My Kool-aid Hair Will Get My Man Back ... Tracy And Peter

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Delfino Garcia: Peace and blessings haha 

RiksterTrickster: i love your hair glozell

Naddy Goshow: I love you peter. I don't think you realize how much love I have for you. 

MJ singzz: "I got mah lil coolaid hurrr" Lol cx

patrice houston: i dont care bout no restranin 

Alia Forbes: Despo lil tina..

Abigail Reid: This one was funny

Rory Clifford: this is the best video ever made 

curstin brooks: I got my kool laid here and I'm ready!!!

Kylie Miller: Oh my gur!😭😭😂😂😂

curstin brooks: It ain't gonna happen!!! Haha

Iris Lin: obsessed!

hawhatthefuck: 0:57 .............

Sudowoodo1231: It sounds like she's saying "Peeta" xD

fable2fan1234: I love the end i loled XD

Mima Dizzle: everyone look. 0:45

Ismael Breban Dingui: I was restrained from your last place and you moved! XD

Lynkys Hill: Tujunga? Hahahahaha ha

jo jo: peter must be a fag, cuz shes a fine ass woman!!!!!!

Ikesha Hall: she faking.

jjkiller1032: my brother tryed to get kool aid hair now he has red powder on his head

Elizabeth Hinkemeyer: Lu-u-uve

btjohnson96: LMFAO

kristyfersherr: This skit was hilarious in the first video in the car. Now it's just a repeat, and it got quite obnoxious.

Nakiya Nieman: Peace and blessings

chelsea kc: peace and blessings

Mssweetolive: haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahahahaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahaaaaaaaaaaaaah...peace and blessings

Nichole Robertson: LOL TAHUNGA

Josh & Jeremy: Haha, she accidentally almost says "over and out" At the end

126Ruben: That was the funniest video i've seen.. The only one what I CANT UNDERSTAND YOU! Lol God bless GloZell xoxoxo

Luis Escamez: I’M IN TAHUNNGA!!!

KARLAand LINDSEY: peace and blessins


riv3rss: why tracy is so epic???!! LOL!

Cali Elizabeth: Oh yes she is !

Msthecomputernerd001: sssooo uuuuuuummmm...did u get him back ..........peace and blessings

Jasmine Garcia: 0:38 lmaoo peace and blessing peace and blessing

gosh d: lmao

tschoellkopf: u r an insane woman

pinkcluts22: you know you loooove me so were is your address?? huh, where is your aaaaddress?

Annie Barton: I was just thinking that, LOL

wilmesha smith: peter is holding the camera

Haley Mahone: oh man i love this chick..i wish i talk like her lmfao!!!

XPeaceLoveHappinesXx: lol the face she made at the end....

Syphilis Spider: @1985Mhodges y don't u hang ur self

bea cerda: PETER IM IN TUHUNNGA!! love that part

briana scales: I dont care about no restraining order

Corinne Comstock: i been doin my pilaaates i got my koolaid herrr ..i love GloZell

Justminestories1266: i GOT mahh kool-aid hurr im readyy!! lmfaooo

Rachel Seymour: @jrmyjyjstc who's tracy?
My Kool-aid Hair will get my man back ... Tracy and Peter 4.9 out of 5

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My Kool-aid Hair will get my man back ... Tracy and Peter