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alvaro garcia: 👏👍mucho good ... si las mujeres estal tomando el control del mundo por que los hombres ya mo sirben pa pura mierrrrrrrrrda

Mucydonia: Most of people say that it will expand or whatever without experiencing themselves what happens but taking others scientific words for it.pocket holes are nice and it will last long ENOUGH.when it breaks just make another one from scratch again.i have many factory made raised panel doors at my home and at many others and they also have broken and fallen apart over some time just like pocket hole ones.and the time gap between the two types of doors to break is not that far off

Craig Blois: Seth, what in the World does an apron have to do with this? It is a good, instructive video. Are you frustrated that you cannot make either a door or a video? Do you not have any sisters or daughters, how about a mother? Would you like them treated this way? Unbelievable!

tegma: I love Ana White's woodworking projects, however..... in this case, I have to say it would be a lot less expensive to just go to Lowes and buy some raised paneled doors. They are less than $30 each, but the wood for this project, would be considerably more, in addition to the work involved.

Jen W: Ana is goals. My grandfather is a woodworker and seeing all the amazing projects she does makes me want to get into it too. I can imagine creating something so beautiful from scratch is extremely gratifying.

Heyward Shepherd: The apron is cool and don't change that. What I would have like to see was some close ups of the work being done.

Seth Watson: If she wants to be taken seriously, she needs to lose that silly apron.

Larry Harbin: This is the woman I need to marry...

woohunter1: Women moved out of the kitchen and into the workshop making kitchen cabinets. What next, fixing cars instead of crashing them?

Mike Tayse: "What she's doing here will result in a panel that splits as soon as the weather changes"  bet 'ya that did not happen! I hope the person doing the vid takes a picture of the door a year later.  I certainly understand the theory of wood moving and the importance of taking that into consideration, but it would take a while, and may never happen.  Glues are so good anymore, a judicious application of glue would probably more than compensate/overcome for any movement.

Thomas Williams8484: nice tip and thanks

J Bujanos: Can you take your shirt off in the next video?

Da Real Indiana Jones: You could make videos about how to tie shoes, it wouldnt matter . I would watch everyone. Can u upgrade your camera in the future, thx .

Njwisenheimer64 CNJ: I don't care if the door explodes...Anna please keep making videos, I can watch you work all day long...or at least until my wife pulls my ear 😜

Martin Medina: Esta señora debería tomar clases de carpinteria en lugar de querer enseñar. Ese panel va a partirse al primer cambio de temperatura. Lo bonito no quita lo tonto.

Riderhard: Tioga, your right on the money here. Our lady wood worker apparently did not finish the class on how wood needs to expand/contract. Screwing the panel to the doorframe is NO-NO, it will split the door! Practice makes perfect but this mistake will cost u money. Nice looking lady!

Tioga Fretworks: Pocket holes are not the end-all be-all answer to wood joinery.  What she's doing here will result in a panel that splits as soon as the weather changes, because nothing can expand/contract.  Sorry - but sometimes you have to bite the bullet and purchase enough tools to get the job done correctly.  In this case - you don't need a table saw to cut the grooves for the panel - a handheld router with a slotting bit would get the job done. 

Taheerah Lawrence-Brown: I really can't believe the sheer amount of sexist BS you guys are posting in these comments.  I came here for tips on building raised panel cabinet doors, and instead I just got pissed right the hell off.  SERIOUSLY! Can you think of NOTHING else but demeaning sexual comments?  Nothing productive to add at all?

Kenny M: If you were thinking about reading the comments, turn back now.

Jim Griffin: 153,356 hits?
All because of the poster's gender?
The girl doesn't know half of what the men do, and they don't know 1/100th what they should to make any videos.
End of rant.
raised panel doors kreg jig ana white.wmv 5 out of 5

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