How To Refill A BIC Lighter

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How to Refill a BIC Lighter
How to Refill a BIC Lighter
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How to refill a Bic lighter with ear buds
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Jake Moloney: I did this and i worked - i was a bit scepticle about this but it worked perfect but when i went to light it the was a little bit of butane on the lighter and my hands and it lit my hands on fire so now i dont any hair on my hands or forearms it was funny though

Jennifer Lawson: To many things just to refill a bic. It's easier with a zippo and a torched lighter 

John Chiasson: A great alternative to landfill. Thanks for posting!

Philly Kicks: freak that

Butch Broussard: I would much rather do all that that pay $1 for a new one.... in fact, who keeps up with a Bic long enough for it to run out of butane? Most people loose them years before they run dry.

adrian mixit: buy a refillable lighter for 8 bucks dude. no headaches

krishna ponnuchetty: I would rather buy another dollar BIC lighter thanks

Greg Guthery: Great Video. Straightforward & right to the point. Just was wondering if it could be done. Little worried about the pin staying in, but good idea.

jenjomojo: great. thx sam!  i'm so tired of the throwaway mentality and the plastic, plastic everyf'inwhere.

Mohammed Ashraf: nice fix without any damage 

Chris Stohldrier: Or just buy a zippo and not deal with it....hmmmm

SuperChopstiks: Or you could spend $1.50 for a brand new one.

coffcraft: They just cost, they're only, just a get a new one? You know what guys and gals, it's not about the money. It's about convenience. For me anyway. Yea, I could buy a new one, after I get in my truck, drive 10 minutes to the store, 10 minutes back home, and burn a couple bucks in gas and about 25 minutes of my time, just for a buck 50 lighter. Or I can do this, not have to leave the house, and be done in a couple minutes. I have all the supplies sitting here on my desk. So....Sam Maghsoodloo, Thank you for the info. Great Vid!!!

Samir Abu-Sharar: I'm  not a BIC expert but even if you do this how long will it last?? I mean for the flint, is refilling the only maintenance this lighter needs?

Lawson White: < im on a mountain ahahaha

Sam Martino: this is dangerous that tac wont stay under pressure long, you're gonna have it close to your face while lighting it and the pin will pop letting all the butane out, incinerating your face or your hand or what have you....

falcoperegrinus82: What?! Home Depot has a hardware aisle?

Hubs88: What other dangerous hacks that might seriously injure someone can you show us? 

How to Refill a BIC Lighter 5 out of 5

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How to Refill a BIC Lighter