Miscrits SK~ Level 30 Hotdog Review

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Emina T: I have Hotdog. :D

Aleksa Djordjevic: shadowanime123

KodakuSuzumiya: like you to level 30 so fast?Is incredibly powerful!!!

fadel saad: Dude enchant the abilities :P

kerem akdağ: .SOLO :p

RoaraidOfTheNeos: You uploaded on my b-day :')

David Asilis: i dont know how to private message what do i do?

SuperYash2012: LOL it's peter -_-

TheBurningPhoenix925: same here

TheFunkyN: AMAZINGGGGGGGGGG ! Why I didn't buy in when it was on shop ._. Cool review, make a cyberdilo if you can :D

BP wild: Is hotdog good without the relics?

Qame: is it basic trained ?

Matija Jurkovic: Omg.its awesome.

Angata Atanasov: can you add me pls Angel Atanasov

Angata Atanasov: you make awesome reviews thanks man

cahuat13: Hi peter pls add me in fb name is Bryan Chan Zj pls add it and pls make a review of cyberdillo I had 3 of him

wilson sanchez rodas: tu miscrit es lo maximo porque mi hot dog llego solo a 76 de phisical attack

meBZcookie: nice

Guramrit Singh: i 'm guramrit singh add me lvl432

Cim0laci0n: Hotdog is very strong !

edwin monroy: add me i have him too in level 30 and i have the new ligthing one in level 30 it was easy to train in like 30 minutes i haded him in level 30

Goh ZW: Wow!!AMAZING!!!!

Nikola Levakov: Omg hotdog is godam good...I just got 1 today

ShadowAnime123: Guys, I said if u want to add me, either PM me on Youtube or Facebook. Its more easier if u PM me on Youtube... I wont accept "add me" from the Youtube comments. So please, PM message me only...

ShadowAnime123: Well then Happy Birthday :)

Selly Pinky: Awesome

cahuat13: And sry this is my father YouTube acc

Gemix001: add me Miguel Mayoral Muñoz

DKnight19917234: Incredible attacks and crapty defense...My bloverine killed it with 3 hits.

TheBurningPhoenix925: Krady?

Adnan Issaji: hey please make the cyberdillo review

Ko Nan: add me :)

Bryan Chan: i think mine hotdog can beat his pad without relic cause mine lv 21 had great pa =)

Kar Karthik: lol poir stats

carlos32077: how make your openig?

tok jing huan: Got him in a bronze miscrit pack

zzpro0: Commentary plz

GordonDoes MC: 2nd

A$ap_K!xD: I won him the Daily Spin(freak yeah)

Bryan Chan: Why u stopped making video?

fadel saad: WHO DISLIKED!?!?!?!?!?!
Miscrits SK~ Level 30 Hotdog Review 4.9 out of 5

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Miscrits SK~ Level 30 Hotdog Review