Review Bushmaster AR 15 Carbon 15 MODEL

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gotenna: No Service no problem! Really?
gotenna: No Service no problem! Really?
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chinese surefire flashlight clone reviews
chinese surefire flashlight clone reviews
Dye Carbon Fiber 15 in 2 Piece Boomstick Barrel - Black - Visual 360
Dye Carbon Fiber 15 in 2 Piece Boomstick Barrel - Black - Visual 360

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Crazy Joe Guns And Freedom: are you stoned?

bosundave121: If the 12" will fit over your gas block GET it. THen buy Magpul poly flp up sights and co-witness them with the TRS-25. You will have a great LONG sight picture now and a really nice option for being able to stright arm DRIVE your gun for run and gun. Forget fwd vertical grips. DRIVE your gun with a 12" rail and a "C-Clamp" hold with your left hand. See how Costas drives his AR. It works..well. You save the weight and bulk of unneeded fore grips. Wear a glove if the EVO rail gets hot.

bosundave121: I have a C-15 and I hate what you did to yours. It is full of heavy, cheap, ugly Chinese CRAP! ... like that monstrosity of a fore grip. Its a gimmick. It really is hideous. And that is being kind. You bought the wrong platform to play Tacticool. Keep things simple. No lasers, lights etc. Just a TRS-25 on a riser. Spend some quality dollars and buy a REAL rail..a SAMSON EVO rail with the new KEY MOD system. ,,,Check and see. I think the 12 inch rail will clear your low profile gas block and make the gun look incredibly handsome and practical.. Buy a Brownels silicon wire extractor spring so you can shoot steel cased ammo. get a BADASS ambi safety in 45 degree version and AMBI ALL your controls. THAT is tactical. If you dont have every control ambi the gun will never be remotely tactical. What, you need to call a time out when you shoot around a left side barricade? troy for ambi mag release. Badger or Rainier for AMBI charging handle, Magpul for BAD lever but you need to grind off a tiny portion of a lip on your upper so the BAD has clearance. Simple. You will see. A simple MOE stock...NOTHING more is needed!! Please dont desecrate this fantastic gun any more! Its a sin!

John Sampson: But can it handle the differrent chamber pressure with the 5.56 Nato round

MrJChave: Got mine on Black Friday for $549.99 with 4 extra Mags and a Cleaning kit. Want to do some upgrades to it also. You did a fine job with yours. What's the name of the front forgrip? It looks comfortable. I want to get the same one.

spyroseye1978: any AR you can find somewere now is a good deal lol

Shinobi HOG: im thinking the manufacturers were waiting to see what happened in congress, and since we won yesterday i expect the market to get restored soon.....

Sean Hamilton: Just bought mine on Thur. 04-11-13 and my butt stock was cross threaded in the lower receiver and was also cracked on top around around the threads...had to send it back ..I should of looked at it alot more before buying it ..jury's still out. 

spyroseye1978: nope im moving to delaware

spyroseye1978: wow first i heard of them breaking like that without being fired repeatidly, i got quite a few friends that picked one up after i got mine nobody had an issue yet and i pumped at least a good few thousand rds through mine since i owned it, and no issues whatsoever,(knock on wood) but it is carbon fiber and if you want that light mobile compact AR action dont be dropping it, i replaced my takedown pins on it with those push button release pins as soon as i got it id sugggest u do that too 

usadvisor: I was one of the nay sayers and scoffed at them. but after checking out one my friend bought......I have to say it has alot of pluses. main one being UNBELIEVEABLY LIGHT !! he has not fired it much,but said he had zero malfs with both cheap and decent ammo,so far! like others have said before....glocks were laughed at when they first came out,and no ones laughing at them anymore

Shinobi HOG: assholes in virginia are listing this same gun for $1300, ridiculous.....

Benjamin Despain: Is it a 2gen?

famousaj1: i just picked one up, can you run down a quick parts list of everything you installed? I love the look of it. great review! 

m70c00l: and i replaced the gas block with a yhm flip up front sight gas block so mine has iron sights now

m70c00l: before i put an eotech magpul furnature and a light mine was about 4.9 pounds but its still under 6 pounds

HankHillarious: Ok thanks. It looks like it will be a nice gun

spyroseye1978: no not hard at all took me about 8 min to take off the stock handguard and put the quad rail on, you can do it without the tool with a flat head but if you have the handguard tool its easier 

HankHillarious: Just got this gun. Was it hard getting off the old handguard and putting on the new quad rail?

Kacee Balkema: You would be an idiot not to like these guns. I have an armalite that used to be cool my carbon 15 is way lighter way tighter and just as accurate. People bash it but the people that do spend 2 grand on their ar and it dont perform any better than the carbon 15 ....nice reveiw
Review Bushmaster AR 15 Carbon 15 MODEL 5 out of 5

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Review Bushmaster AR 15  Carbon 15 MODEL