Rohm GMBH Sontheim/BRZ Model 66

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RÖHM Bohrfutter Montage Sontheim
RÖHM Bohrfutter Montage Sontheim

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John Roberts: This gun in nickel was the second gun I ever bought because at the time I couldn't afford to shoot my Ruger Security-Six. I could throw the gun in the back of the car with some hearing protection and a couple of boxes of ammo and I'd go up into the canyons of Provo, Utah and shoot it. It wasn't supremely accurate and I had to tighten the grips every time I cleaned it, but it was a great little gun.

John nacho: My model 66 is marked Arizona presentation model. It has a gold finish and functions flawlessly. My friends and I have been shooting this thing for fun for probably 25 years. It's earned the name gold lightning cuz it's quick in the hand has a gold finish and never hits the same place twice!! Lol

Roger Wilco: Mine shoots really high. About 5 or 6 inches at 10yrds. Does the rear sight really adjust for elevation? It seems like its windage only

Gene Paulk: If any one knows where I can buy a pair of walnut grips for my ROHM model 66 22 mag pistol !!! Leave a response please !!! Thanks

KWPRS Paranormal: This gun is a pass me down from father to son it seems that all the videos ive seen is that way in fact my father passed down a pair of these to me a nice revolver .

SciFi Writer: I also inherited one of these from my father.  I wouldn't part with it for any amount of money because of the sentimental value.  It's not a Colt or S&W but it is adequate and has a 22 mag interchangeable cylinder that I have in it now.

D. Howard: I bought mine new in 1967 and still have it.

kyle shanower: Can u do a take down on this gun I have one that came in a bag and would like to know whats missing

kyle shanower: Can u do a take down on this gun I have one that came in a bag and would like to know whats missing

Red Vote Blue State: This is my first handgun (not the first I shot, but I owned). It's a great gun with a bad reputation because of Rohm. Never had a problem with the timing on my revolver and I got it used.

Andr3wHi11: I also have one of these my father gave to me. He bought it just to throw in a tackle box so it has some blemishes but shoots great. It has two cylinders. One that is marked 22lr and the other that is unmarked and smooth on the outside. I have been told it's .22magnum but I cannot confirm this. Can anyone tell me for sure if this is true?

poppa0777: I need a cylinder (22LR) for my model 66. Does anyone have one?

jack collins: I have the nickel plated model 66 lr version.  It was my first gun.  My sister bought it at a pawn shop and gave it to me....I was 12 years old.  It has shot perfectly for the last 35 years.  Recently, I noticed it is missing a piece (some kid has been sneaking it out, I suppose).  Where can you get parts?  I need ( i dont know what it is called) the pin that holds the rod that holds the cylinder in the frame. It slides out to remove the cylinder pin.  Any help would be appreciated.

MrGijoe72: I have a model 68, 38s cowboy gun and I cant find any info for it can some body help me

Johnny Rychuss: Thats a 1000 dollar gun no believe it or not. pre 1971 its a classic. Great gun.

Silver Back: Pecker I would do $75 for it if you have regular and mag cylinders

ray steven: how much you pay 4 my 22 magnum revolver

Thomas Rudolph: Are you aware whether or not these pistols have interchangeable parts with the Hy Hunter Frontier Six shooter? They were both made by Rohm to the best of my knowledge. Thanks

Tanner Stump: I'm only 14 but I like guns and I collect and my uncle gave me one of these a couple years ago but mine is not like the other ones I've seen it's not black it like a silver coler and handle is a real wood and darker color

Shawn Bird: My dad gave me one of these. I've never shot it because it's missing what I believe is called the "cylinder pin retaining screw"...basically it's the screw that holds the cylinder pin in place. If anyone knows where I can locate one of these, please let me know. Thanks
Rohm GMBH Sontheim/BRZ model 66 5 out of 5

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Rohm GMBH Sontheim/BRZ model 66