Roll Compound On Your Drywall Seams For Faster Easier Taping

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Roll Compound on Your Drywall Seams for Faster Easier Taping
Roll Compound on Your Drywall Seams for Faster Easier Taping
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Del tweedie: STUPID

SuperModel Atlanta: wow wtf dude smdh 😀😔😌😲😟😩

Mike kobe: Dude or you could just use a box😂😂😂😂

Margaret P. Clarke: Absolutely excellent. I have used this on several home jobs: refinishing my basement and after taking wall paper down off of a Bathroom wall. Thanks for the tips!

James Grinstead: @bryncomeaux Man i know now you feel! I worked this job at this place in Idaho doing commercial landscape where there are different crews with each the their own crew leader. One day I got a chance to work with the owner of the company who noticed how well I worked and asked me if I worked directly for his company. I replied to him that No I'm only a temp for now trying to get hired on permanently. he said that he liked how I work which is pretty hard for a white guy compared to all the other Mexicans on the job. (not racist mexicans really do work harder than most white guys here.. cause most white guys here are lazy pos's) anyways so he wanted to hire me on. three days later my brother in law told me to not go to work that day cuz it was light duty and the next day I found out that I got fired because I argued too much with one of the other crew leaders. well ya know what, I had never spoken a word to that guy in my life, and I didn't even know his name. I did know how he liked to sit in his truck with a clipboard and pop his vicodin while everyone worked, even my crew leader. that guy was the laziest pos.. And i got canned because i was white, worked my ass off, and came to work on time, all because he didn't feel that job security. which he shouldnt have. i would have took his job too. ...and thats only the first time that has happened too me.. freak right to work states. THAT LAW is the most decieving law to be put in place. it ensures that once lazy ppl somehow make management that hard workers dont have a chance unless they suck up. which usually isnt a characteristic of someone who knows the value of hard work. freaking politicians.

william campbell: taths bad

Que14kt: Not bad--thanks.//Chuck

Wolf De Vallette: how did you dilute the compound? With what?

Gerry Irwin: Thanx 4 the tip. I've been a house builder and/or renovator for over 30 years and I have never seen anyone roll on the finish coat; I think it's brilliant!. J Ham needs to realize that, not everyone is a mudder; lots of guys ,like me, only mud about once a month and said trick could really help. Yes I know what J. Ham is getting at; contractors insist on speed and perfection. But...for us casual mudder we need all the help we can get. Thanx again and I'll try that next time.

dynocompe: the shrinkage would occur as soon as its dry, not years later. When its dry there is no water left in it, its evaporated, hence why its dry. duh

James Hamilton: Oh and "Mr. Better Ways" you're a moron.

James Hamilton: This is the wrong way to do a finish coat. It's slow, messy and unnecessary. I could have don't that joint 3 times in the time he took to do it once. Use one tool for the job, don't switch from a roller to a knife? Hawk And 14 inch trowel is all you need to finish a bevel joint. This guys a hack, I'm embarrassed for him.

giodazip: This comment is for Myron, did you know a taper by the name of pickleey, (don't know last name) he was originally from the city (NYC, Staten Island to be exact) I know he moved to to your area for some time, actually a little farther north, by Saratoga. He was using this method 30 years ago. He also used a corner roller in the corners for the first coat. He's probably deceased now as he was in his 60's 20 years ago when he was taping for my father. Just curious.

Joe Esqueda: freaking awesome! nice!

7Neanderthal7: that's capitalism at its best matey

skip8239: jerk!

olimpimpa: This is wrong.. First.. i can do this faster without a helper going in front spreading the mud. second: theres nothing better then using a 12 inch knife to spread the mud... thats the only way you could level the joint just in case u didnt do it in the first coat or float.

PrairieDogster: Just tried - seems a lot faster, at least for this DIYer. Haven't tried this variation but seems to me you could use one of those small rollers - I think they are 4-inch, to roll in the mud for for laying the tape?

Jason Price: How's it work on the ceiling it must drip

Chris Duet: Great!!!
Roll Compound on Your Drywall Seams for Faster Easier Taping 5 out of 5

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Roll Compound on Your Drywall Seams for Faster Easier Taping