Diy Protein Skimmer

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eric miller: the song says it all ur a pickle head

Mark Lowe: This is total bullcrap, we all know it's fun spending 500 bucks or more on a few bits of acrylic with same same old design that's been around decades. This looks cheap to make but works killer

Daniel Turner: bahahaha relaxing song. that made my day.

Alex Kingcole: The Caucasian Ghetto....

abzemer: Hey, What was that first item that you showed? Some kind of piping? And what is the extra top blue cover piece on your out flow? What's it needed for? Cheers!

Ahmed Mustafa: the song is a bit distracting but great video. wish it had narration and which powerhead you used

leTigre1981: Great project! seems to work well!! is there a venturi on the powerhead ? wich kind of pump was used ?

Iwe Hamid: can you show how powerhead work and how to place it??

Reef Haven: this song is hilarious!!!!!!!!

Dee Pinder: i think its cool, I like it. anyway, his vid- his choice

Elite Reef Denver: Well done, but it would be better with more family friendly music. Would love to feature it on my site if you can upload a version with different music.

keloutie ramessar: can you send me list of suplies needed?

mla4202477: my other question is how did u get the powerhead and bubbles to go exactly right as in the adjusting part of it becuz ihad a skimmer befor and once the water was clean the skimmer filled with water..... and could u update this video by after the skimmer is summerged pull it out of the water to show the way it looks?

mla4202477: nice i tried it and its working thats for the info and video again! :)

dr3j4k: I agree no one made you look at this video

mla4202477: thank you for your video but u dont explain how the power head creates the bubbles that trap the toxins eager to know becuz i like making things for my tank rather than buying?????!

Paul Gould: Some people just dont no when to shut the freak up ...well dont let ur kids hear it..let the grandmother she will piss her panties off if she herd it lmfao,,,i love it mate wher ya get the tune the way love the skimmer too

mrjohnny702: whats that first clear peice that is shown small tube with ridge on one end

TikiTak321: Wow! Dirty Dirty bubbles! How often you clean the waste from the little cup?

TikiTak321: Cry more you mother freaking bitch. Don't watch this video if you don't like it.
diy protein skimmer 5 out of 5

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diy protein skimmer