Replacing A Leaking AC Condenser

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Gonzalo Herrera: Scotty: you make it look too simple.... lol how can I evacuate the system if I don't have a vacuum pump? can I just not fill it up?

Angel Alonso: Scotty,
I had damage to my old condenser and removed it from the car. I had the pipes unplugged over night till I purchased a new condenser the next morning. I read the comment above stating not to leave pipes unplugged what should I do now??? I'm lost

Matt Foley: After a front end collision on a 2010 dodge ram in which the ac condenser was damaged and replaces how much oil (PAG 46?) needs to be added when the system is recharged?

crystal harley: Question i got the uv test done on my 02 z71 tahoe and was told nothing came up however, my ac still does work if i put fron in it, it work for a day or two maybe three then back to hot. ....can you please help me

David Picek: hey scotty i just ordered a ac condenser for a 07 accord (have you ever done one) and it doesn't come with a drier, i plan on using my drier from my old condenser. think i will have any problems? Thanks!

JL Sumagang: Hi Scotty,
My ac compressor died. Im going to replace the compressor, drier and the expansion valve. Is it okay to drive the car with all the pipe connection unplug so the shop can flush the system? According to the vendor I have to flush the condenser for them to cover the compressor warranty. Should i buy a new condenser instead? I need your expertise. Thank you.

ThatSexyGuy1290: Hey there Mr Kilmer. I just bought a used car and the ac line connected to the condenser is broken. The owner says he hasnt run ac in years, should i just replace the entire ac system or should i repair what i have?

Devin Perry: You're awesome, man! Your videos really help.

Roddy Diaz (Madcap111989): i need to replace the ac condenser and fan on my 06 nissan maxima, mechanic wanted to charge me 600 bucks!!!

Michael Gutierrez: My Nissan altima doesn't have an ac condenser I just by passed it and it's freezing cold for almost two years now

Glen Browne: Dude, that was awesome!  Thanks so much.

Perplexer1: Is AC oil added like that only when replacing the condenser? What if you had a leak from a pipe somewhere and your refrigerant leaked? Do you then only refill the refrigerant? Won't that vaccum pump suck the oil out ?


I need a new ac condenser and compressor for my car. I bought an original compressor and it cost me about $640. The original one costs $505. There is one made in Taiwan and it costs only $120. Is there any side effects of not using the original ac condenser? such as the compressor may fail soon or the cooling efficiency will be low. I want to make sure everything done perfectly as I don't want to lose this compressor.

Thanks in advance.

balls delvecchio: Hi Scotty!  My AC had a leak and it was blowing warm air.   I recently had freon and dye put in the ac system and it was fine for a few days until last night.  I took it back, it was blowing warm air again and to see if he can spot the leak.  The mechanic told me that there is a leak in my condenser.  He told me it would cost $300.  I have a 2005 Jeep Liberty.  Do you think it would be easier and less money to fix it myself?

WV591: Scotty, you are the Bob Munden of auto mechanics :-)

wheeliesforJesus: How detrimental is it to remove the room air from the system? I swapped condensers and don't have a vacuum pump.

Mike Oxbig: Just spent about 8 hours trying to do this on an '03 Pontiac Vibe, and failed miserably.

First, I couldn't get the grille off due to its fastening screws being rusted to the frame with stripped heads, so I had to really get in there at weird angles, going underneath the car to unhook this bastard.

Second, after finally (about 3 hours alter) getting everything disassembled, the radiator's attached fan wouldn't come off, so after unbolting that, it still wouldn't come off due to the front radiator hose being in the way. So after spilling coolant all over the place (my fault) from unhooking the hose, there's another hose that was hooked to the fans. I said ** it, since the radiator won't bend back out of the way to make room for the condenser coming out, and put everything back. Thankfully my car still works, so far. 

Maybe next time, try to explain that there's a lot of things that could happen that would prevent someone from getting a condenser unhooked, instead of making it seem so easy. 

Ben S: I'm replacing the condenser on my toyota this week (already taken it out). I've also heard its important to replace the o-rings on the connections. If thats true I doubt new condensor comes with them and hard to find. Thoughts?

OpsahlDG: My car manual says use 525 visc oil for sealing, you say PAG but don't specify visc.  Does it matter?

hoopfan71: My 1992 Acura Legend's AC has been working off-and-on for about a year until recently when it started strictly blowing hot air. I was afraid the compressor I'd installed a couple years ago had died. I took the car to a shop, and they found that the condenser was leaking...$900 for the replacement and recharge (R-12 refrigerant @ $120/lb - Legend uses two pounds). I replaced the condenser, o-rings, and receiver-drier today, and I added some R-12 system mineral oil. I had to remove the radiator to get the old condenser out and install the new one.
Replacing A Leaking AC Condenser 5 out of 5

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Replacing A Leaking AC Condenser