Chevy Vortec Lifter & Valve Tap How To Repair It

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Chevy Vortec lifter & valve tap how to repair it
Chevy Vortec lifter & valve tap how to repair it
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Shaun Sharpe: Just tried seafoam, no luck. Then poured a quart of transmission fluid. About 2 and half minutes later knocking was completely gone, oil pressure was back perfectly. My knock was much worse than this video.

weeral1: I feel the same way about Fram filters... but to be fair ANY filter would have choked on all that.

Bobby Bentley: just by the looks of the engine compartment you can tell he doesn't take care of crap regularly.

Bobby Bentley: that's what everyone who doesn't change their oil on a regular basis does blame the oil or filter funny crap

Leroy Brodian: I've never seen a fram do that. i believe the mixing trans fluid with the oil and running it hot,causes a chemical reaction and clumping up the oil. i have herd of mixing the oil with trans fluid to clean the engine,but i think it's best to stick with an engine flush. now all that clumping oil may have left sludge in the engine. big mess.

Dessoville 739: I wanna try this on my '04 Buick Rainer Cxl Plus with the 4.2 Vortec Inline 6 Cylinder. also I gotta fix the lost compression issue. I wanna have a challenge as my backup vehicle.

David Garcia: I don't blame the truck I blame the owner don't change the oil that's what happens you stop using that cheap-ass oil

southlosbls: change your oil when you're supposed to and this won't happen. It has nothing to do with the filter. The oil must've not been changed in a long time!! Personally I use AC Delco not a big fan of frame, but that's just issues of neglect for so long.

Ross Campbell: i use fram filters and thats not a filter problem .... you mentioned a clot i think that
maybe the name and nature of who ever didnt look after their engine ..go figure

toyota38: That is not a filter problem, also that engine holds 6 quarts of oil not 5 quarts!

King Ding a ling: I bought my 4x4 a year ago and watched this vid, it worked well for me. Chunks were falling out. Now it gets changed every 3000. Thanks for the tip. Year and 1/2 later and still runs great. 294,545 miles

beverly weatherly: The trick is to change us oil when ur supposed to

Ernie Maio Jr: boch oil filter's i use them on all my car's thay are good not made of cardbord like fram there almost $20 but its good quality

Freddie Fernandez: this is not my vehicle but the one i acquired meaning it is yours now. hahaha a funny way of using semantics. LOL besides a filter including any brand can only do so much. neglecting any engine will lead to the condition you have just shown.

Kenneth Richner: my 2001 Yukon has 278000 miles on it I only use pure synthetics! the inside of the motor looks like new, I just had the heads off because of a weak lifter u changed them all, it's all in the way you take care of it and were you live my Yukon is a southern vehicle never saw road SALT! the problem with flushing a motor that way is you could block up motors veins with junk starving parts of the motor that's why they say never to put a high detergent oil in a high mileage motor that has had cheep oil in it all it's life unless your prepared to do a full rebuild when it fails. it's no different than a blocked artery in a person knock the clot loose and it could kill you!! if you're not prepared for the worst!

Jeff Grant: What kind of filter do you recommend instead of Fram?

Armando Hierro: wat a bout 5.7 L Silverado 1500 vortex of rout

pamoffa: Bad sludge like that is usually caused by coolant getting into the oil, if the truck has been losing coolant then I guess we found where its going. frams are a good filter it filtered until it choked.

The Mechanic: same lifter is used in a power stroke diesel

dwjw1: I agree with you that this is a good method for cleaning up a problem engine. It works.

Thanks for that - I used it on another 5.3 L Vortec (not mine) that had been changed regularly, but apparently with too low grade of oil. After 250K miles, it was so full that changing to Mobil 1 started breaking things up inside and it plugged the oil pressure sending unit. I used this technique to clean it and then installed a good grade of oil. Even Mobil 1 is marginal for these engines. They need a grade higher.

But the problem here is not the filter, that filter was not bad as you try to make out - the output side was clean. Most of the oil was bypassing because the filter was plugged from being in there for too long. I don't use Fram either, but that was not a failing filter your video showed.

Another thing, the chunks of carbon buildup come from bad spots on the head gasket where a little oil is burnt and builds up as a chunk, then breaks off and circulates. It plugged up that filter. The multi-grade oil also has nothing to do with it - any oil would do the same to some degree. The engine oil was just not changed often enough, and was compounded by a head gasket leak that created hot spots to carbonize the oil.

I had experience with chunks of carbon in a 1997 Dodge V8 conversion van. My oil was changed regularly and after I realized why the chunks were forming, I fixed it. (In my case, the oil chunks were plugging up the oil intake screen causing low oil pressure.) The fix was stop leak in the antifreeze. I used a heavy duty sealant for cracked heads and fixed it. That was the only thing I changed - same oil, same length of time between changes - no more problem.

In your truck, the previous owner might have inadvertently fixed the problem by using stop leak, but never cleaned up the after the problem by changing oil, so all that gunk remained - it's hard to tell.
Chevy Vortec lifter & valve tap how to repair it 5 out of 5

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Chevy Vortec lifter & valve tap how to repair it