How To Make A Homemade Ozone Generator (Air Purifier)

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How To Make a Homemade Ozone Generator (Air Purifier)
How To Make a Homemade Ozone Generator (Air Purifier)
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Paul Gdry: I love how these How To DO videos just show people to dump gaseous poison into their environment. O2 is ozone, this is great atmospheric gas for reflecting IR up at about 70K feet, but down here on earth, it is pollutant that the weather service and EPA monitor. yep, it destroys your lungs! Can not be dumber to use this unless you are the type of person that keeps warm by bathing themselves in gasoline and lightning themselves on fire. That would be dumber, but only by a very little bit. ENJOY.... and.. oh and do you science at all?

X Space: Ozone output = ???

Henrik Alstrom: Air purifier? Ozone is really toxic, this reminds me of that dry ice air cooler, both sound like a really bad idea.

Huffilupagus Vapes: I thought grond was in L.O.T.R not on your mighty mostest bestest piece of crap ive ever seen ,and ozone is like anything thing in life-- moderation is best with this gas-I know I happen to work with some very rare and interesting substances.P.S you wont get cancer.

EasyPeasyChemistry: Everytime I read your English annotations, I just have to take a Borat accent in my head. Great success !

noah he (noahdthehorse): Ozone is not good to breath

Haluk Cetiner: it generates ozone. if you want to be lung cancer. do this and use it :D

snaprollinpitts: thank you

Michael Bradford: you freaking rock brother! your a badass!

NITESCIENTIST: avenged sevenfold intro ftw. subbed

Darkshade laststand: Haaaa, you love smelling Poison? Haa@aaaaaaaaaaaaa

Moaaz Mofti: I like the video THANKS Engineer ^_* :)

Gerald C: Do ya'll even know what ozone is ??  O3  like water is H2O ozone is O3   Lighting strikes make ozone all the time. Falls on earth in rain.   No bad stuff can live in O2 rich human body 
Ozone therapy is the use of ozone gas to treat certain medical conditions. It is most commonly practiced in Europe. Ozone therapy is used for “slipped disks” in the spine, diabetes, heart disease, cancer, an eye disease called macular degeneration, and Parkinson's disease.

Bloomfield Productions: What's the purpose? O3 is toxic

brian mead: Ozone is also toxic -

0.996 0.108: for uvc light = quartz

Ákos Balogh: Sounds nice (don't breathe in ozone you ass! Copied from Wiki): "There is a great deal of evidence to show that ground level ozone can harm lung function and irritate the respiratory system.[26][36] Exposure to ozone and the pollutants that produce it is linked to premature death, asthma, bronchitis, heart attack, and other cardiopulmonary problems.[37][38]

When inhaled, ozone reacts with compounds lining the lungs to form specific, cholesterol-derived metabolites that are thought to facilitate the build-up and pathogenesis of atherosclerotic plaques (a form of heart disease)"

takencareofbidness: what is the point of playing stupid "music"?
Be a grown up next time and leave off the noisy crap.

DZNTZ - Dez Nutz: Is this AC or DC and is this a negative ion generator

Josh Bowes: ear rape intro
How To Make a Homemade Ozone Generator (Air Purifier) 5 out of 5

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How To Make a Homemade Ozone Generator (Air Purifier)