How To Make A Homemade Ozone Generator (Air Purifier)

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How To Make a Homemade Ozone Generator (Air Purifier)
How To Make a Homemade Ozone Generator (Air Purifier)
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David Hart: Pretty cool, except that at 1:48 the orange plastic cap magically appears without any reference to it's installation.

Jessamy Zimmerman: What is the song in this video??

Gene Cage: 10 Kv HT should it be DC or AC ?

Alexandru Ureche: The english wasn't perfect, but easy enough to understand, and the vid was interesting and captured my curiocity so good job, good video, there's another thumb up for you.

Davide Spessot: To anyone who intends to repeat this: be very careful. Ozone is harmful. It is a powerful oxidant that reacts with most materials at room temperature, including your lung tissues. Chlorine was used as a chemical weapon in WWI and it is not nearly as reactive as ozone.

dave willis: ow yea because it 100% safe to inhale ozone and how did u forget a 5000 volt transformer

Jim Oliver: You left a step out..You went from a glass tube with wire attached at 1:37 to a glass tube with an "orange" cap on it 1:48. I had a rug I purchased off Ebay (Bartlow) that had a bad odor to it. My friend brought over his Ozone machine and we made a tent out of plastic film, rope and ladders, and we removed the odor after 3-4 steam cleaning had failed. He also told me that if I was to leave this machine running in my house (we did it in my detached garage) it would kill small animals, i.e birds (parrots etc etc) and small dogs. You are right when I went to my garage the next day and opened the door... it smelled like a rain forest. I believe he said the machine added another molecule to the air. Nice video

Nikhil Bhandarkar: where should i connect that wounded wire ?

Gino Foogle: i like how you watch other video's and duplicate what you have seen earlier.. but please be carefull with those experiments in your room as you might catch your parents house on fire.. PS: even though you might turn into a meth addict later in life and you enjoy inhaling anything, please don't inhale ozone gas as it's very bad for your lungs/health and you don't get high while doing it.. you dunce.

Mah Be: It works 4 about 10 min. before the glass tube cracks : (

Patrick Jackson: Where did u get the generator mine went out? Thanks n advance

Peter Grič: hi , pvc is good tube ?

Marceli Firlej: Ozone is toxic for lunges, please do not breath it!

Foam Cat: The off gassing of aluminum and copper wire is what's dangerous! Don't make this crap!

Patrick Jackson: Where did u get the generator mine went out? Thanks n advance

Benjamin Hershey: Cool machine but if you make it homemade like that, you could be generating harmful amounts of UV radiation (damaging to the eyes). If you can smell the ozone, you shouldn't be looking at it. It could give you cataracts.

Marceli Firlej: O3 are three atoms of oxygen bonded together. Rest anyone can find on See also Safety regulations chapter. I have strong Ozone machine generator for room disinfection like it is use in hospitals and water and have to use it save way.

World One Tube: 2:27 ''high voltage'' and then attaching the wires with his hands xp 

Naomi Poland: Nice thankyou, for a simple easy to understand version, sometimes video too fast to see what your doing properly. Is it a tube with one open end? And how to connect it all to power isn't very clear. And how to connect a hose to ozonate water. A little help on these is much appreciated, Thanks Regards N

William Schmidt-Hansen: This process also makes NO2 - Nitrogen dioxide, which is very poisonous... But cool!

Diego Romero Montaño: Great, thanks!!

CyberPunk733: word Is out O3 is not harmful,, in fact it is healthily, The EPA and the government are trying to say that Oxygen is a toxic gas because they know that this can kill viruses, including flu,, and it can also kill cancer cells, they want to protect the medical mafia,, of course oxygen is not a toxic gas, it's in the atmosphere, remember the EPA also said that the air in NYC was safe to breathe after 9/11 and that fuk-u-shima radiation is not harmful, you cant trust these con artists.

RB Gomes: ozone is bad for home!! best is plasma negative ions

iva666: yes it kills germs

Dart Zamaki: I don't get it, how is it cleaning the air? Is it literally killing germs and such as the air goes through?

Eddie Kilby: 03 is not good for you but I like the smell of it to.

Franky taylor: In a spa they use o3 with myst vapor. I have seen wounds heal fast and there is a colon cancer stage IV still alive 15 years post diagnosis using it. By the way patient is a Dr of medicine himself! No idea about concentration or what they use but know these facts. Seems like industrial ozone is dangerous but it can be mixed to modify its toxicity. I am still searching.

demnlordd666: it is quite safe in small controlled amounts and 5 hours is WAY overkill for a lill bit. they use it to clean water we drink. in low concentrations it really only has the power to clean the surface of your mucus membranes. kinda like putting 1ml of bleach in a big load of laundry and being afraid it is gonna put holes in your clothes... air with odors/smoke/particulates USE up the O3. so half life's only right if the air is CLEAN to start with. be cautious, but not ridiculously so.

HowToMakeIt156: anyway.. i love o3 smell lol

Daikataro Kamegawa: How to make an atomic bomb out of leftover bread crusts and a plastic bag. Oh yeah and i almost forgot, you also need a radioactive isotope!

ChvyLostAngel: Less music, more information! This can be very dangerous for someone who doesn't know what they are doing!!

Agust Prasetya: mantab gan....

shawn619822: what is the song at the beginning?

HowToMakeIt156: AC 10kV @10mA

harolze: Don't breathe O3 as young Hadi does at end of video. Ozone is HIGHLY toxic. It will burn your lungs faster you can say hello goodby.

harolze: Would not even be wise on the same room when the generator is on. Use remote control to turn it on/off and wait 5 hours. Ozone's haft-time is about 30 minutes which reduces level to 1/1024 of original. Open windows afterwards. Even the low conceration of ozone might taste "fresh" when inhaled it is not healthy.

Kraemer22: @mikey03691 the ozone layer is made of ozone which protects us. cfcs destroy that ozone. '-_-

blackbirdphotography: the way we get old is by our bodies oxidizing... that is how our bodies die.... someone should NOT be trying to hasten that reaction, and if you really want to, there are easier and faster ways to meet the reaper. These things have their place, but NOT in occupied rooms. They do work for cleansing and deordorzing, but NOT IN OCCUPIED ROOMS... Apparently some folks here will believe any hype a t.v. infomercial tells them.

mikey03691: Isn't ozone what's depleting in the atmosphere? Why don't we large scale this and stop global warming if this is the case

JieXiang88: No, you can use them but use when not at home

Alan Lim: It is consider a toxic in high concentration as stated in ehow website

envisionstar20: Never use ozone generators they are super harmful to your lungs

LoveReshiram: Does a copper wire with rubber insulation work? :\

Landau Martin: ozone is highly toxic

XeXWill: Remember that the amount of ozone coming off this thing is really small.

mrdouchefacedickguy: Did you use a AC to AC transformer? or a DC transformer? (yes they exist, i own two of them)

Robert Robertson: ozone is both beneficial and dangerous. It is not good to breath with out professional working knowledge of ozone therapy, it is a fantastic water purifier but should not be allowed to accumulate in the air as it is harmful to the lungs. do your research before freaking around with this powerful oxidizer... and it is 3 oxygen atoms bonded together making a single o3 molecule... o2 is the molecule of oxygen in the air steve... please guys think before posting idiotic comments, with bad info.

phil swan: yeah be careful mate i wouldn't sniff so much of that stuff it can be harmful
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How To Make a Homemade Ozone Generator (Air Purifier)