Worlds Smallest Full Auto BB Gun

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Bror Jordas: Sweet ol' vids..
Oughta turn my CP99 Compact to full auto too. Sweet gun, but has gotten a bit crappy after hard usage.
Luckily new ones are quite inexpensive. Though - there are way better BB repeaters out there nowadays..

Doge Gaming: Damn.. The first video on youtube is 12 years old. This is 11.

MArko Ziomal: saw it on 2017 ouo

Gunsmith work 2: Michael looks young from 10 years ago

PPandaB: OMG you were so different nine years ago

Michael Buob: These sunglasses are freaking great dude­čśé

AboRetDerFalsche: Still watching in 2016 ^^
awesome video dude :)

JoesDogsa WebSlinger: Lol 291 people are freaking retards

MaxFS: +finherstal37  did u even watch the whole video you cuntfuc

Antonio Vlogs: Where did you get that going from

WH250398: 286 people didn't watch the entire video...

JonDecagon: Wow. I was only 6.

JonDecagon: Akimbo.

Mackbros: WOW look at this old video. I never knew you were on youtube in 2006.

frank aragona: cool bb gun

Sad Whisky: Wow Mike was a little fat now he's so different

Connor Moynihan: Ah those were the days

Giovanny G: He used them like semi auto

Michael Dillon: please let me know when you get the bakai pistol back in your store for usa $159.cant find them in the usa brand new,thanks

Michael Dillon: How did u modify the ppk?Im buying one on amazon there cheap here in the usa.Nickel slide is about $60 plus i got a 10 dollar credit and free shipping,So its a deal for me for under $50 only gets 280-300 fps but its fun to shoot..How did u make the gun spit out those bbs so fast in the end of that vid?I enjoy your vids so much and learn alot from them thanks coming from a 43 yo man that loves these toys!!!lol,,,saving for a RUSSIAN BLACKBIRD LOOKS LIKE AN AMAZING WEAPON!
Worlds smallest Full Auto BB Gun 5 out of 5

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Worlds smallest Full Auto BB Gun