How To Refill A BIC Lighter

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Rokkit -: just freaking buy a new one

G nerd M nerd: Yae I did it flame on!~-(:

Silvia X3: Omg it really helped thx friend

O.Punk!!!! Atencio: Thanks some awesome refills

TERMINATOR FAN: what about when it runs out again? how will you get the broken tack off to refill again?

huldu: I followed the instructions but the butane canister exploded and the house caught fire and burned down. Expect my lawyers to come for you.

Darian Bean: first life hack that's worked

UrbanExplorer: That's a potheads table if ive ever seen it lol

Markus Allen: Shouldn't there be a rubber washer betwen the thumb tack and the bottom of the lighter? When two pieces of hard plastic come together, there is no guarantee that the fluid under high pressure won't escape slowly out of the lighter. I'm going to do this and use very small O rings. one per lighter. the same O rings i'm using for the tip of the butane can. immerse the bottom of the lighter in a container of water and make sure there are no bubbles coming from the thumb tack seal. IT works for me. I didn't have to put rubber grommets on the can of butane. I used one of the wider sized attatchments that come connected to the plastic lid. The brand is King Butane. It's a gray can with a red flame logo. The i in King is dotted with a red flame. A 1/4x1/8x1/16 'o' ring worked for me. IT's the smallest one sold at Tru-Value hardware. The stock number for the part is 35774B and it's made by Danco. That size is perfect as it fits into the round plastic indentation of the old lighter valve.

Moustache Suave: Just buy an eagle torch. They're more reliable than Bic lighters and they're like little flamethrowers in your pocket and they only cost like a few dollars more than Bic lighters. Four jumbo Eagle Torches are like $11 on Amazon. They are like chef torch quality and they'll last for years.

erin nicole: the things people do to keep from spending 2 dollars..

Cuong Tran: 👍 VIETNAM-20.09.2017

Slopestyle 2022: Man upload this to

Gary Wilkes: I will send you a dollar to buy a new one. Too much effort man

lil Dip: Just buy a new lighter

Mark: What happenes if I push my lighter to a freezes slushie and it's not lighting

Kyle Mathewson: this is great now I can save my .89

Regina Robertson: Nope. Going to buy light number 9 or ten.

1700iDiGuy: Legend has it that somewhere out there a bic lighter has ran out of flint before the gas ever did

Banjo Cricket USA: Yeah man, I can see why the pushpin would need to be white.
Glad you had one handy.
How to Refill a BIC Lighter 5 out of 5

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How to Refill a BIC Lighter