HK94 9mm Carbine

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adam briar: It sounds as if it's surpressed right from the factory. Stick a can on the end of this baby and it would be one quiet shooter!

Bigshot Duelist: Why does this MP5 have to have a long barrel? it make the gun ugly.

Kyle S: i couldn't be trusted with that thing within a month id be sawing that barrel to match the mp5 i couldn't leave it long although I'm sure it bumps speed ,accuracy and Penetration so on.

ten8goa: Its a shoulder thing that goes up. That's what Carolyn McCarthy said a barrel shroud was. She was behind one of the gun bills. Complete chick douche. Vid of it here on utube.

belbro62: wow sootch hardly recognize you,  dont look like yourself. too many beers lately

BlueHyena: Have you guys SBR'd this yet?

Pathfinder Woodsman: HK don't make junk, I can tell you that!

Pavel Michalek: die hard weapon

Rodney Harpe: music sounds like mosquitoes with banjos.

nathan campbell: damn that rifle is expensive

laura hartley: sootch got fat

TheLoadedMind: I would like to find one of these i have the 22. LR version (GSG-5), I really enjoy shooting pistol caliber carbines, I have a JR Carbine in 9mm that uses Glock magazines and it is so fun and accurate to shoot and also very quite, I almost bought an HK carbine in 45. acp i forget what it was called (wasnt this same gun) I'm also considering buying a Kriss Vector in 45. acp

ten8goa: Thats a super expensive gun.

MrJoeyBoombotz: What kind of accuracy and range does that specific gun have?

DeltaTactical1: Very cool gun. It's so funny to see an mp5 with a 16" barrel though. What is the estimated value of this gun?

Harry Armstrong: Hey what are you doing here? :D

James Gilkey: Vary nice gun.

alvin bird: i cant find any. you might see one at gunbroker or Gunsamerica every now and then. But atlanticfirearms sells rifles that are similar in the Hk, Uzi Mac-10 section

79Twitch: Do the MP5 mags fit

Ryan Easley: they should have a .45 acp version
HK94 9mm Carbine 5 out of 5

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HK94 9mm Carbine