How To Make Arby's Roast Beef Sandwich, And Arby's Sauce....Buzzed

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Fast Food Recipe: Arby's Beef & Cheddar and Arby's Sauce Recipe - 287 Calories
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1$ Arbys Roast Beef Sandwich and Long John Silvers French Fries From Crewe Station.
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Clinton Baker: Also, a lot of Arby's are closing down (at least in the area where I live) so you can't always just go to an Arby's and get the food there...

EmotionalImpact609: I work at arbys and it's red ranch on bottom not arbys sauce

vanscoyoc: I think you nailed it without using food processing ingredients. May need some heat but know your house is full of no heat wussies. Water, Corn Syrup, Tomato Paste, Distilled Vinegar, High Fructose Corn Syrup, Salt, Modified Corn Starch, Soybean Oil, Xanthan Gum, Garlic (dehydrated), Sodium Benzoate (preservative), Onion (dehydrated), Spice and Spice Extractives, Artificial Flavor, Extractives of Capsicum.

brendanmcwilliams: 4 Large Arby's sandwiches for $4? Which Arby's do you work at because the one around me charges like $3 a sandwich.

cookingbuzzed: not quite... try 3 dollars (99 cent store) and it was no hastle. Actually fun, try it sometime ")

MakeUpChic562: Yum3

ryandrew44: i think this guy worked at arbys i mean the sandwhich its true to its passion lol

Austhon Authra: Hey man nice video! Haha lmao when you burned your hand! Nice cooking though keep up the good recipes!

generalized1: @Joseybby09 yeah he spent like 10 dollars to make 6 sammiches...last time I checked Arby's sammiches cost about 4+ dollars a piece...

Eric Johnson: Bingo! Bingo! Bingo! He made an Arby Melt and put Arby's sauce on it. Beef 'n ched has onion bun, red ranch, shot of cheddar sauce and roast beef.

robert vincent: worcestershire sauce pronounced 'wooster'

sizlax: You nardo, Arby's makes their sandwiches on onion buns...

VmaNx: Great!

bigglefty75: looks good thx buzzed

richjasonjones: The rb sandwich is like 1.50 and the sauce is free. They have pick 5 for 6.95, comes out cheaper than buying 10 things to make their sauce.

stephaniemosborne: or you can just go to arbys and get some arbys sauce FOOOR FRRREEEEE!!!

gregpiltz: you should get a job at arbyz seems like you got da brains

La Lokita: You don't heat up the meat do you?

ghettolives: dude you rock!

vanscoyoc: He doesn't show it but I think he microwaved the meat just to heat it up.

Dodondorks: Your sauce needs to be thicker. and if you are thinking about the Been n cheddar it isn't arbys sauce. it is a red ranch sause. but good job (I work there)

ColeDaddy35: Are you serious? I give you props cause Im sure that was a good sandwich. You should definetly thickin up the sauce.

MMandy05: I second what blackout said essentially that's a beef and cheddar not a roast beef and on the beef and cheddar they use the onion bun. (That's my favorite sandwich from there.) Otherwise good job! :) Way to make something expensive affordable. Probably not quite the same but still sounds pretty good.

Joseybby09: I Work At Arby's & This Would Cost You 4Dollars At Arby's Hut He Just Spent Like 10 Dollars On All That Lol Plus The Hastle

Barb Chester: So the beef you used was like cooked Deli roast sliced thin?

ufcallyear: 3 people eat arby's sandwiches without arby's sauce

Joeysoncrack: Why didn't he just walk his lazy azz In Arby's and take a couple of packets of Arby's sauce lol xD

anatainu: No food but there's beer... wow priorities smh

Chad Smith: i sure hope you toasted the buns at least before you ate them. i used to be a manager at arbys and i havent eaten there since i quit about 2 years ago.

PerfectChaosZeta: I worked at Arbys for 4 years and I can tell you that not only is he going to get multiple sandwiches out of that batch he's got there, but the meat is probably better too. Ignore the official statement ala "actually Arby's beef is merely beef broth, selected cuts of beef and food grade phosphate", because "selected beef cuts" could be anything (not to be confused with the "Select", the beef grade), ass, lips, you name it. I've also handled many an uncooked roast, that stuff is nasty.

Brillendrager: Did you bake the roastbeef?

PerfectChaosZeta: Onion buns are a thing. They're at your super market.

George Washington: 975,000,000*

Adam Johnson: Doesn't Arby's also toast the bun or something? How was the beef (roast beef) cooked? There should be a warning about burning your hand at the BEGINNING of the video. I was making the sandwiches at the same time as I was watching and did the same thing with the hand burn.

Dan Russo: come-on! It's a No Brainer! First of all, he is lucky the glass didn't break from the heat! 2nd of all, even an idiot should know the container u are pouring it in has to At least be as big as the amount u are pouring in! Next time let it cool first, warm the glass up with hot water to match the temperature, so it won't break from heat impact, and make sure it is aQuart jar if u are pouring more than 16 ozs. (u cant pour 20 oz into a 16 oz jar, DUH>)

Dodondorks: Thanks for the info! I didn't know that, but next time I'm at the store I will get some!

autumn turner: That was so good you are THE BEST

getNRaged: What does 'hastle' mean? Is it anything like 'hassle', just misspelled because, as your typing shows, you aren't all that bright?

manicmanuk: man worcestershire sauce is pronounced WUSS-Stair-Cher sauce

PerfectChaosZeta: Also, hilarious fact: Red Ranch is a fancy name for French Dressing. BK actually used to get their french dressing from the same manufacturer and it is literally the exact same stuff. You can buy bottles of it at the grocery mark, Onos is spot on.

csds7679: Yea true but all that sauce and cheese soup I'm sure wasn't used all up in the sandwiches and he could make a whole lot more with what he had shown, so money wise, he saved by making it himself.


Cabo Wabo: You should heat up the roast beef meat in the oven or microwave and use the buns that have onions on top. Also whats the recipe for Horsey Sauce?

blackoutJezable: Hey you made roast beef and cheddar!!!!! And anyone know arbys uses onion kieser buns!

Cabo Wabo: don't use metal utensils in a Teflon pan

getNRaged: For the ingredients, you should use a black outer layer, so that the white shows up better across the screen. If you've ever used Photoshop, it's the layer style they refer to as 'stroke'. Would using less water help increase the thickness of the sauce, without the need for the corn starch mix?

cookingbuzzed: I agree...You need to switch the cornstarch water mixture... Duuhhh I brain farted... 2 T. of cornstarch and 1T. of water... I should have fixed that

mlee2001: im having this again tonight for dinner! I made this a while back and man i tell you that sauce was JUST like Arbys sauce! Thanks for sharing, sorry about the hand thing..

PerfectChaosZeta: Just got to the end of the video, those are way bigger than Arby's Melts. They're at least Regular R. Beefs with 3+ oz of beef on each. You're full of crap dawg. Four 3oz regular roast beef sandwiches are ~2.99 in most areas * 4 is 11.96 and with 4 cheddar addons at 50 cents each that's 13.96, add in avg state tax of 8%/$1.11 and you get $15.07. Don't BS me with any of the value bullcrap, you and I both know the juniors/melts are microscopic. Source: Made these sandwiches for 4 years @ Arbys

jerilynsmom: Oh gosh!! Great video but I hope you hand is okay!!
How to make Arby's roast beef sandwich, and Arby's Sauce....Buzzed 4.6 out of 5

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How to make Arby's roast beef sandwich, and Arby's Sauce....Buzzed