How To Refill A BIC Lighter

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How to Refill a BIC Lighter
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Dan Schwemin Jr: Wow, this is completely counterproductive not to mention not cost effective at all. It's cheaper to simply buy another pack of Bic lighters...

rich smith: great

tim cross: Just to confirm it is actually cheaper, stress free and just not daft to just buy yourself another disposable light which will last at least 2 weeks if not alot longer

FaZe Havoc: y go through all of that when you can just buy a new one lol

MaxiPlayz HD: really great

ferp420: I like my way better it doesn't need anything just take the valve out and put it back in when done you can pack the lighter in ice so the butain stays liquid longer I can get full lighters that look and work just like they came from the factory and flints are easy enuff to change out but I've found after 5 or so refills the plastic will fatigue and crack and every one still had good flint but in do have to remove the flint to get to the valve no big deal just takes practice to get it back together right I can even adjust the flame if I need to by changing the valve height almost better than new 

Famish Outdoors: Hi plz sub to me I'll sub back

Pat and Liz Fass: Great hack and kudos to you. However, I am really worried for you about the morons that troll these sites. Some aren't functioning on all cylinders and I would hate for you to be blamed if they don't do this correctly and get hurt. Maybe a bigger disclaimer is needed. Stinks but people these days are sue happy :(
Very smart of you to figure this out. Thanks

BrutalyStoked: Just buy a clipper

EastBayFM: or you can spend even less money.. $1 and some change and get a brand new, safe, factory filled bic lighter.

Kelton Shields: screw bic its all about the crocs

Nounismisation: or....get a new one

Rob Ford: Racist

God: I managed to fill the lighter with fuel but the flame wont work like its dead still. wtf pointless video

Djplaypolly: There used to be an adapter to refill lighters and the lighter's can be refilled from the top. The push pin is too much.

Damien Hartley: question sir how can I transfer the butane from one lighter to another cus I got this kick ass lighter that's like a flame thrower but it uses a lot of butane and I got a bunch of cheap lighters with butane to spare

UFOz8MyGoat: do you let the air out the top?

longshorts3: I take the empty Bic lighter, strip the parts off and save the remaining flint for my Zippo and the spring for my gun parts drawer. That push pin will leak and become a fire danger unless you can seal it - and I do not know a permanent way short of gluing it in place. Why not use the adapter that comes with a butane canister, and refill the Bic through the valve on top?

domeskeetz: this is freaking retarded......theres gotta be a way easier way to do this

냄새꾸리꾸리한 발까락: Eh, with my luck, the Bic will be pocketed by someone before I even get to refill it. I know I pocket other peoples lighters at times without even intending to do so.
How to Refill a BIC Lighter 5 out of 5

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How to Refill a BIC Lighter