How To Refill A BIC Lighter

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Doshy Gabbana: Lighters are Free Dipcrap

Stranger Danger: This is dumb, just jack the lighter from the first fool that lets you use their, Most nights I get home with 2-3 lighters no idea who they belong to, but i also get jacked every day so it evens out

thevernonposse: Can you do a video on changing the flint

SyNc Fatboy: Or u could just buy another one its easier

Joshua Leboeuf: I wouldn't even worry about this. Just get a Zippo and Thunderbird insert. The insert is used with butane, and you can refill it all you want. No mess or stink, and all you have to do is refill from time to time and change the Flint when it runs out. I'll post a link in a sec when I find it. Altogether it's about $30 bucks that will literally last you a lifetime, so.

Chris Parker: Are the white push pins thicker?

bella kat: this is so much freaking work i just wanna smoke weed

KLONEZ TOO-TRICHOMEZ: Thanks for sharing,
kinda always wondered how they did that. Thumbs up 👍

David Goans: I just go buy a new lighter

Michael Tarropino: I have never had a bic lighter long enough for it to go empty

ron dill: Cheap Bastard... Just Buy a $1.50 lighter pickleWeed!!

jak goods: that's old I was doing this in 1st grade. I'm 39 now.

dscuff man: Ain't nobody got time for that

eyeball: "It's on the hardware aisle in Home Depot"

Clay Hearn: Dude thanks! Very clever! Great video!

Armando Gonzalez: The​ "clippers" are pliers

dixon noxid: This may sound totally ridiculous but BIC has definately figured out how to triple or at least double their profits on the their standard lighter. Remember when it had an adjuster wheel and you could turn it down and it would last for what seemed like months? then they just figured that they could a)remove that adjustment wheel, b)permanently set the flame on 'too high' and c) not fill entirely and use colors that arent easily transparent! sounds like a bunch of craziness but they are making a killing on lighter sales and I've yet to find an easy refill solution. this one is great and probably the most innovative but challenging and I get a frozen thumb or are not quick enough... going back to epoxying a valve from a refillable I suppose...

Doshy Gabbana: Da worlds 1st Lighter RepairMan🙄🤦

Terrance Fonteneau: maybe a thumbtack may be better!

Sokrates szv: waste of time dude
How to Refill a BIC Lighter 5 out of 5

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How to Refill a BIC Lighter