Rip Off Report - Big Scam Artists

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Remove Ripoff Report from Google Search Results
Remove Ripoff Report from Google Search Results
Rip Off Report - Big Scam Artists
Rip Off Report - Big Scam Artists Case Study - How To Remove Fake Reviews From Google and Bing Case Study - How To Remove Fake Reviews From Google and Bing
Upfront Reputations Reviews - Defamation. Ripoff Report & Mugshot Removal Services Call 888.388.8480
Upfront Reputations Reviews - Defamation. Ripoff Report & Mugshot Removal Services Call 888.388.8480
Upfront Reputations Reviews. Reputation Management. Remove Ripoff Report. Mugshot Removal
Upfront Reputations Reviews. Reputation Management. Remove Ripoff Report. Mugshot Removal

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Tendance TV: they indeed are a scam

Troy Moore: Look like Rip off Report is a Rip off businesses Agency.

sshopper shopahall: I love rip off report. You can always respond

Ernesto Goins: so you say ripoff reports has NO value and no one deserves a report to be filed on their misdeeds????????????

fobfalcon1: Guarantee Steel, big promise big steel Internet, was apearanet that, informed my that my.....small examples of a Russian typing in English.

Kenny Hendrick: I'm trying to follow up with the response from ripoff report. Apparently this monopoly site will not allow me to cut/copy/paste the actual email account between myself and ripoff report.

In short, I (we all) are wrong about them. I'm going to now delete everything I judged wrongfully below (including the comments of other commenters here).

I really wish that this themtube would allow us to copy over simple text but apparently it's just no longer possible (oh well, who's next....did somebody say YANDEX.COM ????)

Ripoff report just told me they would do what this media blurb said it would not do.

I'm grateful.

Kenny Hendrick: HEY EVERYBODY! YOU ARE NOT GOING TO BELIEVE THIS !!! I JUST NOW RECEIVED AN EMAIL BACK FROM RIPOFF REPORT AND IT APPEARS THAT HE/SHE IS GOING TO RECTIFY oops, fix my name so it doesn't screw me up just for reporting greendot over a year ago!....this is great news and I am taking back everything i presumed about that website....sheesh, after reading all the different comments on the web about them....i guess it just goes to show you, nothing is as it appears anymore. phew. Well, read my comments while they are here but they are surely soon to be deleted once my name is not smeared by the appearance in google. Boy, I must say too, it's a damn good thing i was the claimant and not the defendant (there is no money to defend me)LOL If anybody wants to see why I am concerned, simply google my name (less that racecar driver) like this" kenny hendrick -nascar " and look for the ripoff report and how it makes me look like the scammer....well lotsa luck for the rest of you but i have to go watch married with children now....j/k p.s. here is the email: Hello, If you could please give us your name, we will be able to make the changes that are needed. Thank you and have a great weekend! Sincerely,Ripoff Report Customer Support

Qouwanna Howard: say what you want but i think some buisness are mad that they are being exposed. the company that  i filed a complaint on has other complaints with the same complaints as mine i dont understand why more than one person would write a detail complaint on you for nothing really .good job to get out your wrong try to paint a negative picture of them. there is so much red tape in filing complaints on company now especially if there not affliated with bbb i wonder why some off these buisness who are complaining not registerded with bbb hmmm i'll wait .GOOD JOB RIP OFF REPORT KEEP LETTING PEOPLE COMPLAIN AGAINST COMPANIES THAT HAVE WRONG US CAUSE NO ONE ELSE SEEMS TO CARE.

Terry Sanders (TerrySanders): Ripoff report is in fact a scam and they told me to give them $20,000.00 to remove post that someone put on there in bogus reports! No investigation or anything and this Ed guy is a crock tell you what just to show that they remove post go to ripoff and post something about them!!!!! Beat you it will be removed!!!

Jean Richardson: I would like to add to rip off  Slim Cleaners. they just jump on a computer and you can't
find a phone number.  Do not download because you can't get them off.

Steven Graven: My rip off report that I posted is totally legit! more companys ripping off consumers need to be reported.

Seth Ermakovich: Anyone with half a brain and some scattered legal research could figure out how to word their report so that even if totally false the business couldn't do anything about it, IP addressed traced notwithstanding.  Hell, even if you just did a report of a business saying "bad experience would not recommend"  they would be bad enough, never get it removed, but damaging nonetheless. Ripoff report is nothing more than a way to say anything you want about any business if you know how to do it, and they at Ripoff Report know that.  Also, only a certified idiot would give Ripoff report (or most businesses for that matter) their real name, address, phone number, etc.

Rober Atilan: BULL crap>  THEY NEVER TAKE DOWN A REPORT>  They are right.  If you deal accurately and honestly with the people that make complaints by you you look better as a business. 

Gabe D.: I know one thing. My rip off report that I posted is totally legit!

Prophit7: What they should do if they never remove a report someone should write on there how rip off is a rip off and another one about the owner. If he removes it then you can catch him at his BS too!

Prophit7: Rip off report is a Rip off. Looks like they bully people into giving them money what a scam! Anyone can write anything about anyone and no proof to back it up! Thats not reporting! People wake up! 

k freed: I guess Fox believes only Corporate "People" have the right to free speech... actual people, not so much. Shocked, are we? Nah. You can always count on Fox shilling for every trash corporation on the planet that willfully abuses the public. "Free markets" my arse.

k freed: Most of the companies who have a problem with Ripoff Report are ripoff artists:

"Ripoff Report Wins Against Extortion Claim":

What companies really want is to be able to scam you and shut you up about it in the process (your "free market" at work): "Online Retailer Says If You Give It A Negative Review It Can Fine You $3,500"

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