How To Refill A BIC Lighter

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VonGaming: holy crap I was thinking there was an off the bat way to just refill your damn lighter. is it worth getting all this crap when you can go buy one at the store for a dollar?

Manuel GUZMAN: get a Zippo bro

herxos ytf: My 2 year old BIC is about to run out. I have manged to lose it at parties countless time, thinking it was gone forever. Then 2 months later have a friends friend return it. It has seen to much too die now.

....freak me I'm emotionally attached to a god damn lighter. Lol.

Alexander Quiros: stupid smh

Mert √únal: Is it really necessary? Man how much does it coast a new lighter? It's useless I think but u really did a good job :)

Nate Tannock: put it in the hole

Jourdan C. Barlow: he never told us where to get the gromets

Hypnotikk: fr tho why can't they make them refillable. clipper lighters suck, they give up after about 2-3 weeks

allie1709: Why? Why not just buy the 4 pack for $5

jeremiah williams: I'm watching this because I got to refill mighn the same way

KB3PHL: disposable lighters are cheap so why even bother?

Alex willimas: This is so useful cuz it's easier for me to get weed than to get a freaking lighter like fr

Leaf Dobson: For some real excitement try doing this over your sink

Duane Chipman: aren't they like $1?

Connor Gunion: if u guys dont have those rubber things i poked a hole through a mechanical pencil eraser and fit it on the end it works !

Chris Juarez: It's quite funny how many videos there are about this. It's just amazing how many people people will go through extra steps and truly pay more to make an inferior product work the way it was intended to. I have the hands down number one Bic hack of the century! Step one: grab your Bic and chunk it in the garbage. Step two: buy a Clipper. It's refillable from the start no modifications needed, and you can change out the flint. Done

Dan Hart: nice pocket bomb... straight red neck crap like dry kitty... #Tostupid... lol add a mini one way air valve? :o

R3p3at: you help saving many smoker's money

3saturn04: Better and safer to refill from the top and not destroy the lower seal requiring the push pin. Top refill video is also on YouTube

Todd Twopapers: Only the mentally challenged use a thumb tack to refill their Bic. The rest of use use a refill valve installed on the bottom, flush mounted. How are you going to sit a hot lighter down with a thumb tack sticking out the bottom? That's a great way to melt stuff and set your trailer on fire, thumb tackers!
How to Refill a BIC Lighter 5 out of 5

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How to Refill a BIC Lighter