Bending Wood

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Bending Wood
Bending Wood
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Vincent Rolfe: I'll bet you guys never oil those clamps, do you??.. Vin Chicago still fun to watch you do the bend

Alfred Mayer: unrelaxed working is not good for the product.

MrLeonard55: Here's a suggestion. Weld a nut to the top of your clamp handle so you can use a cordless drill to tighten the clamps. It's a little faster.

TheYTViolation: Cool. Gotta work fast for sure. Thanks.

Jay Chapman: go faster go faster i said faster!!!!!! i like it it gives me an idea of how i can make a coffee table and end table set i have designed

dgmunch: What were you building?

David Williss: I'm trying to read your shirt. Does that say Michigan?

Bobbygtiguy: thats a tight radius.

levi Rivard: Rrrruuuu...rrrruuu...

daemonsdaddy: might I suggest using thin pieces of wood between the clamps and the steamed piece. It will eliminate the tool marks from the clamps pressing against the wood.

jago soady: did that nice and fast lol. what are you bending it for?

BigJonBone: I get the feeling that this is one of those things that are harder than it looks.

KMNKeyboardVault: What kind of wood did you use to bend that easy

deleetmeeh: @daemonsdaddy I'm pretty sure they did if you missed it he put a thin strip in right away.

deleetmeeh: Those clamps take way too long.

GEK69NY: Where is results?!

jacoby308: yes, in hebrew

Photon Warfare: awesome! 5 stars

MrLeonard55: I just meant to get it snug and then do your final hand turning.

poweredBYGDK: u guys are pro

c0kar7: i was waiting for the wood to snap and smack someone in the face!

ruffinosmoveis: Nossa quanto trabalho !!!! Ons werk qunato

Flashmore: Guy with the glasses is an imbecile

Redhorse M: Yea, I got my wood bent once. Cost me 18 years of child support.

Keith Alan: @daemonsdaddy he put a piece of steel in there

svendmusic: How do the OBVIOUS spam posts with outside links to nonsense get hundreds of thumbs up votes? :-/

ArtforArchitecture: Hi! I really like your video and thought you may be interested in a steam-bending course taking place this summer, in the Lake District, I’ve messaged you with more details. Hope it’s of interest!

nalder69: @daemonsdaddy watch again there is something sheet metal i think

ursword: Good teamwork!

veroblez: where is your glue?

7199715: what type of wood is this????

PabloFerroDesign: I really liked bending video wood, my knowledge is higher.

00ze: @daemonsdaddy Isn't that what the metal strip was for?

SuperBlundy: yes, but why?

Hans Decroo: the wood comes straight out of a steambox so it has to be done quick, otherwise the wood dries before it has its new form. speed is necessary! it's not steel, you know..

John Varish: you had that metal strip to protect the wood from the clamps, then forgot to put it in. other than that nice job.

STEELBUILT6994: slow down speed freak!

Mostafa Wgdy: unuseful vedio wat did you get out frm it ............nothng

nixon24hr: Bending video wood, good bent well

Dan Baxter: Speed is essential in bending wood.

Bristow42: good job

Leonardo Quiroz: how much time do you left in the "steam box"? and how much time do you left cooling off?? thanks so so so much for your video!! its very usefull!!

derekHSmith: @daemonsdaddy You just did. ... cut kid, spying on you guys. This was done in your garage?

GypsyKing7: so this is what Volleyball Players do on their time off

Sture Moveis Planejados: parabens

scarmenl: If you have the funds and are doing this regularly you can weld nuts on the end of the threaded rod of the clamp and then drive the clamp with a cordless drill or air ratchet.

celio teixeira: o procama e muito bom mas acomunicação em linga estrangera, não da para compriender vocês poderia traduzir em portugues para nos entender melhor ,ok obricado!

D-Sheep: A bending good video very wood, thanks you !

dandarra92: @ArtforArchitecture these guys are American...Lake district is UK...however id be interested :D

GuitarDanJams: I ain't broke... but I'm badly bent! :D!
Bending Wood 4.4 out of 5

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Bending Wood