pb 251 putted out after 2 seasons, What a piece of crap! It was low power since purchase.

Scot Caraway: I have the PB250 and have the same carb problems. My model is the type with the bulb on the bottom and I started seeing the problem in high speed performance as the fuel ages in the tank. If I put VERY fresh fuel it, it is still a little lean but much better than if I had the fuel in the tank for a a week. They carb needs some adjustment to fix the problme but they try hard to make this non-adjustable. Is there a special tool for adjusting the highspeed needle?
Echo Blower Model PB-250 Carburetor Problems & Differences New VS. Old Model 4.4 out of 5

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Echo Blower Model PB-250 Carburetor Problems & Differences New VS. Old Model