Echo Blower Model PB-250 Carburetor Problems & Differences New VS. Old Model

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BADFISHHHHHH: So my new SR-225 trimmer was running like crap and bogging down at WOT so i found out the new version carb(new emision laws?) has a hidden adjustment screw hidden behind the brass sleeve and plastic which is under the primer. I drilled mine out and got a flathead in there to back off the screw some and it ran awesome afterwards. I'm so happy.

Mark Mullen: I just bought the PB 250 for $149. It runs like crap. Except when I bring it into the shop to work on it, then it's fine. Either it has a break in period, or it's a lemon. I regret buying it, and not getting the higher end blower. I'm wondering if it's set up to run the higher octane non-ethanol fuel. I was hoping just to use the new premix near the end of the season to cut cost. I bought it from a lawn mower shop, and not Home Depot, or I would be returning it for the better one. I've had 10 other echo's and this is the first dud. It feels under powered as well, compared to my PB 230L.

Michael mcgourley: Hey, I blame all the problems, with ALL brands, with the small 2 stroke carbs, on ethanol fuel. I started buying the ethanol free gas about 5 years ago. I only use about 20 gallons per year on my lawn equipment so, even at $1.00 more per gallon it only costs me $20.00 per year to be problem free! Another trick is to run your equipment dry at the last use for the season. These small carbs only require the smallest amount of sludge, gew, lacquered gas, or whatever you want to call it to clog them up. I hope this helps everyone. If you already have the problem with your equipment go to harbor freight (I know, most things suck there but if you don't use it much the tools will do the job) and buy a sonic cleaner. the one big enough to fit the carb in. Take the carb completely apart. Sonic clean it. You have to use the heat setting and cycle it many times till you have an hour or more of cleaning time on your carb. Purple simple green works well as your solvent. Put the complete rebuild kit in when you reassemble. It should work fine then.

Dale A: I have the 260 backpack version that's at least 6 years old. It starts up with with just a few pulls even after a couple months of sitting up. But the carburetor is crap. will only run on 3/4 choke.

Alex Penfold: The problem is they are a scamming bullcrap company like most.. of course dealers will buy and push a product that within a year will be in the shop. Covering Carb adjustments and selling dealers special tools not sold to public. BS !!!! every single 2 stroke on earth will need a carb adjustment at some point! had this same blower 1 season and stopped working ! finally found the carb only need more fuel (H screw) Which i did manage to adjust without their scam...I mean special tool. just took the plastic off half an electrical connector slightly crimped it and jammed it on the adjustment screw. This guy is an example of why a good product is bad business! suckers! don't buy into the BS anymore !

belyeu4190: The problem with echo is they don't last and degrade with use. The engines don't wear out, they just won't start because of fuel issues. So, what is the solution. Once a year change the fuel lines, air filter, plug and install a carb rebuild kit. If you can try and run fuel that is alcohol free. Power mower shops sell pre-mix but it is expensive. Don't bother taking your Echo in for the phony 5year warranty because they will never ever honor that warranty. The least little dirt in your carb will cause major problems and old fuel with alcohol is toxic to Echo blowers.

Rednecks For Jesus: I am working on a PB 251 and when I start it up it won't throttle up. I bought another carb off of ebay and it still does the same thing, won't throttle up. I also took off the spark arrester to see if it would throttle up with no luck. Any wisdom here guys please?

john scimeca: if your blower as half the power and it is about a year old it the screen on the muffler is clogged if you look at the  muffler there is small cover with 4 screws that shoot the air to the side remove the screws and the screen throw the screen away and it will run on full power

BERTO929: I have an Echo PB200 that I have had for approximate 7 years, it ran decent for a while then i was only able to use about half throttle. I think it just needs a good carb cleaning. I think it's time for a new blower. I didn't realize Echo had so many bad reviews until I started doing research on which blower to buy. I have an echo trimmer that I have no issues with. I'm looking to purchase a hand held blower in the range of 400 CFM. My question is, are the new 2014 Echo blowers more reliable than the ones manufactured just a few years ago or should I go with a different brand? If so, which one?

Robert Coltrin: I also own the PB250 leaf blower.  A real piece of crap! lasted one season and won't start.  Took it in to dealer twice, started once after that, then no more. 2 trips @ 70 bucks a pop, pays for new blower.  I now have the stihl.  I fires up everytime. is lightter and the air intake  is on the side away from you pant leg so does not suck it in and quit blowing.  Much nicer and actually less than the Echo.  I have many other echo machines but the blower sucks.

obumbrabit: thanks for the informative video showing the difference in the carbs

maelizama: Spark arrest is the problem. I have both of these. Very easy to take apart clean and also clean muffler and
 your ready to rumble! Mae

David Kaniecki: Same problem with 2012...ECHO is junk.  Took it to dealer twice...same issue.  After 1st season it won't run at high RPM.

maelizama: Very good video! I had problems with the 2010 blower. still do. I love the Echo products. Just like anything else you can iron out the kinks or ignore them. I think Echo is on the right track by making their products better. Thanks!

TBrockSki: FIXED IT!!  My neighbor has the later version PB-250with Zama side primer bulb, EPA tamper proof carb.  Nothing but bogging above 1/2throttle.  I removed spark arrestor & retried; no improvement.  I removed entire muffler and found the exhaust port of cylinder was clogged.  Ran piston to BDC, scraped out carbon buildup, blew airhose in through spark plug hole to clean, reassembled it and it runs like new again. Try to use a plastic or wooden pick or scraper to clean out carbon to avoid damaging cylinder wall

Doug Luciano: I have a PB250 (MFG 2010), these are complete junk -do NOT buy

capitolemiproducer: Hey I know what's wrong with your blower. I contacted ECHO about my PB-251 about the same problem. The exhaust has a spark arrestor and if you mixed your fuel with too much oil, it will clog it. Remove it clean it well, and it should fix it. Let me know. Hey record it and put it on youtube. I wish I had done that when I fixed my blower

Richard Boone: I live in Orlando, Florida. Home Depot did had lot of complaints about that blower and I am not buying no more of these. I like Stihl lot more. I used to have PB-250 blower and it did not last long I did threw it in garbage and file of complaints at Home Depot and told them not buying no more of Chinese crap. I want to tell you something about cheap made stuff is Home Depot and Lowe's and Sears doesn't sell very much made in America. When I did go to Home Depot and I seen everything made in China and you can't buy nothing made in America anymore I had no idea what makes Echo blower died I will stay away from Echo products one more thing I used to have Echo CS-330T chainsaw and it did same thing just like blower and bar & chain oil leak and I did took it back to Home Depot and run to Stihl dealer and bought MS 192 TC chainsaw with 14 inch bar it runs good and it's made in Germany

Jim G: I have the same newer PB 250 that I bought almost two years ago and it worked great for 6 months and then it died and has the same symptoms as described here. All I do is play with it for hours to keep it running and the power is half at best and dies all the time. I spend more time pulling the chord then the actual run time. It is not the old carb causing the problem, the newer one is still bad. I looked at their web site and they are still selling this hunk of junk. They have a lot of nerve since they must know of the problem and they still are selling it. I decided to go and buy a different model from a different company. Because of this I will stay away from ECHO products which in the past I loved and owned. It is a shame since it looks brand new and only really worked a dozen times.

James Korjenek: I have a ECHO PB-200 blower that is 7 years old and exactly as you described how yours was/is running mine is the same way and it sucks!! Spend that kind of money and it is junk??? I have a small yard to speak of so I am not using it that much and should last!!! Will be the last time I buy an ECHO product again, Thanks for the video....
Echo Blower Model PB-250 Carburetor Problems & Differences New VS. Old Model 5 out of 5

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Echo Blower Model PB-250 Carburetor Problems & Differences New VS. Old Model