Century VZ2008 Review

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58 Century Grove Blvd Woodbridge
58 Century Grove Blvd Woodbridge

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Solemolester001: I've been looking for metal quad rail handgaurds that directly fit this. I'm only seeing for the vz-58 and I've seen and read most people having problems with fitment for the 2008. wonder if u might know of any that are specific for vz2008?

winkleried: VZ-2008 Are already 922(r) compliant. You can use the surplus mags with out affecting your parts count.

Fay Ryuujin: for what it's worth I will never buy another Century product. their vz 2008 did not hold open after the last shot not too long after I got it. Tried all 5 mags and same result. I went back to Century and their staff didn't seem to have a clue and I basically determined the problem was in the hold open pin and they said they would send me a new one for me to install. 2 weeks later I asked where it was. they said they sent it and would have to take it up with FedEx, who then told me the tracking number showed it delivered to Texas. I don't live in Texas, so Century goofed. It's been another 2 weeks and numerous emails and they have NOT responded. They lost this customer forever.

kayserili memetaga: This weapon is abused by century big time! They did a very bad job in modifying to semiauto

Chad Burnett: Nicely done... Picking mine up tomorrow

Joe O: Nice video. As a left handed shooter how is easy it is for you to do magazine changes and to manipulate the safety and over all operation of the VZ 2008? I'm a lefty my self and just ordered one. Thank you.

Ryan Ehlis: looks like SKS with detachable magazine 

454pakr: Great review! Thanks!

JohnnyUtah71: Awesome and informative video.  Thank you.

aerhearts: Good review.  Nice touch with the para-cord.

perikaveera: So it's an AK with a Desert Eagle .50AE-like mechanism? Very nice, I had no idea they made a short stroke AK. That should make it a lot less jumpy than a standard AK. I already have a Yugo M92 PAP AK-47 pistol and I also have a new Desert Eagle .50AE so I was wondering if they had one of these in the AK-74 5.45 x 39 caliber since I already own a 7.62 x 39. I mean the Zastava M92 PAP is one of the best and pricier of all the AKs out there but a 5.45 mm in this VZ would be so much smoother, cleaner, tighter and despite a milled receiver, without a long piston and rotating bolt, actually even lighter!
Thanks for the video.
JACKSON, Mississippi.

pdmftw1: I would love to get one,  also may look into a 556 version....   I do own a CZ 75 and it is a REALLY NICE pistol....

William Miller: fully loaded it is a pound lighter than an ak. Original mags are cheap and can be quick-loaded in the rifle with sks stripper clips. awesome vid.

MrThemBlues: This is a great review and great information.  Thank you for all the detail and information about the gun itself with no other outside commentary!  Do you have any other posts about this gun?

BossManSays: The more I hear you talk the more I think you'll say I am tony Montana Here's my little friend.

MrSwat55: Great review!

Hottrods1: How did you do that para cord wrap?

TheGearhead222: Great review!:)

Davy Jones: You did a good job with this review. Much better than other gun reviews I have seen. Keep up the good work,
Century VZ2008 Review 5 out of 5

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Century VZ2008 Review