Rip Off Report - Big Scam Artists

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Rip Off Report - Big Scam Artists
Rip Off Report - Big Scam Artists

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Gabe D.: I know one thing. My rip off report that I posted is totally legit!

Prophit7: What they should do if they never remove a report someone should write on there how rip off is a rip off and another one about the owner. If he removes it then you can catch him at his BS too!

Rober Atilan: BULL crap> THEY NEVER TAKE DOWN A REPORT> They are right. If you deal accurately and honestly with the people that make complaints by you you look better as a business. 

Prophit7: Rip off report is a Rip off. Looks like they bully people into giving them money what a scam! Anyone can write anything about anyone and no proof to back it up! Thats not reporting! People wake up! 

Charles Berry: I agree with Richard"s post. I am laughing the companies who have set up to out right scam you are the ones calling ROR wrong. I use to find out if a company is legit before I do business with them. 

Pagapor Vista: Funny, I was looking into a company that comes up on RipOff report first in google. One of the products they are selling is legal action against things like this being posted online. Guess they aren't doing that good of a job at it?

Karen Freed: Most of the companies who have a problem with Ripoff Report are ripoff artists: "Ripoff Report Wins Against Extortion Claim": What companies really want is to be able to scam you and shut you up about it in the process (your "free market" at work): "Online Retailer Says If You Give It A Negative Review It Can Fine You $3,500" More here:

Karen Freed: I guess Fox believes only Corporate "People" have the right to free speech... actual people, not so much. Shocked, are we? Nah. You can always count on Fox shilling for every trash corporation on the planet that willfully abuses the public. "Free markets" my arse.

Myla Santos: duplicate account.spam,mass advertising

Bill Waggoner: Rip Off Report - Big Scam Artists Shut this SITE down! Google needs to CENSOR this extortion company!

ERIC COCKHOLDER: i used the ripoff report against them in a unique way ,, now i get more orders on my website ,,

Maureen Gregory: Rip have on their website that Next Step Financial is a good company consumers can trust to do business with. This is all a Big, Big Lie, Next Step Financial is a fraud, they give you a lot of Hype and take all your money. The forex tape video don't work. They took $4700.00 from me and refused to pay me back my money. Please if you are reading this stay away run from Next Step Financial they are scam artist. Carol Gregory

Mark Shariar: LOL! Yes!

joe blow: it's funny how businesses always cry for the government help when one aspect of the free market is crushing them...but then they ask for tax cuts because it's a free market

Rick8767: RipOff is a criminal extortion scheme. Nothing more than that.

secondsunn: @PamelaSchweikert thanks for the support! Please share the FB link with everyone. You would think if RipOffReport com was a credible company that the owner would make their contact information public, just like the rest of us. And I get the freedom of speech, I get that there are bad companies out there. However, if there's a complaint, let it be disputed and shown as resolved. Otherwise you are being deceptive and misleading which is exactly what you claim you are preventing. It's nonsense!

Duane Stephens: Why don't all of you blame Google. They are the ones that allow this garbage to be on their site. Google knows about these scums. They don't care about you or your business. GOOGLE IS THE PROBLEM PEOPLE.

MrTurbochargd: Ripoffreport debunks consumer complaints and prints a favorable review of any company when they pay. The information given in the "Ripoffreport investigations" is a complete fabrication. Read ONLY the consumer complaints. The website administrator is full of crap and can be easily bought.

Carolburnett DvdisSCAM: Never buy from Carol Burnett DVD . Com they will SCAM you , check reviews, paypal don't work with them no more & notice they don't even have a phone number on the website.

joe blow: Chaker v. Mateo, No. D058753, 2012 WL4711885 (Cal. Ct. App. Oct. 4, 2012) ; very report case regarding online forums as places of opinion rather than facts. not only is Ripoff Report protected, the people who post on themm at least with respect to this ruling, are also protected.

Pamela Schweikert: I'm sorry I type to fast! Here is the correct version: Also, where is the Jack Ass which is over; which promots/slanders with the lies/unthruths and attacks peoples' credibility and so worth. Where is his integrity and his company's, also those who work for him/her???

Mark Shariar: You must be the Ed Magedson!

Zephod Beeblebrox: I've read the BBB complaints about that company and am wondering whether it's possible somehow to get that toxic website off the internet. Does the owner have a license to operate? Does he have criminal records. What happens if somebody posts a nasty porn picture on his site - could he be nailed for publishing that?

MrTurbochargd: @GohModley I don't understand the question. If your intention is to attempt to bring credibility to Ripoffreport, you will have to word your reply in a way that people can understand.

LifeX2Find: Continued - Part Four: Carmel Lastly, may I suggest Carmel, that the next time you do an article on Rip-Off Reports or for that matter, any other company, that you interview both sides before drawing any conclusions! That way, you will have the complete story to report on and be a witness to both sides "Freedom of Speech"!! Now, I must get busy to see if there's a report on some guy named Bernie uh Bernie Madoff, to make sure he hasn't Made-Off with anybodies money!!

Pamela Schweikert: I'm with you on boycotting RipOff

Pamela Schweikert: They won't take posts down; becuasue, it is all about money and ratings! They would rather lie about someone or something than be legit. This is how the world has come to with dishonesty and it starts with and they are just like Jery Springer no punt intended; but, if the shoes fits wear it!

Phillip Nguyen: We are a victim of this rip off report site too. To sum it, a customer wanted us to reprogrammed our software so that he can cheat his customer and used it to sell sex via our penny auction software. We refused to and he wanted his money back. We refused per contract and he then posted a very damaging article as a revenge but it's all a big lie. The bad thing here is that he now can't remove what he posted and i am told by others that i have to pay to have it removed.

joe blow: I highly admire the concept that Ripoff Report stands for. Finally, those who are not too wealthy have a voice that will be heard on the Internet. Ripoff Report may not do much to those big corporations but it will at least warn others from making the same mistake.

joe blow: Only a patriot like Jane Sharpley would love to censor the Internet because he assumes we are all too stupid to realize that postings on the internet are 100% unbiased and factual. Let me tell you something you moron, all the positive reports can also be wrong, exaggerated, or just a false opinion...or a FACT. Just let it go.

Pamela Schweikert: The internet can be a positive place but with companies like whom spread lies and try to ruine peoples and business's is evil. is a fraud, liars, and exstortionists. where is the government to put them ALL behined bars forever????

LifeX2Find: Continued - Part Three: Carmel Furthermore, it also, serves a purpose of forewarning other's so that they won't become victims and everybody has a Right to exercise their "Freedom of Speech", as long as its true!! As a result, since its existence, I can attest to using this site as one of my main sources of reference and I can personally say it has literally, saved me both time and grief! Please SEE Part Four

joe blow: i just read the wikipedia case on Sarah Jones v. fact you conveniently forgot to mention was the's owner edited the speech others wrote. the CDA protects forums, but not when the forum itself participates in twisting what others have written. Ripoff Report like Global Warming is an inconvenient truth and they are here to stay. Deal with it. If you have been defamed, I'm sorry, truly. But if you are guilty, then good thing for Ripoff Report.

LifeX2Find: Martin ... Do you have any idea what "Freedom of Speech" really is? You need to get your head screwed on straight before making any more comments!

Pamela Schweikert: are liars and try to spam~hurt any one/business no matter what the costs are and you have to pay them $2,000.00 to arbrutrate and they don't care about the facts nor truth. i hope God strikes them dead and that my legal right to say!!!!!

SuperCustomModz: This just happened to my company. Beware of Mary HIGGINS see contacted me to show me the complaint. I checked her SHE WORKS FOR THE COMPANY!!! What a scam. I've never had a complaint in all 5 years in business!!

LifeX2Find: Continued - Part Two: Carmel Guess she's never heard that there's two sides to every story, including hers!! Additionally, Carmel's twisted comment that there's "a much bigger issue of Freedom of Speech here", is not only one-sided, but deceitful, to say the least. Rip-Off Reports gives the over-all public somewhere to go to expose bad business dealings who are unethical, lacking in disclosure or nothing more than, a full blown scam to rip-off people! Please SEE Part Three

GohModley: @MrTurbochargd I don't understand. What does what I'm wearing have to do with it?

LifeX2Find: TALK about misinformation! Carmel Carero's obvious bias towards this website is very ambiguous! Carmel deliberately side-steps all the positive that comes from accessing this site before making a purchase, signing a contract or getting yourself tangled up with some con-artist! She not only forgets to interview a single person who has filed a complaint on this website, but draws a complete blank when it comes to the other side at all! Please SEE Part Two

Pamela Schweikert: Alos, where is the JACK ASS which is over; which promots these lies and attacks of peoples creditibilty and so worht. Where his intefrity and the company's????

joe blow: did u read that case law?

SuperbowlHalfTime: Sign the Withe House Petition take down rip off report now!

Duane Stephens: You are a stupid idiot. Apparently you are not a business owner who has to deal with this crap. Another pig socialist that uses the word big Corporations. Up your scumbag

GohModley: @MrTurbochargd LOL, which MLM do you pimp?

secondsunn: That doesn't even make sense. Why would the owner of a company promote a boycott page of his own company? Oh wait... you're being sarcastic.

secondsunn: You're right. Google has already been accused several times for product and manipulation. But honestly that will be almost next to impossible. Google is too big. I mean they even own Youtube which we're on right now. Google only writes the algorithms. Ripoff is the one publishing the content. If Google is the gun, Ripoff is the trigger. And a Boycott may not take Ripoff down but it's a start and better than nothing. Peace!

Todd Oetken: Ripoff Reports is all there was for me to complain about a neurosurgeon who destroyed my life with surgical malpractice. It was all I had to expose Dr. Patrick Hitchon's wicked mistreatment of me as a patient, including his lies and refusal to release my medical documentation. A+ for Ripoff

Spkg Up N Out: Anyone can post what ever they want on rip off report .com. There is no verification or investigation into any post. You or me or any of us can go on this site and say whatever we like ! whats sad is some of it is possibly true and most of it is simply BS and the whole purpose for the sites Mission is tarnished and a waste.
Rip Off Report - Big Scam Artists 4.4 out of 5

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