How To Refill A BIC Lighter

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2 minute how to's Quick easy cheap way to refill a bic lighter
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Luis Soto: Wooow

Boss Balls: very cost effective since a new lighter costs 2 bucks and all... pffft

Luis Flores: That crap gets loose a pin missle to your freaken eye haha

Xander Siczkowycz: good job

Ryder Sprague: I have done this several times and it works great and nothing has ever gone wrong and all I use is a tac no rubber piece or anything like that yes bics r cheap but u might find your self in a situation where all u have is an empty one and some butane and a tac

sebastian: Bitch just get a new lighter

Erin Maria: this is cool. is it safe? im trying it anyways

Active grass: or just get a new one

Matt Nobrega: nice money saver

Jason Pressler: google shows this exact tutorial.... 5 times on the first page. It isn't dangerous because butane is flammable, sure if you are doing this next to an open torch you might have some issues, the bigger danger here is freezing tissue on your hands... especially considering you have to hold it closed with your thumb. Butane is a gas that only becomes liquid in two ways, extreme cold or extreme pressure. Do this enough times and your going to see what frost bite does.

Carlos Gallardo: nice....

kronikmisfit: This works very well. I do this all the time, I just don't use the rubber grommets. Only thing is after you refill the lighter once or twice and you go to do it the next time you can hear the butane sizzling out.

PridefulSoul: yo @jontron I think I found out what a grommet is

riff tipton: Once you go Bic, you never go back.

Miss Gertrude: you're a champ! thanks for the lesson

lindsey Arroyo: not gonna lie, I like the push pin sticking out the end.... it makes a nifty little bowl snuffer...💯✌☮

VonGaming: holy crap I was thinking there was an off the bat way to just refill your damn lighter. is it worth getting all this crap when you can go buy one at the store for a dollar?

Manuel GUZMAN: get a Zippo bro

herxos ytf: My 2 year old BIC is about to run out. I have manged to lose it at parties countless time, thinking it was gone forever. Then 2 months later have a friends friend return it. It has seen to much too die now.

....freak me I'm emotionally attached to a god damn lighter. Lol.
How to Refill a BIC Lighter 5 out of 5

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How to Refill a BIC Lighter