Replacing A Leaking AC Condenser

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Fun Guy: Hi 🙂👍Skotty Kilmer, I like to say hello, I am not a mechanic but, I learned from your advice and I like to fix my own car, I like all your videos and I am proud of You and Thank you for contributing a bit of sand.

Megan mehowney: Thanks rod stewart

arlene montes: Hi scotty I have a 2005 Nissan Altima every time I turn the air conditioner on my cauge goes up and my air conditioner gets hot and the cauge goes down and the air conditioner gets cold but sometimes the cauge stays up so when I stop the engine not hot the fans are running everyday I have to put water like a water bottle

NIGHTSTALKER: WOOT IM ABOUT TO CHANGE OUT MY CONDENSER FOR A NEW ONE! GOT EVERYTHING IN THIS VIDEO (even got new o-rings for some reason not sure if i will need them or not) HERE IT GOES!!! :)

Nicholas Chase: Hi Scotty! Great video. How did you know it was a bad condenser and not a seal? My Accord leaked at that same spot but I was hoping it was the seal rather than the condenser. Is there any harm in trying to replace a seal instead? If I do, is it still necessary to replace the dryer and do the vacuum pumping before recharging it?

krazor8: So odd issue, all my refrigerant leaked out from a cracked condenser yet i can put refrigerant in the low side port and hold pressure, but the compressor wont kick on... Could the high side have no refrigerant?

razz P: I have a leaking condenser and my AC system is empty. It has been empty for 10 years. Does the existing pag oil in the AC system need to be removed? Or can I just top of the condenser when replacing it?

darylltxvideo: I used to watch you for the comedic value, but I've got to tell you, you do sloppy work, like when you just changed this condenser. Everything you do seems sloppy on camera, half shod. I've been watching this chrisfix, richpin, and a couple of others, and they act so professional. I've been watching the budget mechanic too, who was the only one on all of YouTube who showed me how to drop (remove) the AC compressor from a 2007 Saturn Ion step by step.

Sanchez Brooks: I wanted to know why coolant leak where the A/c hose and condenser connect.

mo quant: Great video, fast and no nonsense. Thanks.

lzh3131: I'm stuck in Corpus. I have a 2000. Ford Windstar and am trying to replace my ac condenser. Have the fan removed, having issues with removing the radiator. Can you give me some expert guidance, please. I AAA with a 200 mile free tow...I am always looking for an excuse to go to Houston. Fun place to drive.

Jerry Woods: Scott you need to put up a 4.3 S-10 air condenser 2000's vintage.. There are none...

Nicholas Reynosa: Am trying to replace evaporator coil do I have to put oil in it to

brandon montoya: Hey scotty, I had a front end collision on my 02 Durango so I am replacing the radiator, condenser, fan, and support bracket. my AC has never been cold so I'm assuming there is no refrigerant. would it be okay to disconnect the condenser and replace all my parts and then drive it into town for a mechanic to pump and charge it?

MoveMean TV: i have a 2002 ford explore. would it almost be the same by taking off the grill and from there you can get access to the condenser?

jpnm81: and ugh!

Drunken Slander: hello I have a 2010 cobalt 2.2 I recently replaced a cracked radiator and now my a.c. has faded since then. did I release the Freon from the condenser when I replaced my radiator?

Tim Horan: hi Scotty I had a question. My 95 dodge ram 1500 I recently bought seems to have taken some damage to the lower bit of the condenser. My ac is cool but if I run it too long the temps on my thermostat get well above the half way mark. Can a damaged condenser cause overheating? I ask because once I turn the ac off the truck cools back to down about 195ish.

ISAACICECREAMS: Scotty, I'm planning to do the vacuum pumping by myself and let the mechanic add the refrigerant (because he owes me) but my question is if I can vacuum pump the system, drive the car, and then add the refrigerant after? Will it damage anything? Thanks in advance !

cmiller8492: If the condenser is all dinged and bent around, would that cause poor cooling? Considering changing mine out but not sure if thats the cause of the poor cooling. AC blows fine, just barley gets cool.
Replacing A Leaking AC Condenser 5 out of 5

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Replacing A Leaking AC Condenser