How To Make A Homemade Ozone Generator (Air Purifier)

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How To Make a Homemade Ozone Generator (Air Purifier)
How To Make a Homemade Ozone Generator (Air Purifier)
Diy Ozone Generator Air Purifier
Diy Ozone Generator Air Purifier
Ozone Generators Exposed: What is inside makes the difference.
Ozone Generators Exposed: What is inside makes the difference.
Buy and build. HOW TO build YOUR OWN Ozone Generator Kit o3
Buy and build. HOW TO build YOUR OWN Ozone Generator Kit o3

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Bobby Blair: This is fake. Breathing in even 0.10 parts per million of Ozone can cause health problems.

Max Cinta: Thanks! I really liked your presentation!

basil katakuzinos: Last I checked ozone was POISONOUS.

Rajvosa Sarajevo: Congrats! but u miss most important thing in this device! where is info about HV source ? wich generator u use? voltage, frequency and so.. and how to make it one for cheap price. What if i connect car Xenon balast with 15-20 kV ?

Winnie Lee: Can you make an ozone generator with 12V? Also, do you need to connect the copper wire and aluminum foil? Finally, what is the chemistry in it??

funnelweb10: What's the music about! Had to turn that crap off

Miss Kitty: An actual air purifier is removing ozone from the air because, ozone is harmful to human lungs, ozoned water is safe to drink but when ozone is in the air it kills lung tissue.

Valken: You need to test how much ozone is being produced to know if this is producing useful amounts or too much. Without this information the device is not useful.

jakub rembacz: when I saw the intro I thought it was by electroboom

EvilPlagueDoctor: I wonder if you could use a vandegraff generator for the power..

noilex: I've seen some bad crap on yt, but this one...? man!

Michael Rotter: idiot. what a horrible video. music is not constant, the camera is not constant, the guide is not constant. these all mirrors yourself that you are an idiot.

Chaos Corner: Tried to do this with the guts of a USB plasma ball but I don't think it's enough voltage, sadly.

syamala raj: does this work with a flyback transformer or pulsed dc

David Hart: This video and a couple others like it on YouTube were the inspiration for me to design what turned out to be the most powerful portable ozone generator in the world, RamAir's OzoGen 10kV High Output Ozone Generator.
Thank you for the inspiration!
You can see where I posted a reply to your video 2 years ago, that was right before I began my first of what would be hundreds of prototypes.

creation imminent:                Like many things information is good. Ozone can be good or bad depending on use, levels and how it  is  created.

mrBDeye: not everyone has a plasma ball to make this

Povesti Audio: People are talking about lung cancer stuff...Who said it's safe to breath?He said it's an "air purifier".Is it working??Yes!03 is used in hospitals to clean the air sometimes.I know because my father had one in his room...Of course you are not suppose to breath the ozone.When you turn the machine one leave the room.

John Minton: ...I don't think that is a negative ion generator, if it works it would be pretty low output. It's really just an o3 generator. I wish that when people make stuff like this, they would hold a meter up to it to show it's validity.

Robert Paul Guidry: I love how these How To DO videos just show people to dump gaseous poison into their environment. O2 is ozone, this is great atmospheric gas for reflecting IR up at about 70K feet, but down here on earth, it is pollutant that the weather service and EPA monitor. yep, it destroys your lungs! Can not be dumber to use this unless you are the type of person that keeps warm by bathing themselves in gasoline and lightning themselves on fire. That would be dumber, but only by a very little bit. ENJOY.... and.. oh and do you science at all?
How To Make a Homemade Ozone Generator (Air Purifier) 5 out of 5

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How To Make a Homemade Ozone Generator (Air Purifier)