Saiga Rifle AK47 Bullet Guide

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calholli: It looks like you ground a slight angle in your barrel also, at the bottom... (sort of like m4 feed ramps, but on your barrel)... Did you do that yourself, and is it dangerous?
I ask because I did it to mine, and I think I might have taken a little too much. No problems as of yet, but I feel a little uneasy every time I bust it out. thanks for your comments.

BTW, mine is a Saiga 223 and I modified the mag hole in the receiver to accept an adapter, which allows for it to use regular AR15 magazines. It works great. But like I said, I also ground an angle along the bottom of my barrel. Just looking for someone to tell me that its fine I guess. lol

GoreTorn16: This was very helpful. Thank you!

John in CA: Received my bullet guide yesterday morning, for a Saiga 7.62x39. With my minimal machinist skills, I was able to knock this out in about an hour. The only thing that took some time was having to run out and purchase a t-handle for the tap. Found a 3 handle set at Harbor Freight for $9 that worked just fine. Follow the instructions from this video, and take your time while tapping the hole. Piece of cake.
Thanks guys at CS!

Martin L: super help me out

JJJ JJJ: Anyone having doubts about tapping, drill a hole then nut and bolt it. A busted off tap is a pain in the ass when a nut and screw works just as well.

psycho sysqo: tapco mags wont fit unless you file down a lot of the material

Thomas Zito: Purchase bullet guide elsewhere if your looking for a round 5.45x39 bullet guide that functions properly.

Rick P.: NOT needed if you use Pro-Mags, Pro-Mags follower Hump is a good 1/8th+ taller on follower, opposite side of follower has a round bump which also lifts rounds, Also DON'T use Genuine Russian Bakelite Mags to clearance Mag release or you won't find ANY Polymer Mags that will fit tightly against Mag release, They WILL fit sloppy as hell!

pinkeye00: I was wondering ... if you apply pressure to the tap, will it break? just wondering ... seems like it might ... ;)

rouge ronin: Will your bullet guide work for the saiga 308 ?

rmwtsou: I just J-B-Welded the bullet guide onto for my Saiga 7.62X39 (no drilling). It worked just fine. Yesterday, I took my rifle out to the desert and shot 40 rounds. Absolutely no problem!

Robert Berry: Im about to buy a bullet guide from u guys soon and I know u are probably tired of this question but how far do u drill down?

Alex Kowal: thanks so much for these videos. 

Danny12092: Is this available for california residents?

Chris Rich: excellent video

Slacker Chief: How deep do you have to drill into the trunnion?

fonz660R: Great video than you for the detailed steps.

Owmyballsdude: For the 223 VEPR, install the bullet guide and file the mag catch. If you want to run the Circle 10 mags.

Carolina Shooters: Yes they do require a bullet guide for 100% reliability.
Saiga Rifle AK47 Bullet Guide 5 out of 5

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Saiga Rifle AK47 Bullet Guide