Raised Panel Doors Kreg Jig Ana White.wmv

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raised panel doors kreg jig ana white.wmv
raised panel doors kreg jig ana white.wmv
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Jim Griffin: 153,356 hits? All because of the poster's gender? The girl doesn't know half of what the men do, and they don't know 1/100th what they should to make any videos. End of rant.

Kenneth Morrison: If you were thinking about reading the comments, turn back now.

José Isaac Martínez Mireles: Honey I dont care the project you are so lovely.

Ally Shaw: Wouldn't that assume she owns a table saw to create the grooves in the rail? Cabinet makers use table saws but most DIY'ers don't own one. Its too expensive.

Patrick Halseth: This methodology does not account for expansion and contraction. On averagel flat sawn wood shrinks 8.6% from its FSP to oven-dry MC. A good estimate for seasonal shift for indoor RH(at 70 degrees) is about 55 to 30 which yields an EMC of .1 to .06. therefore a reasonable estimate for tangential shrinkage for a 10" wide panel is aprx .1228". So if you build a door this way in winter, by summer your joints parallel to the width will be open by about an 1/8 of an inch. Fail.

Mike D: Kreg the rails together to each other, not the panel. the panel must be able to move or it will wreck like DaglaRumad said. That is the purpose of a 5-pc door (4 rails+1panel) The panel should slide in a groove in the rail and small pices of foam can keep it from shifting around.

TrojanWarrior74: stick to shagging babe

Brandon Feely: This is intended for DIYers obviously and for that purpose its fine...I think you are great Ana. I'd be willing to gamble that along with all of the arrogance I read comes a lot of shoddy work ... 9 out of 10 people I've hired or worked with over the years say they can do what they cannot...

dav1099: nice job , but i really think she needs to be naked under that apron. just sayin 8-)

commentsenabledhere: I though she said 'pocket hos.'

Mike Boehm: That's what I was expecting when I came here. I thought the pocket holes would be to just hold the frame together but the inner piece would float in between in grooves.

moonruff zopa: It would be fun to work around her, but with all those sharp tools I'd be afraid. And you gotta be careful. If you get her mad she'd miter your woodie!

bill kolada: Awesome. Digging the bangs.

jaspermatty: Hmm, plywood doesn't swell like hardwood...or so I've been told.

shamrock4500: she didn't actually build anything

Matthew Kooshad: do you use the special 'kreg screws' ? (watch?v=Y6-cTMmEsa8) thanks,

beebopaloobop123: This is what I keep wondering about all these pocket hole plans. Her table tops are always screwed on to the legs and the stretchers... Goes against a lot of what I've learned about woodworking...

commentsenabledhere: And then remove the apron...

Home Defense Weapons: Very attractive girl. I prefer to dado for the raised panel to let it float and use a tenon or spline for the stile to rail joint.

Bald&curious: Wanna job ?:)

Gregory Seufzer: i found my next wife,now I need to see if my present wife will understand. ....not likely lol way to be Anna!

David Glaeser: Wouldn't it be better to let the panel float in the grooves of the rails and stiles rather than screwing the panel into them? Seasonal swelling and shrinking of the wood across the grain is likely going to mess up the cabinet door otherwise. The panel might even crack.

Zak White: I never understand why people go the long route with jigs and biscuit joining. I use a tongue and groove router bit. Glue then clamp and I am done. Move on to the next one..... So fast!

jess antle: How many pocket holes you need for one panel door?

MimzyManor: That's some fancy dancin!

AMS Kuwaiti: I like you ana ....

dmanzo811: wtf??

doodle91012: lol a pocket hole jig for raised panel doors. maybe for shed doors. kregs goal was not to put a router table out of business but have at er. even with matching wood plugs they aint a pretty way to attach anything visible. still pockek hole jigs are a great way to get the average person in to carpentry. i bulit a very nice cedar table for my mother's deck in under an hour with this same kreg jig. all holes are hidden though.

specialross77: So true. The voice of experience.

Michael Bergman: All rude comments aside this lady has a great following of viewers. I think she dose a great job.

Marty Fried: @Zak White - the advantage of pocket holes over your precious tongue in groove is that you don't need to wait for the glue to dry - heck, you don't even necessarily need glue in many applications. Also, the pocket hole jig is cheaper, and doesn't require a bunch of special bits, and is very portable. It can also be used to easily repair your jobs that have come loose! :-)

commentsenabledhere: Who is she anyway? Is she on a DIY show or something?

Guy Bradbury: You cannot secure a solid wood panel to a frame. They expand and contract with humidity changes, which could crack the panel or frame. They need to be set in a slot with no glue or fasteners. For the kind of construction you are using, you need to use a sub-straight like plywood or MDF etc. something that would be painted. See if you can find a good example on YouTube.

GottaShopIt com: It takes many years to get comfortable with using a table saw. So, always be super cautious when building raised panel doors. Doing the job safely is the first thing that you need to keep in your mind.

shamrock4500: she uses that jig for every project.

Donald W. Hanson: I applaud you for the video and your woodworking skills. Most people don't do; they just criticize. I encourage you to continue doing!

MrMiamijohn: empty vessels make the most noise

garriv777: I think I'm in love with this chick...;)

Shaun Long: You are so sexy I wish you were my wife and I love that sexy belly.

inbetweentheday: Yep... I'm in love, nice clip

jungleislandsurvivor: No need for the negative comments on her approach. Advanced woodworkers know pocketholes fall short with tons of projects, including raised panel doors. But the fact that it "can" be done with a Kreg jig offers many an opportunity without becoming an expert woodworker and acquiring specialized tools. Ana White's projects are very practical and easy. I'm an advanced woodwooker, love mortise & tenon joinery, design my own projects, but still enjoy Ana's projects.

Patrick Halseth: Did that sound all scary and technical? Good, because the point is there is a lot about construction (even non-structural stuff) that is not subjective. there are objectively right and wrong ways to do things, and there are very real consequences to getting it wrong. To post a video that disregards the basic principles of construction is totally irresponsible, not to mention a disservice to your viewers.

Na than: @garriv777 I need a real woman in my life, I want her!!

Nick Dow: you should quit right now....

Nick Dow: you called your stiles "rails" and your rails "stiles". as well when you open the door, you see these big ass pocket recesses...c'mon!!!!

raramire3: Great job Ana, watch your "ah's" and "um's" and your video's will sound much better!

Shaun Long: I love my k reg jig wish it didn't cost $150

jaspermatty: Run a groove down the rails and styles for the 1/4 plywood to float in. Use the Kreg Jig to join the corners of the rails and styles.

mountainhike100: new at making doors,last 2 sets sucked big time.after seeing your video with Kreg Jig I now have a set of doors that look good and really works.looking forward to more of your how to videos with Kreg Jig.

Nick Dow: still....i'd bang you:)
raised panel doors kreg jig ana white.wmv 3.8 out of 5

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raised panel doors kreg jig ana white.wmv