Depth Finder Installation On Multiple Kayaks

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Depth Finder Installation on Multiple Kayaks
Depth Finder Installation on Multiple Kayaks
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Installing a Depth Finder on a Kayak
Installing a Depth Finder on a Kayak

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brady3mvp: What kind of heat shrink wrap is that on your transducer arm and where did get from? Also keep coming with them great videos. Hope you guys get some rain to fill them lakes.. (pray)

Tweedle_Dweedle: What do you use to Mount the transducer arm to the gear track? I order the same arm but didn't know what ball mount screw size?

Edmar: what kind of wire again?? (english isnt my first language)

Scott Clarke: Great work. Will follow the same route on my ride115. TY.

Kyle Thurston: I'm planning on setting up my ride 115 with the 12v plug in the same spot. Do you have any problems with water getting into it when in use?

Txwhitacre: not at all. it works fine.

lazarus506: Do you have any trouble getting your transducer lined up correctly, especially when using side imaging, I have been looking at both the 798 and the 598 but don't wanna spend the $ if side imaging won't work

Txwhitacre: It really depends on your depth finder and how much amps is drawn. For example i am using a Humminbird 798 HD SI and It needs at least a 1-AH. I have had good luck with a 12V 10AH Lithium ion Battery from a company called Smart Battery. I got it online.

Txwhitacre: the arm is from "mad frog gear" its called the liberator mount.

FishNinjaY: Is that articulating transducer arm from RAM also? Nice video.. Thanks!

Matt McCarthy: This one looks like a Hummingbird. They can get pricey depending on what you want. The batteries are usually going to be 12v. Which means you can series 8 AA batteries and get there...or go to your local battery store and get one for $15. Don't spend more than $400 on the depth finder for your kayak.

Txwhitacre: I don't have casting issues with the way I fish. Nice to notice the reason for the left side anchor trolley

GrizzlyJ85: Thanks for the nice vid. I have a Cuda. I like your setup. The ability to remove the whole assembly really makes transport and storage easier. I see you have your anchor trolley is on the left and depthfinder on the right. I understand this arrangement is necessary b/c the transducer arm would interfere w/ the anchor. Do you run into casting complications? Did you consider this in design?

João Miguel Santos: Hi! my name is João Santos I'm portuguese and I was wondering what's the brand of the fishfinder that you are using? Is it very expensive? Where can I buy one so it can come to Portugal? What about that battery and those plugs, do they come along with the fishfinder? What are the specs of it? I apreciate your answer. Greetings from Portugal and keep showing us those videos!

Txwhitacre: @SuperJohnny49 Thanks, I might do that!

SuperJohnny49: @Alphahawk3 I have a W.S. Ride 115 with the phase 3 seat your talking about. Its a great seat if you like different seating positions and like to stay completly dry no matter how much gear you have. Only downside is its not cushioned, at the least very minimal cushioning. I found it uncomfortable after a few hours of paddling. Get an inflatable butt pad or foam and you will love it. Manta ray kayaks make the best seats! But Wilderness systems make the best kayaks(in my opinion)

Txwhitacre: @Alphahawk3 I like it. Its dry, adjustable for and aft. I find it comfortable on a long day.

Rogerio Nascimento: Good job, I like your setup. Keep on fishing.

Alphahawk3: I was wondering if you could give me your impression of the Phase 3 Elite seat in the Wilderness Ride....great and informative video.
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Depth Finder Installation on Multiple Kayaks