Rohm GMBH Sontheim/BRZ Model 66

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Rohm GMBH Sontheim/BRZ model 66
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kyle shanower: Can u do a take down on this gun I have one that came in a bag and would like to know whats missing

kyle shanower: Can u do a take down on this gun I have one that came in a bag and would like to know whats missing

Red Vote Blue State: This is my first handgun (not the first I shot, but I owned). It's a great gun with a bad reputation because of Rohm. Never had a problem with the timing on my revolver and I got it used.

Andr3wHi11: I also have one of these my father gave to me. He bought it just to throw in a tackle box so it has some blemishes but shoots great. It has two cylinders. One that is marked 22lr and the other that is unmarked and smooth on the outside. I have been told it's .22magnum but I cannot confirm this. Can anyone tell me for sure if this is true?

jack collins: I have the nickel plated model 66 lr version. It was my first gun. My sister bought it at a pawn shop and gave it to me....I was 12 years old. It has shot perfectly for the last 35 years. Recently, I noticed it is missing a piece (some kid has been sneaking it out, I suppose). Where can you get parts? I need ( i dont know what it is called) the pin that holds the rod that holds the cylinder in the frame. It slides out to remove the cylinder pin. Any help would be appreciated.

poppa0777: I need a cylinder (22LR) for my model 66. Does anyone have one? Thanks!

MrGijoe72: I have a model 68, 38s cowboy gun and I cant find any info for it can some body help me

Scioneer: @rsundertakkerr The Model 66 is one of the few RGs that doesn't suck. Mine has held up quite well.

tonelar415: Mine is in .38 special, I keep it to backup my Rugers at CAS matches. Very solidly built revolvers.

Silver Back: Ed I have the same York Cutlery stamp and yes it was imports in York PA Wish I could find a 22mag cylinder...

tonelar415: My bad, I just looked at it again... mine's a model 63.

Kevin1985ish: i have an rg but lost rear sight screw and hole reamed out great gun though

theDUKE197908: i have had the model 66 since 1993, its been a great gun ,i had to replace the hammer 5 yrs ago.Other than that its been great.

davewlm: My dad has the nickel 66, I don't have to sneak it out any more. I was shooting it today, much more accurate than I remember.Suppose I'm a better shot. lol "o"

Thomas Rudolph: Are you aware whether or not these pistols have interchangeable parts with the Hy Hunter Frontier Six shooter? They were both made by Rohm to the best of my knowledge. Thanks

CosmicGrooves: Very cool! The first handgun/revolver I ever shot was the RG66 my Dad bought back in the very early '80's. It looks almost exactly the same as yours. Dad let me borrow it last weekend and I took it to the range and fired it. He has both cylinders for both long rifle and magnum rounds. It sill works perfectly. When I was a kid, my brother and I would sneak it out and shoot it before my parents go home. The luxuries of being a country boy. :)


Ed F: I have owned the Mod. 66 .22 lr version of this gun for 25 years. It has never misfired, jammed, or broken in any way, shape, or form. It was my first pistol handed down from my grandfather. Mine also came stamped York Cutlery, York, PA. I assume that was the importer of my particular gun. Some day I hope to pass it along to one of my nieces with specific instructions to keep it in the family.

BKWsk8er4life: nice gun lol i just bought one yesterday

sufferin sucatash: i just bought two of these guns, one is missing the plunger assembly. ive taken it to a couple of places and they said it aint worth fixin but tryin to find a plunger for it now. these gun shoot awesome and are accurate. i paid 175 for both and was basically told i was ripped off, this came from a dealer though.

ayourczek08: I have a model 86. it looks damn near identical to yours. i wanna learn more about it any suggestions?

stevewalkin: I have one of these exact models... Just a little wore out, verry verry wore out

wolfie83: I have one of these I got from a lady who bought it in 69, shot half the box of ammo that was in with the gun, then wrapped it back in the wax paper and it sat for 40 years...paid $80 and it is one sweet shooting pistol and hasnt skipped a beat, I have the 22 mag cylinder for mine as well. I've shot shorts, long, long rifle and mag through it and its dead on. Even took my CCH class with it so I didn't have to waste valuable .45 doing a basic class.

CharlesAlwaysWins: Beautiful man I have this exact same one however I got it from my dad after his house burned down I think it has water damage so I would like to ask how do you open it like the revolving clip I think it is jammed any suggestions?

Silver Back: Pecker I would do $75 for it if you have regular and mag cylinders

youpickitthin: @reaper83001 the roblem is a ford vs volvo thing a cnc shop i germany made them and sold them to the us cheep then we band them kinda like the swich blade so rohm made the bigger better modle 66 [ ruger copy ] to peak intrest but kept a bad rap

V6STANGER1: these are very accurate and excellent for target practice rugged and very reliable nice vid

SecretService80: @invidregent99 Did you know that John W. Hinckley Jr. shot Ronald Reagan with a .22 caliber Röhm RG-14 on March 30, 1981?

Tanner Stump: I'm only 14 but I like guns and I collect and my uncle gave me one of these a couple years ago but mine is not like the other ones I've seen it's not black it like a silver coler and handle is a real wood and darker color

rsundertakkerr: my dad has that exact same gun he bought it for $30 and i was looking it up online and it say they suck.

Scioneer: Great little gun that defies the reputation RGs have.

1stpalindrone: Try Brownells . com. Should be compatible with the Ruger Single-Six as I have both.

wolfie83: I just got one of these, a model 66 with 22 long and 22 mag cylinder new in box and still has some 40 year old boxes of unfired .22 rounds...kinda cool, guy found it in his mother in laws stored stuff and she had it gifted to her but never fired it. Can't wait to go plinking.

ZuluComander: my uncle found one of these in some field while he was hunting or something and just gave it to my dad and i first shot it when i was 7. its in a very neglected condition is it wort. im think of reblueing it and making some wood handles for it

FICKLEII: Hmm.. Looks like another SAA revolver. 1min later. Yep. It is

Silver Back: Sucatash if you want to get rid of any 22 Mag cylinders let me know :-)

youpickitthin: its nice i have one . its a 66 not sure if its a LR or a mag it shoots boath just fine but the l/r shells do expand a little so i think its ment to have two cylinders . ppl hate them but there probly the ones that never realy shot one . you can get one for bout 50$ us but since theres only like 3 of them in the world lol i would think they would be worth moor or be colectable for guys like u & me thanx ill make a vid of mine soon

Shawn Bird: My dad gave me one of these. I've never shot it because it's missing what I believe is called the "cylinder pin retaining screw"...basically it's the screw that holds the cylinder pin in place. If anyone knows where I can locate one of these, please let me know. Thanks

youpickitthin: @XmilenkofanX ill trade for a .22 lr cylinder i have two mags no lr

Johnny Rychuss: Thats a 1000 dollar gun no believe it or not. pre 1971 its a classic. Great gun.

Santino Salcido: does anyone know where i can get my hands on a mag cylinder for the same model gun ???

Eric Fox: @rsundertakkerr yea,there the same people that think they don't stink and wouldn't buy a gun that didn't cost $500.

MrRashBone: Nice. I have the same one only chrome plated. It has been reliable and really a fun little pistol.

EmofacePS3: i just got the same gun from my grandfather who passed in may havnt gotten a chance to shoot it yet but im hoping to go to the range this weekend

bullrider118: i have the same gun i shoot it all the time very accurate gun.

Johnny Rychuss: I have this same gun. Made a review and tear down video of it. Great pistol. I dropped mine in the mud and it still works.

Sniper1968: Yes, have snuck this one out to shoot as a kid as well with my brother when we were kids.

doubledfire: i got an rg model 66 a month or so ago and it broke, could you do a video on how to take it completely apart?

Jon R: I have one. I like it very much. Its seen much more wear and tear than yours and still works great.

rsundertakkerr: @rsundertakkerr i was mistaken my father has the rg model 23 .22 cal.
Rohm GMBH Sontheim/BRZ model 66 4.7 out of 5

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Rohm GMBH Sontheim/BRZ model 66