Angus MacKirk Orofino Gold Panning Table

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Angus MacKirk Orofino Gold Panning Table
Angus MacKirk Orofino Gold Panning Table

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drchrisblake: I have only used this unit for one period during a gold project I was working on. My requirements are to separate coarse gold from fine gold associated with other minerals. It worked well for me. I think the RP4 has a built in mag separator which doesn't work well for my application

drchrisblake: I've never used the RP-4 but it looks like a more substantial piece of kit than the Orofino. The Orofino worked well for my application, although it is essential that it is set up correctly in the first place, which takes a bit of trial and error.

drchrisblake: I would certainly look at making my own modifications to the table next time I use it, mainly on the concentrate collection side, where the trays supplied are prone to losing material back into the mixing tub the unit stood in. The recirculating water supply worked well, but I pre-screened my material at 38um and you would not want to run samples any finer than this if recirculating as the sump pump would draw material back onto the table

drchrisblake: The RP4 claims quite a high throughput. I found the Orofino needed quite slow sample feed rates to stop the grooves from clogging up, but table angle adjustment might help clear material more quickly
Angus MacKirk Orofino Gold Panning Table 4.7 out of 5

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Angus MacKirk Orofino Gold Panning Table