Zombie Survival Guide Top Best ZOMBIE Killing Weapons

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Colin Slechta: baseball bat is my favirote

Callaham Sepe: You can check ShepherdSurvives Website website to learn more about protecting yourself

Reddokk Fheg: Two points about this

Nr 1: spers are pretty much the easiest weapon to learn how to use, Axes, hammers swords, knifes are harder. Spears have long range. and with a spear with a longer blade, like a long bladed viking spear you can actually cut pretty darn well with it.
If you mount the spearhead right it will be easy to take off but still be tight enough so there is no risk it will fall off. and you can easily take it off and use as a short sword or a large knife.

Nr 2: The knife you are showing. the Ka-Bar knife is probably one of the whorst to use. Atleast a model with theet on the back like that. To use ANY knife with that kind of theet in a zombie survival fight would be stupidity. if you smash that trough a zombie head it will most likley stuck, you wont be able to pull it back out. the theet does not do anymore damage but they WILL make it VERY hard to pull the knife out again. and then you stand there with your weapon stuck in a zombie head when the next one comes for you. Even a knife without those theet can get stuck. And not just in the skull. even if you miss the skull and stabbs it into the zombies neck or even chest it can get stuck so hard you wont be able to get it out without really hard work. so you really want a knife without theet. with just a smooth blade. you do NOT want to increase the risk to get your weapn stuck in a zombie

Sure its better than nothing but if i had something to chose from i would not take a knife like that. i would probably rather use a kitchen knife.

FLUFFYBUNNIEZ: for whats in my garage,a small crow bar,lots of screwdrivers and hammers,a hatchet 1 soft ball bat,1 tiny ass baseball bat,2 aluminum baseball bats i think i could survive

timothy rounseville: machete,ka-bar or tactical knife,bow/arrows,10/22,crow bar and a back up lcp or glock but if i'm going no gun no 10/22 or glock/lcp

Ryan Currie: i would have a glock 17 and a butterfly knife

legionbunny: First, learn to spell, second...yeah...blades and points, great idea...easily cut through spines...tell me what are your credentials for this claim? cause you cannot be more wrong, it takes a very substantial amount of force to cleave a spine or a skull, I know, I hunt, and I don't use guns. Secondly, that point? gonna get that stuck real fast, and that blade won't be sharp for long, you sir are an idiot, A F***ING CLAW HAMMER? do you have any idea how close that puts you? you need a sledge if you are going to use a bludgeon.A good sledge is not a sucky weapon, unless you are a weak and sucky wielder.

WarBandit111: I would use a crow bar, because it's a great tool and can easily kill, and mine can also double as a hammer. And I'd use my shovel. Spade-headed, sharpened tipped, durable, and useful in many ways!

jackthecomic: for weapons (food and water are a given) i would take my kabar swabbie my sog tomahawk becker bk7 and buck folding knife and remington folding knife all of witch fit conveniently on my beltĀ 

AncaMariaaa: screwdriver and axe.

ATOMICS THE ALIEN KING: i cant take any zombie survivalist seriously that doesn't have a katana or some type of real sword

DerFloh111: wtf? i hit a head more often with a pickaxe than with a srewdriver.... wtf man, in wich world do u live?

Bradley McIntyre: I cant take this video even slightly seriously, every time I do I see people dancing around killing zombies in tune with the song XD

blowup yourprostate: unfitting music is unfitting XD

FIN Jeeppinen: i need game where i can use these weapons....

Ike Obe: I have all sorts of screw drivers, knives, old skool table leg w/ triangle base fer penetrating skull also sharpened it . & last but not least i have a steal rod grinded in a base ball bat kinda shape w/ barbed wire "xtra thick & double strength" welded to the damn thang mane!

Ike Obe: ol'boy from the walking dead stayed with bow & arrow as well.

YamsR1: BOW AND ARROWS ARE LIEM ONE OF THE BEST long distance silent 1 hit kill at head

Ultra light: *facepalm* i dont mean the medival crossbows

Clay Bishop: You have to physically press it to the floor and hold it down with your foot to reload it Denied
Zombie Survival Guide Top Best ZOMBIE Killing Weapons 5 out of 5

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Zombie Survival Guide Top Best ZOMBIE Killing Weapons