Century VZ2008 Review

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Century VZ2008 Review
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William Miller: fully loaded it is a pound lighter than an ak. Original mags are cheap and can be quick-loaded in the rifle with sks stripper clips. awesome vid.

Hottrods1: How did you do that para cord wrap?

MrThemBlues: This is a great review and great information. Thank you for all the detail and information about the gun itself with no other outside commentary! Do you have any other posts about this gun?

Red Beard Tactical: The more I hear you talk the more I think you'll say I am tony Montana Here's my little friend.

wolfie83: Great review, been really wanting one of these next year if money permits...has anyone modified for these to take standard AK mags? thought I read on other reviews that it was possible to expand mag options.

MrMd80captain: Nice review. Looks like an interesting collector rifle. It also appears that you are severely limited with optics due to the top ejection. Cool looking, if the price gets down below $400 again I might pick one up.

pdmftw1: I would love to get one, also may look into a 556 version.... I do own a CZ 75 and it is a REALLY NICE pistol....

MrSwat55: Great review! 

Practical Firearms: @mechanisto1832 Yeah I shot it already. I have another video of me shooting it. Check it out. I actually have seen nothing wrong with this rifle and online there is really no indication of any problems with the century vz rifles. Excellent buy dude.

yrusonoitall: Gr8 video....I'm really liking this riffle, but they are like 499+ Taxes, but still worth the money.

Practical Firearms: I'm glad I was able to help.

Practical Firearms: @cruchi28 Also..... The NEA AR-15 stock adapter with the scope mount is another way for me to mount optics but it requires that you replace the folding stock which at this time i'm very happy with and not wiling to replace any how but its good to have options. Once again thanks for taking the time to watch the vid and to comment. Maybe one day you can post a vid of yours.

SaveAmericasLiberty: I have a vz 58 like yours the only thing I don't like is the safty. If it went forward it would be great. I have shoot thousands of rounds threw mine with 0 fails I love my vz.

volcomkidd555: So is the vz2008 with paying $400 for? Has it ever jammed up or malfunctioned? I am either going to buy this or trade in two of my guns for the true vz58.

Davy Jones: You did a good job with this review. Much better than other gun reviews I have seen. Keep up the good work,

Michael B: Singularly the best video on YouTube in regards to the VZ2008. I took one of my FN40 USG/FDE's to my LGS in anticipation of trading it for a couple Sig Sauer P229 conversion barrels, but as soon as I walked in, he smiled and lifted a VZ2008 up onto the counter. I cursed him, I think, and after fondling the ugly thing, I found myself impressed that it just wasn't another AK-wannabe. Long story short, the FN40 & I parted ways on an even trade for that NIB VZ2008 with 6 NOS magazines. I love it.

Practical Firearms: @gasitman The Vz58 has a chrome lined barrel and its supposed to be made with better control quality. The Vz2008 came with a parkerized finish where the Vz58 has a more typical finish like duracote or guncote not really sure which one it is. When it came to control quality I can tell you that everything on the Vz2008 was very good considering the difference in price. Most of the parts are machined very nicely so there is really not much fitting that could go wrong while assembling it. Thanks.

Practical Firearms: @pointseeker I got mined from JGSales when they had them for like 399 now they are like 499 or more. Mine was also mix parkerized and painted. Really bad finish.

pointseeker: @zaldivarbigboy where did you get yours from i cant find anywhere to buy a century arms one i like the ca one because it is parkerized and the czech point is painted

gasitman: so how is this compared to the vz 58? they look the same, but the paint looks better on the 58.

19K7635: @zaldivarbigboy Yeah i have heard from most people that they really like the quality and craftsmanship of this Weapon. Just out of curiosity what is your longest target shot down range,with the VZ?

sbramscher: Can you tell me how you wrapped the VZ you are showing in this video? My husband would like me to wrap his like this but I cannot figure out how you did this. Any help you can share is greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance.

runner316: Same price as WASR 10's right now. I'm buying one of these soon!

rjardy: Excellent review. This put me over the edge on making a decision to buy this in place ok an AK. Thank you

Practical Firearms: @Akeroh626 Hey buddy. There are a couple of ways to mounting optics on this rifles. All of them tho require the gun to be modify from its original form. One of those ways is by tapping the reciever and mounting an ak like side optic mount, the other are the NEA upper handguard cover that has an integrated rail to co-witness red dot sights or mount scopes with long eye relieve, and the last one is a but stock addapter with a built in rail that goes over the dustcover.

cruchi28: an easy way to keep the front handguard cooler is to fill the bottom half with manifold heat wrap, u can buy at most autoparts. Note: only fill the bottom half to allow heat to escape thru the top and, so that you don't interfere with the piston movement. Good review, I own a czechpoint military folder and it is a great rifle. At first the rifle doesn't look so great but with a few upgrades it looks really awesome!

william lussier: junk gun

Practical Firearms: I like it. I have not had any problems with it as of yet. the rifles is built very solid and it looks much better in person than in pictures. I would try to buy if I could the VZ58 cause it comes with a chrome lined barrel. and most cheap 7.62 ammo is corrosive. The only drawbacks of the vs were uneven finish and non chrome lined barrel. Positives are the striker fire trigger feel and pull, the safety location and ergonomics of the rifles as a hole.

Practical Firearms: @swamperchevy87 Thanks...

runner316: Great review, I think the most informative one on the VZ2008 I've seen on YouTube yet. Thanks for making the video!

19K7635: Not to sure where you bought the vz-58 for 350.00. The one i am looking at is 799.00 the Sa. 58 Military. I cannot wait to get this was looking to get a 1960 Polish AK47 but I am leaning towards this more.

Ed J: Excellent review

mechanisto1832: Good review dude... Have you shot it yet? Any Century issues like canted sights or key-holing?

dustyatticx: Excellent review. What I liked best is that you don't waste my time. I can never finish a video where the guy rambles on about nothing I care about. There's no slow spots in this review, you're always demonstrating something relevant, and moving on to the next piece of info. I really enjoyed it. Nice clear video and sound too.

purifieddragon: to reduce heat on the handguard how did foil do? have you compare between foil and the manifold heat wrap?

Practical Firearms: @19K7635 Keep in mind mine was made by century and was called the VZ2008. Its the same basic concept with some american made parts and I like you will lean towards the VZ over any ak due to its design being too me a better quality and functional rifle.

Gangster88232: Nice, but this folding stock isn´t good choice for target practice. Stock´s bolt is released after a few blows. But this gun is excellent. Better than saiga...

Practical Firearms: @Gangster88w232 someone said the same thing on the forums. Turns out they just need some red lock tight to keep them in place. The factory ones don't come with any. I have not dogged mine yet.

Practical Firearms: @arrowtracer Thanks man. I sent mine back to century and they were very helpful. I sent it cause the folding mechanism was too tight and also the dust cover had a bit of play to it, they were very helpful and friendly and it litteraly only took two weeks including transit times for them to repair and return me the rifle. They had some serious issues with their tantals being out of spec but the vz design really leaves very little room for error. I recomend jg sales as your dealer

swamperchevy87: great review, i like the paracord wrap idea

ChristianRifleClub: Very good video I enjoyed it very informative. I have two CZ 858 TACTICAL 2 these weapons were manufactured exclusively for Canada. The main differences being that they are military surplus never issued they have a forged receiver opposed to milled receiver. As well the barrels are 18.5 " in order to be classified ad a non restricted firearm which is not required to be registered. They are a great 24/7 Truck Gun for personal defense and come with (4) 20/5 round mags, bayonet & sling.

Akeroh626: I've been looking at this rifle, as a cheap first rifle. it seems easy to maintain and I've heard good things about it's accuracy...but is is possible to mount optics on it, even with aftermarket attachments? It seems like the way the bolt works would make that impossible.

Practical Firearms: @cruchi28 Thanks for the comment. The first thing that came to mind for me was lining the bottom hand-guard with some heavy duty foil paper.... I figure if it can handle the fire from a grill it should help keep the bottom handguard cool, but now you have me another avenue. I will probably try both and see which one keeps it cooler. Also for some reason what brought me to the vz was its looks.It just looks so different from everything else. I do like the NEA top hand guard to mount optics.

TheGearhead222: Great review!:)

Frontlaven: nice review, thx

Practical Firearms: Hi. this is the technique I used to wrap the stock. Simply replace the doubled paracord that serves as the center for the metal stock and wrap the paracord around it in the manner depicted on the video. watch?v=kPO19rXgaIo
Century VZ2008 Review 4.8 out of 5

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