Coby Kyros MID7125 Review/How To Root/Get Google Play Store

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Coby Kyros MID7125 Review/How to Root/Get Google Play Store
Coby Kyros MID7125 Review/How to Root/Get Google Play Store
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z50z1: Weed on your desk hah.

Travis Dillman: how can i get this stuff to work on my coby kyros mid 7034 tablet i cant figure it out

THEBIGKELESHOW: can you help me rooting my kyros 9740-8?

Linda Middleton: i JUST DONT GET IT !!! this is so frusterating all i want to do is follow the directions but they are very vaugue can someone elaborate on how to get root explorer? wtf...

carissa mckeon: Yes it's on and That's what I did but on the tablet side it says folders empty

MegaDetroitsFinest: does

Jeff J: This is on the internal sd everyone has around 4 gigs or more. And if you want you can delete it.

Sabri Aurrelia: Jeff, I can't seem to get that gmail apk. The store that it was located at is no longer allowing downloads. Where can I get it? The one I'm downloading from Google Play Store on the web won't parse.

Dante hellsing: How u download That stuff on My laptop Or coby

JohnandJeffsRaints: @619MasterCrow make sure you moved the app not copied it.

JohnandJeffsRaints: @Max Bryan Thanks for watching! Remember to subscribe and like! Helps me put som more vids out there! -JeffFTW9000

Brittany Williams: Do I need an SD card?

Max Bryan: also, no apps show up when i open superuserr

soumya samanta: Does it work the same way for Coby Kyros MID 1042 with ICS 4.0? Thanks

Jeff J: Probably 2 minutes or so.

Jeff J: @Max Bryan Then just drag the APK to your device while connected. The on your device go to where you put it. (most likely /SD). And install.

Jeff J: Thats what gives you the root to your device, by connecting it to the computer.

Jeff J: I'm gonna make a video in literally 2 mins. It has the same processor,So it will infact work.

Jeff J: @darklite14 Did you reboot? Did you root yet? And whats your model?

andy joseph: ok you said to download gmail but where did you download it from

Jeff J: What you could do is just download it on the computer and transfer it to your tablet.

Darryl Villegas: i have already installed and rooted by coby kyros mid8042 but when i open the play store app a pop out box appears telling "Unfortunately, Google Play Store has stopped." What will I do?

Jeff J: *Sd card*

DVolt Z: FYI for anyone, 4Doutlet has this tablet for 60$ new

Jeff J: @starcraftgod1212123 Well not really, there is something's on the play store you can't get and vice versa. Just a pain to not have it. Also it's kinda good to root your tablet. It gives you alot of new features not on the stock firmware.

Devin Baldwin: In root explorer system/app the file just says - copy.apk.....ive rebooted 2x and its not

Max Bryan: I was able to download the gmail app to my memory stick. is there a way to add it to my tablet that way?

k1nGsTV: Mann , i can't open Dis Play Store :'( i donno whyy?

Sean Ross: Try again, It worked for me :) I downloaded superoneclick 2.3.3

JohnandJeffsRaints: @darklite14 Im going to make a new video probably tommorow to help you and a few out. its to hard to do in a comment

Dick Dickerson: Straight up just doesn't work for me. My firmware is ICS. I want to put Jelly Bean on it.

anthony Vance: thanks really help all thoses other video didnt help at all

JohnandJeffsRaints: @Max Bryan did you install superuser? if not then do that. if it dosent still work then do a factory reset (under settings) and back up everything to an sd card that you want

Jeff J: @Max Bryan That's the thing! You have to unzip on desktop and take it from there. The device doesn't unzip it automatically you have to do it manually via computer then drop into your device. So unzip the file in Winrar then take the APK (knowing your device is connecte d

opera251: There are 4 mirrors, which one will i download?

Max Bryan: thanks for everything. got everything done but the gmail app. it doesnt want to download from megashare. any suggestions? Also, i found a video that shows how to use superoneclck step by step

Devin Baldwin: Does the sd card need to stay in with the program on it?....because I only have 1 at the its for my phone???or can I delete the program afterwards

Franklinstein: For the mid7125 superoneclick doesnt work. It just sits there with two lines of code and crashes.

darklite14: How do I install Gmail app? I've tried to install the apk through root explorer and the default installer but when I do that the app shows up but it doesn't launch, it just flashes to a white screen then closes.

Leo Cupat: Is it possible that I can get playstore in my coby tablet without rooting it? I'm afraid I might brick it or something.

Eric Mora: Haha got it in 10 seconds

Jeff J: Sadly, No... I have tried numerous times, At first I didnt want to root either because i was worrying that i might brick it but litterally you only have to press a button and your done.


joshua darwin: will this work with Coby Kyros MID9742 plss reply

Timothy Cosby: You mean root

Kol Mercer: how do you install Gmail everytime i try it says parsel error

mikkie hernandez: i need help jailbreaking my coby kyros mid9742..... help please !!!!!!!!!!!!!

Jeff J: @manases6 Yea, also on the 7022 and 7025.

one1939: Wtf is one zero one super click

Max Bryan: If I was you, I would be tired of me. I downloaded Winrar and unqipped the file to my desktop. I then had to drag the entire file to my tablet. I could not dind the APK anywhere in the file to install it.
Coby Kyros MID7125 Review/How to Root/Get Google Play Store 3.7 out of 5

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Coby Kyros MID7125 Review/How to Root/Get Google Play Store