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How to Color (Dye) Your Weave​​​   Jouelzy​​​
How to Color (Dye) Your Weave​​​ Jouelzy​​​
How to color(dye) your weave while installed
How to color(dye) your weave while installed
How to dye your weave/hair magenta (red)
How to dye your weave/hair magenta (red)
How to Dye Your Weave without taking out your sew in
How to Dye Your Weave without taking out your sew in
How To Dye Weave For Beginners
How To Dye Weave For Beginners

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nhancemynaturalhair: Thanks sooooo much for this information. Just recently my hair has been frizzing like crazy and I didn't know why until now. I use the Curl Enhancing Smoothie and didn't know what the glycerin in it was making my hair so frizzy until listening to this video. Thank you....know i have to use something else or get me some type of styler to go with it.

AshaMartrice: FINALLY!!!! A video that helps. I have Hollywood Indio virgin remy. Its a 1B but now I'm bored & I need color! Thank you sooo much for uploading this video!!!

S Seide: do you dye it right out the package or you sew it in first?

MrTima112: I have Brazilian Virgin Hair and I dyed it blonde and it came out this light blonde and I want it to be the bottom color of your hair do u think I can re-dye it to be dark?

Jouelzy: @favoredmissnique this video is old please check it out my newer video, much better, clearer and more informative. the link is in this video.

favoredmissnique: Ahhhhhhhhh, thank you SO much!

Bonita Lee: Okay this is nice! So does the coloring process take away from the quality of the hair? Does it get dry or brittle, does anything change? Nice video

Diamond Symone: @jouelzy Oh okay, I thought that I kept doing something wrong. Thanks! :)

Jouelzy: @MegaMCDee yup that means the hair is already dyed and if it's dyed a dark color it's really not feasible to try and lighten it, it'll turn an odd color.

Diamond Symone: @jouelzy when I put the two items mixed on the hair, it always turns dark blue, even when I let it sit, the mix is still blue like it doesn't turn blonde. But I don't know if its the hair I use, Black Essence, and the problem may be that you can wet the hair, and you can see the black rinse coming out.

Jouelzy: @MegaMCDee the hair turns blue?? You're probably trying to dye already processed hair.

Diamond Symone: when I mixed my honey blonde stuff and 40 developer together then put it on the weave and let it sit, it always turns to a VERY DARK does that all the time when i follow these steps...

Kayla Green: was the hair wet when you colored it

Ejspeaks: nice!

xpurplex10: you think this would work on the bb indi remi natural yaki as well? hope so! def wanna try this :)

dollfacedbabeokay: how long did you keep the bleach in for ?

Jouelzy: @CriscianaLovely yeah i know...but if you notice in the video the 1b Bobbi Boss didn't take as well as the #2 Deep Wave, I realized after the fact it was because the hair was already processed

CriscianaLovely: Wait, but you have the bobbi boss ocean wave 1b. That hair is processed also for color and its curls. If it wasn't processed then it wouldn't say 1b, 1b is a processed color

Jouelzy: @CriscianaLovely idk jet black hair is already processed. it might turn greenish if you try to further dye it.

CriscianaLovely: @jouelzy thanks for doing this, i have a new bobbi boss jet black pack of hair, never used and i HATE JET BLACK HAIR. i want to dye it to a red brown like a color 4 but not light to the point where its blondish brown. do you think the color will take? because since i havent washed or use the hair, it still has alot of the protective shields on top of the hair shaft. which developer would you prefer?
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How to Color (Dye) Your Weave​​​ | Jouelzy​​​