Replacing A Leaking AC Condenser

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Replacing A Leaking AC Condenser
Replacing A Leaking AC Condenser
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John Tesla: can I use an old condenser from pick n pull, or does it have to be new?

jaycee fernandez: hello scotty , i have a corolla 91 and whenever i use my ac my temperature gets really high just a minute .. i have enough coolant and my aux fan is working fine, what should i check?

Diego Francisco: Cooling fan it's working but not stop until a turn off the Acc

Diego Francisco: Hi ScottyI have a question for Ac when I turn on my Ac it's not cold enough when the car it's parkBut when we drive the Ac star getting cold air inside the car

codeman863100: Hey scotty when I drive and press the gas pedal the ac does not blow air but when I am at a stop while I press the brakes the ac starts to blow cold air any idea.



Rey Pachino: Hey Scotty, wife had a small front collision on car. Dented AC and radiator. I'm replacing all front end parts. I need to replace radiator support, can I just disconnect and hook back up hoses from radiator and AC condenser parts so I can put the radiator support on and have it towed to mechanic without turning car on?

vintagehonda83: Hi Scotty I have an 04 trailblazer, my ac condenser has leaked out, cant find a video showing how to replace it and has it damaged my compressor.

haider shihab: Hi Scotty,

Firstly, many thanks for the wonderful Video. Secondly,
I am just wondering if you can help me?
I have Honda jazz, I want to replace the condenser and I know how to do that but I have couple of things to ask you about :
1- Why you put the "R134A REFRIGERANT oil" inside the new condenser and is it essential to do that?
2- I have picture for some wire just come of when I opened the condenser to check it, can I send you the pic to see if you can identify it? I doubted it's a sensor for the heat should stick on the condenser ? Is there some thing like that?

Kind Regards

Sonny Burnett: Cool thanks.

Jorge Alejandro: Prefect, thanks Scotty!

Hien “Kenny” Bui: Can I just mail the car to you to fix?

Steve Santos: Scotty: the front of my condensor got banged up and so did my radiator. I'm going to replace the radiator so my car turns on but I am thinking of also replacing my condensor, since it's dented inwards towards the radiator, so everything can fit smoothly. I will not be doing a vacum flush because I don't have one. Is it ok to just replace the two, so my car can turn on and everything fits, and drive directly to my friends shop and quickly get it vacumed. or would you recommend something else. the last thing I want to do is pay for another tow.

Auriel Valdez: When going through the whole installation, do you leave both low and high pressure caps on?

mutatedfetus66: This guy is cool. literally.

Mark balo: Hey scotty whats that vacuum called to take out the air? Are they cheap to buy?

Trysten Akiona: Scotty How can I tell If my condenser is bad or Leaking ? My AC is weakening and I can hear a hissing sound by the radiator

Gonzalo Herrera: Scotty: you make it look too simple.... lol how can I evacuate the system if I don't have a vacuum pump? can I just not fill it up?

Angel Alonso: Scotty,
I had damage to my old condenser and removed it from the car. I had the pipes unplugged over night till I purchased a new condenser the next morning. I read the comment above stating not to leave pipes unplugged what should I do now??? I'm lost

Brickleberry: After a front end collision on a 2010 dodge ram in which the ac condenser was damaged and replaces how much oil (PAG 46?) needs to be added when the system is recharged?
Replacing A Leaking AC Condenser 5 out of 5

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Replacing A Leaking AC Condenser